Running utes. The good and the ugly. (But not bad)

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      Ute Fan

      It’s clear that Timmy Allen as been the engine for this team.  And the last few opponents haven’t let him do his thing.  

      the previous games were soooo ugly when Timmy was shut down.  But I saw stuff tonight that Really encouraged me going forward:

      the biggest thing is that I started seeing was the counter to the double on Timmy.  Guys started passing out of the double and finding open guys.  I think Plummer getting more time was a staff trying to get more shooting on the floor to this end.  And he showed out!  We missed a lot of  chances here too.  And it was really ugly too.  But we’re doing it which is  a big step cause we weren’t.  I expect it to get a lot cleaner and better as conference play rolls on.  Az. State has it down and they had open looks.  It’ll get better for us too.  (WERE YOUNG.  Nobody likes the excuse but it’s true)

      Next…  we started spacing the floor a little to allow our guys to put their heads down and go to the hoop.  High ball screen with shooters.  I wish I’d seen both gach get more looks here.  He needs to be the one doing it because he’s our best talent.  He’s nba.  But he was whacked today.  But again, we’re doing it which is a big step cause we weren’t.


      other good things, Plummer.  He was good!

      a big thing!  Carlson played much better against a strong and physical center.  That’s huge if he can keep it up because he’d been getting his trash kicked.


      van komen can move.  And he’s HUGE.  That’s something to be excited about for next year.


      timmy Allen can shoot.  That’s a big development.  He’s special and has some great years ahead here.


      bad:  gach and battin has a real rough go.  

      Az at. shot lights out.  We shot poorly


      its ugly but I think tonight was a young team learning how to play the right way.  After their m.o. was stymied

      they’ll get better and this year even.  Still a chance to do some damage.  

      bad night and bad stretch but still a bright future.


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      Ute Fan

      We are young, but we are also just not very good lately.  I am not going to editorialize about LK as a coach or if he should stay.  Looking at the last three games, we are simply not a good team.  It’s sad.  I hope these guys learn from this year’s experience and they improve.  I hope with next year’s additions we can once again be competitive.  I suspect we will be lucky to win 6 conference games, but I hope that I am wrong.

      I am not down or depressed about things.  It is what it is.  I just hope they can start to be competitive.  It is no fun watching these guys play right now.

      Go Utes!!!

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      Ute Fan

      I really think once this team learns to pass it’s going to open things up. And it started last night. It was ugly but they’ll clean it up and look a lot better as conference play rolls on.

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