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    Ranking Disrespect

    The PAC has 2 teams ranked in the AP top 25. Utah’s only loss was at the goal line. Noticeable teams ranked above Utah : Houston (also 5-1 but ranked at 13) who has only played 2 P5 schools and not in succession, Florida State with 2 losses including getting humiliated by Louisville, Oklahoma sitting at 3-2 on the season.

    I know only the top 4 rankings ultimately matter and the true measure is the not from the AP but it’s pretty blatant disrespect.

  • Utah

    East Coast Bias. They rank what they see. They don’t stay up to watch the PAC-12 play. Look at last week. Other than USC/Colorado, every PAC-12 team played at 9 ET or later. That is Larry Scott’s biggest failure. 

  • Utah

    Also, HUGE SEC bias here. HUGE. Look at teams ranked from the SEC or South: Oklahoma, Florida State, Ole Miss, Arkansas, Auburn.

    P5 Wins: Texas (2-3), TCU (4-2), Ole Miss (3-2), Miami (4-1), Georgia (4-2), LSU (3-2), Mississippi St (2-3). That’s it. Out of 5 ranked teams, they have wins over 7 P5 schools. 

    Utah has wins over three P5 schools alone (BYU, USC, Arizona…and, yeah, if the SEC can count BYU as a P5 school, so can I). 

    There is no way that Oklahoma, FSU, Ole Miss, Auburn or Arkansas should be ranked. Those are all very average teams. 

    BUT, let’s play devil’s advocate here:

    Look at the PAC-12. Who do you put in?

    WSU, with a loss to a FCS school? 

    ASU, who was blown out by USC? OK, yeah, ASU should be ranked right now. There is no excuse for ASU not being ranked. 

    Colorado? Who was blown out by Michigan and lost to a USC team with a poor record? 

    ASU has an argument, but other than that, the PAC-12 has done nothing to show that they deserve more respect either. 

    The good news is, is that by the end of the year, the record’s will even out and the PAC-12 will end up with 4-5 ranked teams like every year…not because people care or watch, but because 4-5 schools will end up with 9+ wins. 

    • Utah

      What the PAC-12 needs to do is stop the Cali schools playing each other (which helps out Utah big time) so we can go back to an 8 game conference schedule. 

      Instead of the PAC-12 ending up with 4-5 teams with 9+ wins, they will end up with 5-6 teams, which means more ranked teams, which means more prestige and better kickoff times. 

      Also, it would make Boise St and other G5 schools less relevant, because if you have to ranked an 10-2 Boise St team or a 9-3 USC/UCLA…Boise St falls off the rankings. 

      The SEC is doing it right. Schedule down in OOC, play 8 conference games, play a late FCS team. Protect those kids, am-I-right? 

      • 1

        Nah I like 9 conference games.  They should keep it how it is and change the playoff format.  Make the P5 Champions auto bid. <br>

        Also they should force P5 schools to a 9 game schedule and no more FCS schools.

        • Utah

          I’m ok with a 9 game conference schedule if all P5 schools are doing it. If any conference plays 8, then it’s a fools game to play 9. You’ll never be as “good” as the conference that plays 8. 

          • 1

            SEC looks pretty weak outside of Bama.  TAMU and Tenn have so many problems.  

            • RedLine

              Tenn has the same problem as Utah – Injuries. Talent is there. I think Vols can take down Bama at home.

  • Tony

    2 home games 4 road games left

    Just looked at the schedule.  We have FOUR road games left and only two at home, one of which is Washington.  Going to be a tough go.  

  • Yep. No road game is easy, but one game at a time. We should beat Oregon St. UCLA seems to be circling the drain, literally. ASU is not all that great and they’re on a 2nd string running QB. Colorado is a concern, especially on the road.

  • Utahute72

    One reason I’ve been so pessimistic about our chances to really challenge for the South. The easy part of our schedule ends after Saturday (and I’m not sure how easy that game really is.)

    • Tacoma Ute

      The two yards we couldn’t come up with at Cal will probably end up being the difference.

  • Utah will not come out unscathed on then remaining schedule. They could see from 1 to 4 losses, 2 to 3 most likely.

    ESPN’s FPI Projections for the remaining schedule suggests 2-4:

    OSU 77.3% W
    UCLA 26.7% L
    UW 18.5% L
    ASU 46.2% L
    ORE 69.8% W
    CU 28.4% L

    I think they are way off on the UCLA projection. The CU projection should be more in line with ASU.

