• Being a Utah fan right now is like being a passenger in a car rapidly approaching a crowded intersection with a red light, and the driver hasn’t shown any signs of slowing or changing course. Nothing has necessarily gone wrong yet, but you are feeling more and more uncomfortable with the trajectory. Worst yet, the driver is totally stoic and not…[Read more]

  • I had this thought today as I considered Utah’s current play style. I imagine that the game prep for the CBs and safeties of our PAC-12 rivals goes a bit like this:
    Coach: “Alright everyone, we’re about to watch the film on Utah’s 3 downfield passes.”
    Player: “You mean from last game?”
    Coach: “No, for the season.”
    Player: “So… what are we going…[Read more]

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    This is exactly the sentiment that prompted my original post. I love Cam, and I’m happy that he is on the team this year. That said, until he is the guy, let’s give our full support to the one who is taking the field. “Next man up” can’t only apply to every other position on the field. Right now Johnson is our guy. I would hope the coaches w…[Read more]

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    Anyone else getting extremely tired of how the QB situation is being handled? I love Cam, but if what the insiders on this board are saying about him taking the majority of the QB1 reps this last week during practice before deciding not to play, that is just insane. Johnson needs all the reps he can get. Perhaps I’m in the minority here, but I…[Read more]

  • If that jog was any indication of his current status, we won’t be seeing Cam on the field until at least the Cal game. I didn’t consider that he might be joking, but from our seats on that side, it did not look good.

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    Watch the 2020 Penn State vs. Indiana game if you need a reason to respect Glover’s decision. The resulting upset is what pushed Michael Penix Jr. into the national spotlight.

  • Surprised that he said they would have gone for 2 if there had only been a minute left when they tied it up. I had wondered if they might, but I generally dislike that option because it allows the opponent to kneel out the clock and win if you fail. It certainly feels like Whittingham has a strong aversion to overtime.

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    Appreciate you stopping by! Baylor is one of the top teams that I am excited to be allied with now. You guys are always tough, and I anticipate there will be some big games between the schools in the future! We’ll get a great preview this year in Waco!

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    You’re absolutely right. That last thread got out of hand in a hurry. Barnes has represented the university tremendously well, and has been loyal to the program. I understand why fans don’t want him to be the starter. Utah fans have had a rough go with “try hard” QBs in the past, and I think it is that PTSD that is being brought out by the…[Read more]

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    Thank you! I always appreciate your willingness to provide insights into the program!

    That is great news! Hoping for the best!

  • Does anyone have an idea of when Trejan Bridges court case is? It has been talked about on this board that if the outcome is favorable that we might see him suit up for Utah. Any updates on this possibility?

  • Bottom of the 6th, up 3 runs! It has been a wild game!

  • For those that attended the PAC-12 Championship last year, what did you find to be the best ways to get to and from the stadium? I will be staying in a residential area nearby, so I have been curious if anyone has experience with any of the pay-to-park lots, taking an Uber, or using public transit. Thank you in advance for the help! Go Utes!

  • This guy does a fantastic in-depth analysis of Florida. He gives an overview of their positions of strength, their weaknesses, past season tendencies, and what to expect for their scheme. Loved his precision and mostly unbiased opinion.
    He also goes through Florida’s schedule to predict wins and losses. If you don’t get that far, he does predict…[Read more]

  • If you could choose any Ute player from the PAC-12 era to play for this season only, who would you pick? What position group would shore up or make elite?
    With what this team has currently, I’m torn. I would either select Bradlee Anae to provide the utes with a dominant threat off the edge, or Jaylon Johnson to play CB opposite of Phillips. I…[Read more]

  • My previous post emphasized why I am nervous for this match up. Here is the counterargument. I am hyped for Saturday’s game and believe Utah sets up nicely to get the win. Here are my top reasons to expect a favorable outcome:
    1. A dynamic Ute offense the likes of which hasn’t been seen in years. This team is playing with swagger and has talent…[Read more]

    I am pumped to be in the stands for a huge showdown this Saturday! I absolutely believe that if our Utes play their game they can come out with a W. With that said, here are my top fears going into Saturday:
    1. The rumors about OL injuries will prove not only true but devastating. The line will regress to early season form and the Oregon DL,…[Read more]

  • Where are the rumors of OL injuries from the Arizona game coming from? It seems to be common knowledge that there are some, but I haven’t seen it officially reported anywhere and didn’t notice anyone getting injured in the game. Can someone please shed some light on this for me? Also, do we know who it is that would be out if the injuries are serious?

  • We’re 4 weeks from the end of the season and I’ve been intrigued by how the division races have been shaking out. I did my best to map it out clearly, including only the teams that I felt have a reasonable shot at contention. Here is a brief overview of what I’m seeing:
    1. Utah 
    Conf. record: 4-1
    Tie breaker wins: ASU, UCLA, USC
    Tie…[Read more]

  • My brother has been experiencing a lot of smack from his buddies who are Oregon fans and has asked me to get him some good material to defend the team. I thought I’d throw it out here and see if any of you would be willing to help me out.
    He specifically asked for the video that they play at the beginning of games about how tough it is to play in…[Read more]

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