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      please stop the posting of wanting Kalani back as HC.  Kalani is a true blue byu homer, he will never leave that school unless he is run out of town for losing. his sideline acts and statements of how byu is a special place are funny at best. Utah can do way better than this guy. 

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      I don’t think Kalani is a good fit to be Utah’s next head coach.  But, I am not going to throw him under the bus.  He was a great coach for the Utes and a very good man.  He has done well in taking the team from nothing to a ranked team nationally.  I would like to see him go to UW.

      I do agree that his emotions on the sideline are over the top at times.  But, that doesn’t make him a bad coach.


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        Except he was not a good coach for Utah. It’s why Whit was running the defense and why Whit did nothing to stop him from leaving Utah. 

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          What could Whit have done to prevent KS from leaving? He was offered his literal dream job as the HC at the school he played for and got a pretty good raise to boot. Short of stepping down and naming KS as his successor (not something Whit could do even if he wanted to) there is nothing Whit could have done to keep him at Utah even if he wanted to.

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            I remember Kalani went to OSU before he went to the Y. I thought Scalley brought the defense up a couple of notches when he became DC.

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              Didn’t Pease step in before Scalley?

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          I vaguely recall Whit being very angry at the athletic department when Kalani left because they weren’t giving him a big enough budget to retain high quality assistant coaches. So, if I’m not misremembering anything, Whit definitely valued Kalani as a coach and wanted him to stay.

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          I do find it entertaining that Utah’s defense got BETTER after Kalani left. Like, quite a bit better.

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      I hope for a national search when the time comes. I wouldn’t be opposed to Sitake interviewing for the position. However, I would be very surprised, if he were the best candidate applying.

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        My dream coaching staff for the future would include:

        Eric Weddle

        Steve Smith

        Alex Smith


        It’s not going to happen, but I would love them to be a part of the Utes’ future.

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          Britain Covey…

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            YES – I forgot to add him.

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          BJ would be the most realistic option of your group which I like BTW. Sitake is not going to coach at Utah. This is one thing the hybrid Utah-BYU fans do not need to worry about. I envision KW making sure there is a smooth transition when he retires. KW has put too much into building the program. He will be actively involved in the hiring process, too much at stake to let the inexperience of Harlan to screw it up. Harlan will be behind the scenes until the photo shoot with the coach where he can take all the credit for his resume. I suspect Harlan will be at another job by then especially if the UofA job opens up. Full confindence Utah is in good hands for the future.

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          Morgan Scalley. If Harlan is the AD when Whitt retires, I don’t see Scalley getting the HC job which means he probably leaves. I hate saying that, but that’s the way I see it going.

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          Why do you think any of these former players would make a good coach? I get it, they were awesome players but does that translate into coaching? Maybe BJ with his experience, but the others don’t have a resume to indicate that they can coach.

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      Kalani is a clown. Yes, he wears his emotions in his sleeve but nonetheless, he’s still a clown. I’m sure the brethren brass in Provo gets a little embarrassed with his antics. 


      I didn’t like him as DC at Utah so if he were to become HC for the Utes; I guess it would be time for me to become a hardcore fan of cheese wheel rolling. 




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        I’m with you. Him coaching at Utah would seriously make me consider my fandom.

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      Respect the guy?  sure

      Appreciate him for his time as a Ute?  sure

      Head coach for the Utes?  GOD no.

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