  • Sweetness

    Bat Signal

    Did anyone catch the bat signal from Guy Holliday on twitter? Sounds like we got a new commit and from his hashtags it was from texas. We had two receivers on a visit from Texas this week. Does anyone know who it was that committed?

  • Wilson's Mustache

    it’s Jaylon Dixon, lone star WR and Utah QB commit Jason Shelleys teammate

    Three Star

    • Wilson's Mustache

      At least that is my guess

      • Sweetness

        Thanks. That was my guess as well. Would have been awesome if it were Mannie Netherly. That kid’s hudl looks legit!

  • leftyjace

    Huh? Bat Signal? Link?

  • Sweetness

    Looks like it was Tyquez Hampton. Solid pickup, was previously committed to washington state. http://www.hudl.com/video/3/3976624/5721d5f59a91677e74a846da https://n.rivals.com/content/prospects/1333

  • 2

    If Utah wasn't kind of thin at safety I would say throw Chase Hansen in as RB

    But seriously Howard is hurt to? I worry Utah is going to run TWill more who seems willing but he could get hurt to.

    Someone give Moss some miracle cure.

  • I actually like the ideas of CBB taking snaps.

  • You realize that Wishnowski runs a 4.55 in the 40 and he’s 6’3″ 225 lbs.

    • Tony

      Wishnowski is much more valuable as a punter.

  • Tomasina

    I am hoping that (as brought up in the press conference) that Whitt talks with Joe Williams about coming out of retirement… assuming his heart is in it.

    • No rather win without him. 

  • Turn the other cheek and warm up the redemption song for Joe Williams…

    • He fumbled pretty much once out of every ten touches.  That is a joke.

  • balayaute

    6th String RB

    Anyone else notice that Marcel Manalo was in for just a huddle? We called a timeout and put the 5th string Howard back in after his injury. Manalo didnt even get to play a snap. I can just imagine him in the huddle stressin. “Im 6th string and I don’t know ANY of the plays don’t tell Whit. I’ve also got my sandals on.”

  • Utahute72

    I think they were trying to hold out both he and Devonte Henry-Cole this year, but obviously after discussion those plans have changed.

    • Howard was in early in the game. Just noticed some of the replays. The Smith one handed grab he was in blocking. 

  • Utah man forever

    Can the PAC 12 get a spot in the playoffs?

    If Wasington takes a loss can any other team get a spot in the playoffs? I think not. If any other one loss team from the PAC 12 wins out can they climb into the playoffs. Again I think not. What say you?

  • noneyadb

    The Big12 is likely left out this year. Houston loosing takes care of all G5 and independents chances. I think a 1 or 2 loss Pac12 champ is in the playoffs.

  • leftyjace

    Well… depending on how resoundingly the other 1-loss team wins the rest of their games, I think it’s theoretically possible. I mean, you never know what will happen in other conferences. They could have a bunch of two loss teams, you never know.

  • Utah

    I don’t think one conference gets left out twice all other things being equal. 

    • Utah man forever

      If the Big 12 gets left out this year it would be their second time and might force the issue of expansion or contraction to four conferences. It seems that the SEC and A CC will not miss the playoffs in any event. Perhaps the lateness of PAC12 games is hurting exposure. I would like the PAC to be pro active if there is any shakeup in the present system.

  • All of the conferences look top heavy this season. Michigan and Bama look like the teams to beat. Ohio st and Clemon as well. 

    • Utah man forever

      I hope you are correct, but if Washington takes a loss I don’t think anyone can climb fast enough or high enough to get in playoff’s.

  • Joe Williams

    Whitt said that the staff has had discussions about bringing Joe Williams back and they are ongoing.

  • Woodutail

    Joe I will do all you school work if you come back, next man come on back.

  • Utah man forever

    Well he wouldn’t be the first player to retire and come back. He might be the first Utah football player to do so though. Personally I doubt it as a possibility.

  • Woodutail

    I think Snoop Doggs son retired twice?

  • leftyjace

    Wow… This surprises me. Would he really want to come back? He would be benched as soon as Moss or McCormick were healthy.

  • balayaute

    Id love to have him back if he really wants to be back with the team. His fumbles do worry me. Maybe the month off helped him to clear his head of it.

