New NCAA football rules – Coach Whitt weighs in

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      Ute Fan

      I was not aware that they had changed some rules to speed up the game.
      Coach Whitt Weighs in on New Rules
      I am okay with the latest changes but I do not want to change it to the same rules as the NFL where there is no stopping the clock on first down, even in the last two minutes. Apparently, Whitt wants college football to follow the NFL model.

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      Tony (admin)

      What are the actual changes?

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        Ute Fan

        1. Outlawing consecutive timeouts. This rule would prevent one timeout from being called right after another, which often happens as teams try to ice kickers.

        2. Not extending quarters. This rule will make it so that a first or third quarter would not be extended for an un-timed down if the quarter ends on a defensive penalty. In that case, the down would be clocked in the next quarter.

        3. Running clock. According to this rule, the clock will continue to run after an offense gains a first down except inside two minutes of a half. Under the old rule, the game clock stopped when a team gained a first down, and the clock restarted when the offense was awarded the first down.

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          Ute Fan

          Aonther proposed change (which was not implemented) was that the clock would stop on an incomplete pass but then start again once the ball was re-spotted for play.



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          Ute Fan

          Don’t know how #3 works yet. It would have to consider a long play like a 80 yard gain (time for everyone to move down the field) and time to determine if it is a first down that can take time even without bringing the chains in. I wonder why the change here? Wanting to move the game along is one thing, giving the sideline time to respond to the next down is another thing. Did someone running TV or someone that has actually been on the sideline recommend this? Get the ball spotted and the down marker correct, then start the countdown. It is hard when the clock is running and this is unknown.

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            Ute Fan

            The official reason was to cut down on injuries by cutting about 7-8 plays per game that this new rule is supposed to accomplish.  Not sure I believe it will have that effect but that is what they are peddling.


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              Ute Fan

              I get player safety, just wish they could do it without reducing the desired product which is plays to watch. Next would be shorter hot dogs to help our health without reducing costs?

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      Ute Fan

      They don’t need to speed up the actual game. They just need to cut the commercials. What, there is only 16 mins of actual game play every football game? Now we want to reduce that? I mean, I sit there for 3.5-4 hours a Saturday for 16 mins of gameplay and now it’s less? Why don’t we cut a couple hours of commercials out? Up the game play to 20 mins a game and have this thing done in less than 2 hours? 

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