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    Targeting Penalties

    If we are going to eject players for targeting, then there should be different levels of targeting similar to flagrant fouls in the NBA.

    So many targeting penalties are questionable, even with slow-motion replay. For blatant targeting(think, crown of the helmet to the facemask), yeah, eject that player. But for so many other plays where it’s questionable, they should still assess the penalty but not eject the player. In those instances, you could eject a player for committing two infractions in the same game.

  • BulgieUte

    The rule seems unfair but it’s designed to change habbits so it must be strict. Give it a couple more years to achieve its intended purpose then purhaps they will change it.

    • UteThunder

      Right, but there are so many calls when it is clear the defender wasn’t trying to target but the bodies contorted in a way that he ended up “targeting” and he gets ejected. I think the goal of changing habits could still be accomplished with what I proposed. As things stand now, players and teams are being excessively punished in far too many instances.

      • BulgieUte

        I think they knew this rule would play out like this but thought it’s worth it if it makes things safer. Sacrifices in the quality of the game were made to try and make things safer. I wouldn’t call it a failure yet but you are correct the balance between safety and quality of the game does seem overly skewed towards safety.

  • NavyUte

    Anyone else going to NIU?

    I coming in with 6 people. Just curious if anyone plans a tailgate or what section they will be in.

  • Tony

    Use the search. It works! There has been some discussion about this somewhere previously.

  • WEEN-Ute

    Section B row 3. Come by and say hi, I’ll be the one doling our high fives to all Ute fans.

    • WEEN-Ute


  • Larry B

    How come Covey isn’t our kick returner?

    I’d take him trying to run one past the 25 over someone else just fair catching everything.

  • Utah

    Punt return is being shifty. 

    Kick return is straight line speed. 

    Covey is amazing at shiftiness but we have faster players. 

  • kazute

    He was listed as one of the kick returners in the game notes for Weber State.


    Given the new fair catch rule, the coaching staff was placing a premium on fielding a fair catch cleanly.  This is something Covey does very well.  

    The coaching staff were still evaluating how the new rule would affect the kicking teams strategy and I think are still adjusting accordingly.


  • GameForAnyFuss

    Because you don’t need Covey to catch the ball and take a knee.
    Kick returning is no longer a thing in college football.

  • PlainsUte

    25 free yards are considered a no-brainer to take rather than risking a turnover or injury.  If I recall the Utes ran just one kick back and got to the 27-28.

    Punt returning is where its at.  

  • EagleMountainUte

    I imagine it will be situational if they see something in film they can exploit. You get the ball at the 25 anyways. 

  • LetItRide

    NIU And West Virginia.

    Next week opponent is playing Iowa on road. Dogs by 10  I am assuming we want NIU to win  

    why is West Virginia ranked???? We have same team as last year and smoked them in a bowl. 

  • Utah

    West Virginia might have the best QB in Grier (he’s a heisman candidate) and their WR is amazing too. They didn’t play vs us. 

  • LetItRide

    Forgot about that. Game day says watch for a close game.

    • Utah

      Oh man. I feel kind of bad for NIU. Their non conference is brutal. They are doing what BYU should do. Go back to the MWC and schedule four P5 OOC. The good news is, BYU is too dumb to do that. 

      • Puget Ute

        They are not too dumb to do that, they have too much hubris.

  • PlainsUte

    Go Huskies!!

  • UTE98

    On Huntley’s interception Jake Jackson didn’t hit the WSU player he absorbed it.

    Jackson ran to the spot and stopped. The WSU player hit him and pushed him into Huntley.

    I think Jackson learns from this, I’m not football stud, but even I know it is better to administer the blow than to receive it on a block or tackle.

  • UteThunder

    Impossible. I’ve been led to believe that our TEs are excellent blockers.

    But seriously, that was an awful attempt at making a block.

    • ironman1315

      Because one mistake makes for a terrible blocker. 🙄

      • UteThunder

        Where did I say anyone was a terrible blocker?

        • ironman1315

          That was your implication. Our TEs are good blockers. One mistake doesn’t negate that. Besides that, the discussion was that Bushmam was a worse blocker than all our TEs.

          • UteThunder

            No, that was your incorrect inference. My implication was that our TEs (more specifically, Jackson) might not be the excellent blockers that a few on here tout them to be. Being less than excellent does not equal “terrible”. There are many levels of ability between excellent and terrible.

            To the point of the discussion about Bushman, Jackson showed nothing on that play that would indicate he is a better blocker than Bushman, let alone an excellent or even good blocker. 

  • EagleMountainUte

    I like the two freshman that came in. I am not a fan of Jackson from the mistakes I have seen already in the bowl game and the INT. 

  • ProudUte

    Stanford game

    SDSU had the perfect game plan to stop Love.  Our old nemesis, Rocky Long stacked the box and blitzed the gaps every play.  There was no way Love was going anywhere.  It worked well and Love only got 28 yards on 18 carries.  That included a 14 yard run in the 4th quarter.

    In the first half Stanford was stubborn and kept going to the Love well.  They weren’t going to change.  They finally went to the pass very late in the half and scored their first TD with less than 30 seconds to play.  They wised up and went to their passing game in the second half and scored three TDs to pull away from SDSU.

    I don’t think we have to pull the same stunt as Rocky Long to slow Love.  Also, we have a much better defensive backfield than SDSU.  I know it was a first game for both teams.  But, I like our chances against the trees. 🙂

    Some below are suggesting that Moss may be the best RB in the Pac 12.  I hope that is the way it works out.  But, Long is a great defensive coach and had all off season to scheme for this game.  I doubt any other team will try the same thing.  It leaves your DBs isolated.  Also, there are a lot of good RBs in the conferfence.  Gaskins from UW comes to mind.  He is a stud!



  • Tony

    If we stack the box we won’t get burned one-on-one like SDSU did in the secondary.

  • Ma'ake Kava

    It will be interesting to see if we can contain Love by stacking the box (on some plays), letting the LBs and Safeties fill the gaps and limit the damage on others. We haven’t had a safety that can cut off edge plays like RoJo did looking like a rocket coming up… until Marquise Blair.

    When they’re forced into throwing, I see JJohnson, Blackmon and Nurse play Arcega-Whiteside better than SDSU’s surprisingly weak CB performance, along with Blair/Ballard, Burgess/Afia helping. We won’t see A-W burn us deep like that, maybe once, but they’ll probably try to find Irwin & TEs on shorter routes.

    I suspect Scalley is going to do everything from stacking the box to bringing pressure (selectively). It should be a fascinating matchup. In the various matchups, I think our D will limit their O to some FG attempts and maybe 1, possibly 2 TDs. We should be able to limit them to 20 or less, which swings the battle to Utah’s O vs Stanford’s D, and maybe ST big plays.

  • Utah

    Last year Fotu played DE vs Stanford. With how good our tackles are, it wouldn’t surprise me to see Utah do that again.