  • Why we have gone awhile without a turnover do we need fumbles back in our rush attack?  His vision is awful to. 

  • Utahute72

    Troy says he has some classes with Joe and he seems to be enjoying life so he (Troy) didn’t see him coming back.

    • Good stay in school Joe. 

  • You realize we’re down to #6 at RB and Whitt made it pretty clear it would not be Manalo, so we’re down to mystery player. If Joe Williams can come in against OSU, thus allowing Moss another game to heal his toe, then so be it. Not a fan of his tendency to fumble, but we need him.

  • Tony

    I don’t think it’s a good idea. Too many fumbles and too fragile mentally.

  • Post on UFN saying Joe Williams coming back is a done deal.

    • kazute

      So far, just speculation by Manalo on what he heard. But Manalo did say he was coming back.

  • Utah moves up to 21 in both polls

    A yard away from a Top 15 ranking….I know I should get over it.


  • leftyjace



  • Milton Vanderslice

    We will lose at least one more time to someone.  Set reasonable expectations.

    • Hypodactylus

      At LEAST once more.  If recent history tells us anything, it is that Utah Football usually does worse in the second half of the regular season than the first half.

      • noneyadb

        Different QB. Different offense. Teams have to respect the pass.

        • bopahull

          The pass they have to respect, the run I’m not so sure of.

  • UtesRock

    Makes no sense for Ohio State and Michigan both to be in the top 4. Obviously they both can’t stay there for long.

    • They both deserve that Top five ranking they have looked the best.

  • utahsportsguy

    Calling my shot: we lose to UW in the regular season, but beat them

    In the pac12 title game

  • St George Ute

    I’d be happy with that. That puts us in the Rose Bowl, as it would likely mean the PAC12 doesn’t get a playoff team again.

    That’s an interesting thought though. Playing the “what-if” game here. “What if” Utah wins every game except Washington during the regular season, but beats Washington in the PAC-12 Championship game? “What if” Washington goes undefeated during the regular season, but loses to Utah in the title game, thereby ending the season 12-1? If other conference champions also have 1-2 losses, does Washington get a playoff spot despite losing the title game? Or does the playoff committee demand the conference champion despite WA’s better record? Hmmm… Interesting…


  • noneyadb

    Utah has a far better chance of beating them at home.

    • Unless Fitts magically heals by the Title game in your scenario. 

  • leftyjace

    Agreed. Much better chance at home.

  • noneyadb

    Sagarin has Washington rated as playing the 88th ranked SOS
    and Utah has played the 56th toughest schedule with 1 yard short of being 6-0..

                            Washington          Utah       edge
    SOS                       88                   56            U
    pts/game                50                   28            W
    passing/game        252                 255         even
    running/game        229                 180           W
    pts allowed             14                  19             W
    passing allowed    177                  231          W
    running allowed     140                 119           U

    If Utah can get some guys back and stay healthy I like Utah at home vs Washington.

  • St George Ute

    This is completely my opinion, but the one thing that may play in favor of this happening is the status of our team going into the regular season game vs the championship game. My biggest concern with the regular season game against Washington is that we have them after what could potentially be two grueling road games at the tail end of a 9 game schedule without a bye. The guys will be exhausted and in desperate need of a rest.

    We then get a bye followed by winnable games against ASU, Oregon, and Colorado. ASU and CO could be tough, especially on the road, but Oregon doesn’t look like they’re going to cause too much trouble. We may also have some of our injured guys back by the end of the season, so we may be closer to full strength by then.

    Just food for thought.

  • 4

    Mitch Wishnowsky won the Ray Guy Punter of the week for the second time


    Mitch Wishnowsky ranks No. 1 in the nation for net punting (48.12). He leads the nation in punt average (50.5) and leads the Pac-12 with 13 punts inside the 20-yard line and 14 punts of 50+ yards. Mitch Wishnowsky is the real deal. Congratulations to Mitch and the University of Utah!

  • leftyjace

    Dude is a stud. It’s so weird to think of ourselves as a punter school. But wow.

    • TwoUtes

      Sakoda, Hackett, Wishnowsky

      so good

  • norm

    We’re so spoiled. I feel sorry for whoever the next punter is in line because if he’s not the best in the nation then we’ll be disappointed.

    I think having punters like we have had ends up making the difference in at least 2 wins per year.

  • Tony

    This is fantastic.