New Poll: Will Utah Football win the Big 12 in their first season?

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      Tony (admin)

      Homer poll alert… Vote now on the website (right column) or on the Ute Hub mobile app! Explain your vote in this thread.

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      Ute Fan

      I have it as a maybe. After looking through the BigXII schedule, I’m seeing a 5-way tie for first at 7-2. So the “maybe” comes from whether the tie-breaker rules are kind to us or not. I have Utah, Kansas St, Ok St, TCU & Iowa State all going 7-2, with the Utes losing at Ok St and UCF. It’s early though, so I reserve the right to change my mind ;).

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      Ute Fan

      On the one hand, the Big12 will probably be the conference with the most parity and Utah will likely lose some games.

      On the other hand, the Big12 will probably be the conference with the most parity and the other teams will likely lose some games.

      ‘Maybe’ probably shouldn’t have been an option, but that is my vote.

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        Ute Fan

        Yes, because Utah’s schedule is the most favorable of any team in the B12. Utah is not going to lose at home this year. That leaves Oklahoma St, Colorado, and UCF as the 3 biggest road games. Win 1 of those and Utah is likely in the CCG. For that reason, I don’t see a scenario where Utah isn’t at least playing on Dec 7th in Dallas for the B12 title. And I believe the schedule also benefits us so that when we get to that game, we will be healthier than whoever our opponent ends up being in the CCG. All of those reasons point to Utah winning the B12 this year.

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      Ute Fan

      I lean yes but think it’ll come down to health (no s***) and the secondary. Aside from the game where Cameron Smith was Utah’s leading receiver, the games in which Utah saw itself setback or derailed from a CCG were those involving some five star manchild WR: N’Keal Harry, Ju-Ju, Pittman, and even McMillan (not a manchild, but he’s the favorite for a very good QB) all come to mind.

      I will say, on that note, Scalley does an excellent job of recruiting very intelligent and emotionally intelligent players. The vast majority of the time that will end up with successful third-down blitz with nobody open and the opposing QB having his feet and helmet swapping places courtesy courtesy of Hunter Dimick.

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      Ute Fan

      Cautiously, yes. Concerns: injuries coming out of Fall camp, first three weeks of Rising’s return, Oline depth. KW has historically struggled to win as the coach under the national spotlight and there’s yearly WTF loss keeping Utah from being viewed as a great program. Bar is set very high this year with B12 Championship expectations and college football championship the standard. Anything less considered a failed season. IMO, KW calls it after this season either way. Next season is somewhat of a rebuild and the uncertainty of college athletics seems like a good time to move into the a consultative role supporting Scalley. Very interesting year ahead for Utah and college football. Go Utes!

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        Ute Fan

        But then… Injuries are a concern for all the top 10 teams. Rising will see QB2 finish 2 of the first 3 if not all three games to begin the season. OL will look very good even without improvement just because of the QB fix. The national spotlight has been easier for Whitt each time it occurs. The B12 championship will be on par with the #2 or #3 in the old P12 so the bar will not be high, the bar this year is in the playoffs. Whenever Scalley moves up the transition will go well due to Whitt’s desire to step away in steps. I think the WTF games are lower risk in the B12 because we will not be coming off games like OSU, Washington, Oregon, Stanford, USC beat up nearly as much as in the P12. I am an optimist but this does not seem like a stretch.

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      Ute Fan

      We have as good a shot as any team. Honestly joining a new conference and winning it the first season it not unheard of. TCU won the MWC the first season after a bad season previously. So I’m cautiously optimistic.

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