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    Steve Smith Sr. is a Pepper

    Steve Smith Sr hawking Dr. Pepper


    sorry couldn’t find the video, I’ll keep checking, funny commercial.

  • UTE98

    Looks like it’s brand new, three days ago.


  • justaute

    Here is one.


    • UTE98

      Thanks, even better the second time. LOL

  • SalUteopia

    Penalties in USF vs Illionis game

    USF: 14 / 130 

    Illinois: 12 / 110

    …and it’s not even half time

  • EagleMountainUte

    I am all for the game being fair. But refs are getting out of hand now days. Maybe they are all completely warranted but good hell I am sick of football turning into even longer stoppages. 

  • UtahFanSir

    Third Time Is A Charm

    Anyone else expecting a breakout game tomorrow for the Utes against SJSU? I am. I think the guys clean up the penalties, like cut them in half.

    The offensive line was solid last week, and this week, they begin to open some massive holes for Zach Moss. If Zach will work on his timing, he will scamper for big gains. The running game has to develop with less reliance on Tyler Huntley. I don’t want to over use TH in the same way we have Utah running backs in the last few seasons.

    TH will continue to find open receivers and other guys beside DCII and these guys will find ways to create options for this young QB.

    The D will get better stops, to avoid those huge plays that keep drives alive. But more than anything, Sack Lake City returns this weekend.

    Time for the Utes to have a statement win, turn the AP’s head, and fill in some ESPN highlight reel time.

    Utah 48-SJSU 3


  • Torg

    I’ll be happy if we get to the point where we are putting Troy Williams in the game.

    I’ll be content if we clean up penalties and win by a decent margin.

    I’ll be upset if we have another 100+ yards of penalties.

    I’ll be buying my first alcoholic beverage if we lose.

    • UtahFanSir

      I want TH to do so well, he sits for the 2H and TW plays all but the last series. CB plays the last series.

      And all snaps are target spot on.

  • GameForAnyFuss

    Yes, I think we’ll see a breakout game, but in the same sense that BYU-P will have a “breakout game” when they play Southwest Massachusetts or whoever the hell they’ve got on the back half of their schedule.

    It’s easy for receivers to not hold when the guys they’re blocking aren’t athletic.
    It’s easy to establish a strong running game when your o-line is able to open holes so big you could drive a boat show through them.
    It’s easy to get 15 sacks when you can manhandle your opponent’s o-line.

    So yes, probably a great game from Utah this week…but it won’t teach us anything about whether we’ve truly progressed.

  • EagleMountainUte

    Moss is pretty patient already they need a violent running back to hit the holes hard. Huntley is running how we need the RBs to run. Playing with the end zone in his mind. 

  • St George Ute

    I think Utah will play its best game so far (statistically). I don’t think we’ll open up the playbook any more than we already have though, but I don’t think we’ll need to to take care of SJSU.

    I’d like to see Moss with over 100 yards by halftime. I also want T Williams and DHC to come in after the first drive of the 3rd quarter, just because the game is already over by then. Rest the starters for most of the 2nd half, give our 2’s and 3’s time on the field. Fans enjoy an easy win.

    I also want to see my new avatar…so I’m replying partially for that too. 😀

    • KiYi-Ute

      Upvote for that avatar.

  • justaute

    With our program, I expect nothing. Just show me the on-field performance and results.

  • Tony

    I’m expecting a LOT of points. We need the confidence. We need redzone practice.

  • SalUteopia

    I am expecting another stellar performance from Huntley. Although, I’m hoping he doesn’t run that much. Also, more 3rd down conversions and improved redzone O.

  • CeeClone
    1 1

    Tickets 9/16 game lower bowl!

     Tickets for sale 9/16 San Jose State. Lower bowl! Section: E33 row: 18 seats: 9&10. These are great seats! I am a 12 year season ticket holder. East bleachers looking at the north end zone 5 yard line. Close enough to see the other end zone and the cheerleaders! Asking $130 for both seats. That price is basically my cost face value plus mandatory Crimson Club donation for the section. Call or text Chris 801-641-4771

  • Hammer

    Isn’t that right behind the “it’s a Utah First Down Section”?

    • CeeClone

      Yup exactly sort of. The first down guy sits right behind me.

  • EagleMountainUte

    Mokofisi has been great this season, enjoy this article

  • UteFanatic

    I love that him and Blackmon dreamed of playing for the U when they were younger.  It’s great to see the local talent contributing to the team.  #HometownHeroes

  • rolandovich

    I’m old enough to remember reading articles about kids growing up Utah fans but going to BYU because the exposure and opportunity was better. Thank god for a great group of coaches and assistants that make it easy for great local athletes who are Ute fans to come home.

  • X723

    Thanks for posting this !!!!!!!!!!!


    Riding Trax to the game.

    Is Trax free to the game if you have a ticket ?

  • Utahute72

    It is free.  You used to just use your ticket, but I thought I saw something where you had to go on the Utah site a print a chit, but it could have just been for a specific game.  Check on the Utah Utes site game notes they should tell you.

  • PlainsUte
  • Warrior Ute

    It looks like your game ticket works as your fare all day.


  • Torg

    I have ridden trax most games I go to.

    Parking up by the U is just so annoying usually.

  • Torg

    Honestly, though it’s free to those with tickets…. they’ve never even checked anyone. They see a massive amount of people wearing red so they dont do any checks.

  • COFfrom83

    you don’t want to be the one they check without a ticket. the fine’s a couple hundred bucks if I understand correctly

  • Thlete

    Only charge of admission to Trax on gameday is your personal space. We pack in like sardines.