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  • SalUteopia

    So when is Urban Meyer coming back to Utah?

    • Hammer

      The great thing about having been 1X Urban Meyer is the chance to go 2X Urban Meyer.

      • SalUteopia

        And if he leaves again, we will have a chance to go 3X Urban Meryer. I think we’re onto something here.

  • Seeking 2 Tickets for the Beehive Classic between Utah VS Utah State

    Let me know if you have any leads 🙂

  • Spjegutes

    When I looked last week – weber state had a bunch left- lowerbowl etc  – the tickets are good for both games. 

    • uteman12

      Well I’m not looking to pay the Ticketmaster fee. So that’s why I prefer to go thru a 3rd party. I can’t believe Ticketmaster charges essentially 11 dollars extra per ticket in fees.

  • Tony

    Make Your Picks! 2017 CFB Bowls Round One Now Open!

    Round One Pick Em – Dec 16 Games (web only, not available on the Ute Hub app yet).

  • EagleMountainUte

    Kind of suprised on the percentages for Oregon.  I picked BSU for the Upset. 

  • rbmw263

    Utah currently a 7 point favorite over WVU

    wonder what grier status does to the line 

  • Duhwayne

    I assume it was set to atttact a lot of late WVU action late. Grier’s status will affect how much.

    Or something.

  • TexanUte

    I don’t think there is much action in WV.

  • Tony

    Proposed 2017 College Football Pick Em Bowls Schedule – Opinions Needed

    Here’s the bowl schedule.  Thinking round one can be the games on the 16th.  Then there are 3 days to the next bowl. That would be a short turnaround, but then we could have the bowl games for the 19th-24th for round two.  Round 3 would be the 26th-30th, even shorter turnaround.  Then a 1-2 day gap, then Jan 1 bowls would be round 4.  Round 5 would be the champ game on Jan 8. We will do some Predict the Score games too, obviously after the Utes are done I’ll pick some others.


    Round 1: Dec 16th
    Round 2: Dec 19th-24th
    Round 3: Dec 26-30
    Round 4: Jan 1
    Round 5: Jan 8

  • Tony

    I’m working on punching in all the teams/games now. Shoul have the first round ready tonight.

  • ladyinred

    Don’t everyone comment at once! 😜

    Sounds like a plan!
    • Tony

      Yeah right? Round one is ready.

      • Utah

        Woohoo! And you mean Dec above?

        • Tony

          I can’t type.

  • UTE98

    Kickoffs are stupid… video

    Saw this video when checking out Weddle’s DPOW award.


  • Mr Chainsaw

    I love the Schiano proposal.  Remove the kickoff and give the kicking team the ball on their own 40 with 4th and 15.  It would be so much better.

    • cbmute

      The one thing I disagreed with the video on was that kick off returns for TD are boring.  I really like the kick off return for a TD. However, they are so far and few between and every other other kick off is so exteremly boring.  He is dead on about that.   

      I would also love to see the Schiano proposal.  I heard it before and wondered why it didn’t get more attention.

  • ironman1315

    However, let me counter:

    • UTE98

      I’m in the crowd shot in the second one. Okay, I know where I am. But you can’t really make me out.

      Kickoffs are like sailing on an ocean. 95% sheer boredom for 5% utter excitement.

      And yes it was amazing to see back to back 100 yard kick returns. How many people can say they’ve seen that?

      • UTUTE

        Funny.  I was at the Colorado game for the back to back Reggie Dunn returns. Meaningless game but don’t get to go to many anymore and was a very fun game to watch. Wouldn’t have won without Reggie 

      • Tony

        I was there!!!

  • TexanUte

    In the NFL the touchback is over utilized by the kicking team. Football outsiders or one of the analytical services did analysis indicating the “mortar kick” should be utilized more often – that is where the kicker kicks it extra high but a little shorter ensuring the kick returner will not be able to take a touch back. Mortar kicks in the NFL have a preponderance of very short returns like to the 15 yard line. I wonder if it would be similar in college??