Our first five conference games will be tough

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      Our first five games in conference are UCLA, OSU, Cal, USC, and Oregon. I think UCLA will be good (not great). I think OSU will be one of the best teams in the conference and it’s a road game. Cal is the easiest game of the bunch but could be a trap game. USC and Oregon could both be top-ten teams. (USC will be out for revenge. That may be good or bad.)
      The last four games should be easier; ASU, UW, Arizona, and CU. UW may be the toughest game of the season, but the rest of the games “should” be wins.
      This appears to be Utah’s toughest schedule ever. We are one of five teams that play eleven P5 teams this season. There are at least six teams in the PAC12 that may be rated in the top-25.
      I am just going to sit back and enjoy the 2023 season. I am not going to worry about being in the CFP or even winning the conference. We have some excellent players and I am excited to watch them play.
      Go Utes!!!

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      15-0 baby!!!!

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      It’s a tough schedule for sure, but we are good enough to compete for a championship despite that.

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        Yes, we are good enough.  But, so are UW, USC, Oregon, and Oregon State IMO.  It should be a fun ride.

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      I see Oregon State as overrated. They were a solid team, but not great. And adding DJ isn’t going to help the pass game. They run a complex passing system and he needs the game simplified. 

      They played USC, Utah, UW and Oregon and went 1-3. And their one win? It took a miracle vs an Oregon team who blew them out for three quarters. Oregon had come off a huge win (Utah) and was looking towards the conference title game, got up huge and relaxed. 

      Credit OSU for fighting and not giving up, but I don’t buy that game as any sort of proof or OSU’s greatness.

      I could easily see them being 2-3 after their first five games.

      The problem they have is a lack of talent. Yeah, they’ve improved from last year, but so has everyone else. Utah, Oregon, UW, USC are all better. I’d peg OSU at 7-5, 8-4.

      A good team, but they won’t be competing for a conference title.

      That being said, they could be 7-3 or 8-2 going into their last two games. They are so Utah 2014/2015. A good, solid team that lacks the depth to really compete for the conference.

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        D T
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        OSU will be formidable offensively due to their OL/rushing attack….But, they’ll take a step back overall due to heavy losses defensively, particularly in their secondary.

        I only sweat that game due to location, but with a healthy CR, I believe we narrowly defeat them.

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          OSU was able to produce a lot of offense last year without having a QB. Having even just an okay one is a huge step for them.

          Offensively I can see them putting up 30+ a game, but it won’t help if they can’t stop anyone from scoring 40 on them 😆

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            They only gave up 20 per last year. Even giving up another TD a game would still be less than they averaged on offense in ’22.

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