Utah sitting pretty at 119

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      kwitt’s got them right where he wants them…..

      I’m sure he has a more than a handful of 4 star commits in the bag who have remained silent so that AZ state won’t swoop in an offer.  Feb 2nd will be like Christmas day!!! 



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      The ranking takes into consideration total number of recruits. Utah has 5. This ranking means absolutely nothing right now. But you already know that.

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      Michigan is sitting at #11, how have top classes worked out for them in the past? Honestly, the recruiting analysis provided on 247 Utezone is top notch and provides alot of insight into what is going on behind the scenes and who are likely commits. I think we will close strong and have a better class than last year based on what is in the pipeline.

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      Always funny when the village idiot does something to further cement himself as an ignorant douche!

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      Recruiting analyst outside of the program/fandom….

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        Always funny when the village idiot does something to further cement himself as an ignorant douche!

        You should apologize to fillage idiots everywhere.

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      Wait until LOI day.  THEN see where we are.  I guarantee it won’t be anywhere in the vicinity of 119th.

      More like somewhere in the 30-50 range.  Like always.

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        Eddie “Pace” Haskell gets a rise out of the UteHub community with the tone of his message. I may be in the minority to say, Utah recruiting has been very stagnant for the past several years. To be fair, most of the current offensive position players are from Coach Erickson’s work. Jordan Wildmore is really the only true higher level recruit Utah has signed.

        Seems KW has resigned to hold overs from the portal and high level recuruits bigger programs back off on because of academic or other issues. Taking away some of the players that did not work out, this years class was very weak. LB, OL, QB, and WR recruiting has been weak in terms of P12 standards. Coaching from the couch of course. Next year will be very interesting with the loss of a key group of players and to see which players leave for the portal.

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