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    Check out Hans' film study vs ASU

  • 89ute
  • ironman1315

    My only complaint is taht he is recording his TV. Dude needs to learn how to image capture from a computer.

  • ProudUte

    We don’t have one running back, wide receiver or tight end who has played in all

    Ten games. 

  • 89ute

    According to the participation guide, that statement is only true for RB.

    Evan Moeai, Ken Hampel, Raelon Singleton and Siaosi Wilson have appeared in every game.

    Page 15

    • ProudUte

      When I looked at the Yahoo Sports stats it didn’f show one WR or tight end who had played in more than 9 games. There are a few WRs who have played in nine games, but our two best WRs have missed a number of games. 

  • TribUTE

    But, unlike past years, we do have a quarterback that has played in all ten games.  T. Williams’ health has been one of the reasons we are contending for a ‘ship.

  • noneyadb

    For sale?

    Looking for two tickets to the Oregon game.

  • KJU

    I have two. see board mail

    • Tony

      Ute Hub at work!

  • leftyjace

    Oh boy.
    That’ll make things interesting.

    • quagmire

      No it won’t. Michigan would win at home against Indiana with me playing qb. 

      • But there’s no way in hell that they are going to win @ Ohio State without their starting QB. Penn State likely is going to win the Big Ten East now because they only have to win @ Rutgers and home vs. Michigan State, which look like almost locks at this point. Ohio State could go 11-1 two years in a row and STILL not win their division. However, if the Buckeyes (currently ranked #2 in the country) go 11-1, this could be the first year in the College Football Playoff era that a team will make the CFP’s without winning their conference championship.

  • Tacoma Ute


    Any word on Patrick and Singleton?

  • SkinyUte

    Were they hurt on Thursday? I had to “watch” the game on ESPN’s Gametracker (mom’s 70th b-day), so didn’t get any info on injuries.

    • Larry B

      They both played on Thursday and didn’t appear injured.

    • Tacoma Ute

      Patrick was limping a bit and grasping his hammy as he went to the sideline late in the game and Singleton banged up his hand and appeared to be in real pain.

      • jamarcus24

        Singleton had a dislocated finger going into the game.  There was that one play where he drew PI where he tried to reach out for the ball with his injured hand and it bounced off his finger tips.  He looked real uncomfortable there but he came back in and caught two more touchdowns.

  • Tony

    Patrick looked gimpy in the game. Looked like a strained hammy to me.

  • Singleton played with his dislocated finger injury. 

  • Tacoma Ute

    Yeah, I realize he played. I’m just wondering the latest status.

  • Tony

    I’m no doctor, but I play a gynecologist at home… I think Singleton will be fine. It’s Patrick I’m worried about. Hope what I saw in the last game was just a cramp and not a hamstring.

  • Larry B

    Utah @ Colorado kickoff at 5:30 PM

  • KelVarnsen

    On FOX

  • leftyjace

    Front and center, baby.
    That’s awesome!

  • popbirch

    Where did you see that?

    FS1 still has it listed as TBA

  • leftyjace

    Two tickets up for grabs – Tuesday Night vs. Concordia

    If you’d like to go to tomorrow night’s basketball game at the Hunty, and sitting on the 21st row across from the visitor’s bench sounds fun, then SPEAK UP.

    I’ll convert the tickets to FlashSeats and then transfer them to you, so if you’re not comfortable with FlashSeats, well… GET COMFORTABLE.


  • Milton Vanderslice

    I also have 4 tickets up for grabs Sec E row 31. Tickets will be emailed.

  • Tony

    Try The Search – It Works!

    A few people have asked some questions about topics which have already been discussed.  There is a search function here and it actually WORKS.  It is typically in the right column (on browser) and at the bottom (mobile).  Type in your search term and hit the search button.  The results will appear in the standard forum format.

    Happy searching and GO UTES.


    Duke just dropped Jack Sears who was apparently looking elsewhere


  • Did he get homesick?

  • Sam Clemente hmmmm that school sounds familiar.  

  • rbmw263

    And he just committed to usc 

    • With Darnold as the starter now that is a bold move.  Must have got a pretty good “scholarship” offer. 

  • rbmw263

    They’ve got a 5 star already committed for 2018 too