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Lots of familiar faces on the most recent depth chart


Page 12 of the above PDF.

Awesome to see a lot of these guys back and ready to play.

Edit: for those who don’t want to click and dig, some highlights include: Marcus Williams, Sunia Tauteoli, CBB, Zack Moss (behind Joe), Sam Tevi, Lo Falemaka, Timmy P.

Fork the Devils! Go Utes!

  • Asu is so…..well let’s just say it has been since the first Quarter against TDS-P Utah has been this healthy. And Utah didn’t have the retiree Joe Williams then. 

  • popbirch

    utes vs asu

    A little utes vs ASU analysis 

    Scoring offense Utah 29.2/game vs 35.7  ASU win

    Rush offense 214 /game vs 155/game utah wins

    pass offense 212/game vs 239/game asu win

    scoring defense 22/game vs 36 game Utah wins

    rush defense 128/game vs 115/game asu wins

    pass defense 237/game vs 397/game (last in the nation) utah wins

    adj scoring offense, .25/game vs 4.25 game ASU win

    adj scoring defense -5.125/game vs 3.375 game Utah wins


    Utahs offense performs as expected against the level of competition we are playing and Utah defense outperfoms expectations by about 5 pts/game.  This means the ASU expected score would be a max of 30 and low of 26.  Utah would expect to score 36 max and minimum 32.  

    This game is good matchup for us this year.  We have a strong running game and with patrick/CBB both active will give ASU fits in an already depleted and exploited secondary.  ASU compensates for their poor secondary play by blitzing a lot.  Troy has to get the ball out quick and the WR’s need to be ready for it.  

    ASU has played the 124th, 62nd, 127th, 38th, 56th, 12th, 43rd, and 125th defenses.  They lost to every team with a defense above 50th.   We are 30th in the nation.  On average against a top 50 defense ASU has scored only 22 pts/game and rely heavily on the ground game to make that happen. Out of 34 TD’s 24 are rush TDs.  We match up well for that especially if williams is back.  That means hansen can move up to stop the run which makes up for a lot of the slack that the LBs are leaving this year.  When hansen stays back to help fogal our run defense gets loose.  

    Another thing to consider is that ASU run defense looks better on paper than it actually is.  Teams they have played are very pass heavy (Cal, oregon, WSU, TTECh, and colorado) because of that ASU has defended 400 passes but only 300 runs and almost 100 of those come in the 4th Q when the game is already out of hand.  ASU gives up 4-5 yds/carry in the first 3 quarters and then 2 yds/carry in the 4th. This is clearly when teams have started to run the clock.  

    We should be able to get the run game going, especially if CBB and Patrick make their mark early.

  • Utahute72

    This is a game we should win, but we always seem to throw up a klinker at Tempe.

  • UtePac-Man

    Denver & Boulder: Need Some Advice

    Hello fellow Ute fans,

    I need some advice for anybody who may be familiar with the Denver area.  Where would be the best place to get accomodations for the following schedule:

    11/25: Nuggets vs. Thunder at the Pepsi Center

    11/26: Utes vs. Buffs in Boulder

    11/27: Broncos vs. Chiefs at SA Mile High

    I’ve been to Boulder 2 years ago, but never traveled to Denver and this will be my first NFL game in person.  Any advice on which town/hotel to stay in would be appreciated.  I’m thinking a town in between Denver and Boulder but not sure which would be best.  Thank you in advance.

  • TexUte

    My family is from Westminster, CO. So I obviously stay with my folks when I’m visiting home from Texas, but I think its the best town to stay in with that schedule. Its only about 15-20 minutes from both Denver and Boulder and you avoid the craziness of downtown, but still aren’t too far away. I know the opposing NFL teams used to stay in a hotel just down the street from my house the Westin at the Westminster Promenade. Also, your best bet at least for the Broncos game is to do the Broncos ride via the bus system. You just park at the the park-n-ride and get round trip right to the stadium entrance. Thats what we always do when we go to Mile High. Sounds like a great weekend. Go Utes

    • UtePac-Man

      Thank you all for your advise/help! We booked a hotel in Westminster. Getting very excited for that game but first we need to pluck the ducks!

  • Utemachine

    TexUte is spot on. Westminster/Broomfield is an ideal location. Keeps you out of Denver but closer to Boulder and a quick trip to Mile High and Pepsi Center.

  • 1

    Third vote for Broomfield. Worked there on assignment for 6 months. It’s in between Denver and Boulder, without the congestion and craziness of either. It was built as a center for the Tech Industry.

  • noneyadb

    If you want a good laugh

  • Tony

    That was entertaining . 

  • 1

    Joe Williams isn’t very good after contact but ASU tends to whiff completely on tackling. 

    • 1

      They thought that Joe Williams was not good after contact, but he obliterated that assessment in the UW game. All of his yards in that game were hard earned and there was plenty after contact. Very gritty performance.

  • I also remember a few runs that he was an ankle tackle away from six.

  • Glad to see the Utes back in the NCAA field in Women's Soccer. Host Texas Tech.