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      National Search committee when his heir apparent will be chosen?  Seems like a waste of energy. I wonder if this is to make it seem transparent or something. 

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        It’s not as cut and dry for Brennan. Don’t be surprised if he’s not the AD. 

        He has a TON of support from the coaches and Hill, but there are others that want the job and they are very impressive as well. 

        This new AD’s #1 trait needs to be ability to raise money. 

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        I have been on search committees; sometimes it is just going through the proper due diligence to vet the internal promotion candidate while still satisfying all the legal requirements.   Also it is possible someone could apply from outside who is a great candidate, you never know – the Utes are in the upper eschelon now so might attract some stellar people from, say, a G5 school or a top assistant AD from another P5.  And, yeah, with something like this even there is a committee and some selection criteria there are going to be some influential people (President, big donors, Dr Hill) who can sway the whole group if he/she is really strong on a candidate.

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          Charmelle Green, Associate AD at Penn St is a Utah grad. There will be some big time people applying for this job. 

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      Riley was saying on his show that there’s a lot of interest in this job from all around the country. Maybe it won’t be Brennan after all.

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      Pac12 schedules were graded, and Hill signed off on the absolute worst OOC schedule for the next 5 years. Whoever the hell comes in- CHANGE THE F**KING SCHEDULE! TDS IS NO WAY IN HELL A P5 OPPONENT!!! Idaho, Wyoming, Montana are not recruiting hot beds.

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        Nope. Hill and Whitt know what they are doing and they are doing it right. Show me a PAC-12 team that scheduled up OOC and made the playoff. 

        Then, look at the PAC-12 teams that won the PAC-12 and scheduled up OOC…and show me how many made the playoffs. 

        Schedule down. There is no reason to schedule up. Not one good one. 

        Oregon, 2014: South Dakota Coyotes, Michigan State, Wyoming. They did play Michigan State but they missed USC and ASU all year long (9 and 10 win teams).

        Stanford, 2015: Northwestern, loss. Missed the playoffs. Had they scheduled down, they’d made the playoffs with a one loss season. 

        Washington, 2016: Rutgers, Idaho, Portland State

        USC, 2017: Notre Dame. Had they scheduled down they would have made the playoffs as a one loss team. 

        If the PAC-12 would schedule down, we’d make the playoffs every year like the ACC and SEC, who both schedule down. 

        Also, this shows how dumb a 9 conference game schedule is. What two conferences have never missed the playoffs? SEC, ACC; they only play 8 conference games. Who has missed the playoff? B1G, PAC, Big 12. All play 9 conference games. 

        SCHEDULE DOWN. Had Ohio State played Bowling Green last year instead of Oklahoma, they would have made the playoffs over Alabama as a one loss team. Look at Alabama’s and Ohio State’s last 6 weeks: 

        Penn State, Iowa, Michigan St, Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin

        Bye, LSU, Miss St, Mercer, Auburn, Bye

        Who made the playoffs? Scheduing up Ohio State or scheduling down Alabama? The last six games Ohio State played, Alabama HAD THREE BYE WEEKS and Ohio State played Penn State, Michigan and Wisconsin. And Alabama went to the playoff while Ohio State missed it. There was not one intelligent reason to put Alabama over Ohio State other than “Ohio State lost to Oklahoma”. Wins matter more than anything. SOS is nothing more than a bulls**t argument to keep the G5 out. 

        We are not G5. Be smart. Schedule down. 


        The PAC-12 should go to an 8 game conference schedule. Until that happens there is no reason to schedule up. And even then, there is no reason to schedule up. 

        All scheduling up will do is get your AD and head football coach fired because fans do not have realistic expectations. 90% of fans would rather watch us beat Northern Illinois than lose to Ohio State, especially with a  PAC-12 schedule. 


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          I prefer the A B C method that is talked about.   An “A” team is from another top conference, “C” would be a team from the Big Sky or other lower division league, “B” would include the Mountain West and at this point definitely includes BYU.  Our next 5 years are all pretty much B B C type pre-season schedules.



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            I like the ABC method as well. The problem is, BYU is still an “A” game. Until we consistently beat the tar out of them, they are an “A” game. And that sucks. 

            Here has always been my idea:

            Schedule BYU for a H/H once every 5 years. Then make a deal with the Vegas Bowl that in the three year period we don’t play BYU, if we aren’t selected to a playoff game, Rose Bowl, Alamo Bowl or Holiday Bowl and BYU is bowl eligible, we agree to play them in the Vegas Bowl ONCE. 

            This means that every 5 years, we will play them three times. That is a pretty good deal. 

            It also means that every 5 years we can schedule a H/H with another P5 school and a neutral game with a P5 school OR we can schedule 3 H/H with P5 schools every 10 years. 

            Everybody wins. We still play BYU 60% of the time, but we also get to start upping our SOS. 

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              I like that idea, though I might make all 3 of the “open” years guaranteed match-ups with BYU in the Vegas Bowl, with the given outs you mentioned for the better bowls. Once we get into the lower tier bowls, I’d much rather play in Vegas with a big crowd, while also freeing up the regular season schedule for more A opponents.

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                I’m ok with that. I’d rather go see the Utes play in Vegas than El Paso. It’s a great location and the BYU game as a bowl game is a great game. 

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            Once you go BBC, you never go back. 

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              The real question is, why go back? If going ABC lessens your shot as a Rose Bowl or the playoff, then why do it? 

              Would you rather play ABC (BYU is a B) and win one less game every year (so most years you end up with 8 wins after the bowl game, not ranked) or play BBC and win an extra game every year (most years you end up with 9 wins and ranked)? 

              9 wins and ranked every day of the week. And if that means playing SJSU or NIU OOC instead of Baylor or Georgia Tech or Vanderbilt or Illinois then I am all for it. And let’s be real. We aren’t prestigous enough for a top tier team to want to play us (if we beat them it is an upset, if we lose, we were supposed to lose…we are to Alabama as to what BYU is to Utah). The Michigan game was a fluke and that would not be the normal OOC P5 school we can schedule for a H/H. 

              Give me 9+ wins. Give me ranked seasons. Let that lead to top 25 recruiting classes. And let that lead to more wins. And let that lead to winning the south. Then the PAC-12. Then the Rose bowl. Then the playoffs. 

              You can have an ABC OOC. I’ll take wins, prestige, high rankings, better recruting classes and a BBC OOC. Any day of the week. 

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            USC is the perfect example of why you don’t schedule up. Look at what they’ve done:

            2016: Alabama, Utah State, ND. Their first four games were Alabama, Stanford, Utah State and Utah. No one, not even Alabama, could come out of that with zero losses. They started out 1-3. What happens if they schedule SJSU instead of Alabama? Then it is SJSU, Utah St, Stanford and Utah. I’d bet they’d start 3-1 at worst. They finished the year with 9 wins pre-bowl game. What if they start out 3-1 instead of 1-3? Then they finish 12-1 and in the playoff. 

            2017: Western Michigan, Texas, Notre Dame. They lost to WSU and ND. What if, instead of ND, they played SJSU and won that game? Again, they finish with one loss and are in the playoff over Alabama. 

            Look at Ohio State last year. If they schedule down instead of playing Oklahoma, they are in the playoff. Stanford in 2015 (I think). Instead of playing Northwestern, they finish with one loss and in the playoff. 

            Scheduling up is what mid majors do. 

            Do what the SEC does. Schedule down. Win games. Build a rep. Hell, Oregon built their rep off weak schedules. It wasn’t until they were consistently winning 9+ games did they start scheduling up. And they didn’t go overboard with it either. 

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