• They lost Haws who was by far their best scorer, but they have some good shooters this year. Rose never has the most efficient teams but can put up points by playing fast and trying to force their opponent into early shots. Miami does the same thing, but Miami has much better scorers than tds. If we can keep Fisher and Emery from getting hot from…[Read more]

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    I was in Toronto 2 months ago and one of my colleagues there who has no ties to the state of Utah named about 7 NFL players who had gone to Utah the second he found out I was a Utah fan. Now to be fair, this guy knows his stuff about the NFL, but he named Steve Smith, Alex Smith, Sean Smith, Eric WEddle, Star Lotulelei, Matt Asiata, and Paul Kruger.

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    Are there places to tailgate without paying for a spot? I’ve never tailgated at the U and am wondering if you have to buy a pass to all of the open lots or if there are free spots…

  • Tyrone Smith, Raelon Singleton, Caleb Repp, Kenric Young,Cory Butler-Bird, Siaosi Wilson,Delshawn Mclellon, and Kyle Fulks will all be in the mix for the starting spots next year. I think the 2 deep will be Smith & Singleton on the outside with Repp and Young 2nd string. The slot guys will be Butler with Delshawn and Fulks as backup. McCormick…[Read more]

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    each player has 4 helmets.
    2 red (1 regular / 1 satin)
    1 white
    1 black

    all other helmet variations are based on the different stickers they put on them
    Utah Football Equipment had a video about it a few weeks ago and said that each player gets their own helmet in each color.

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    I don’t know why Texas wouldn’t go after Gary Patterson. That seems like the best hire Texas could make… but I’m not sure Gary would want to make that move either. Texas comes with a lot of baggage.

  • I will be cheering for teams based on how it will help us accomplish the following items:
    1- Win the conference (that happens by winning the south so more losses our southern foes is better for us)
    2- Stay highly ranked (that happens by higher ranked teams beating lower ranked teams… upsets are not good for the conference as a whole.
    3- Make the…[Read more]

  • Right now it seems like the B1G will get a spot, and the SEC will get in even with a 2 loss champion. I would say we’re ahead of both the ACC & Big12, but I’m not sure a 2 loss PAc-12 team gets in over 1 loss teams from either conference. A 1 loss ND team would probably also get in over a 2 loss PAC12 team. there’s a lot to play out, but I’m not…[Read more]

  • Like most on here, I would prefer to have Travis playing. Kendal does a lot of good things, but he has absolutely no velocity on his passes. He should have had 2 more picks against Utah State that could have easily turned into touchdowns for them. I think he telegraphs his passes and along with a slow release and poor velocity will get picked off…[Read more]

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  • The local media is very bad. The best individual personalities for me are:

    Ben Anderson (I think he’s usually on point regardless of the topic)
    Bill & OC (I wish they would talk less RSL and not get off topic so much)
    Hans Olsen (TDS guy, but when he talks Utah I think he does a good job)
    Spencer Checkets (Unfortunately he’s paired with Monson so…[Read more]

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