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  • Utah Utes Message Board

    Pro football is coming to SLC…

    …in spring 2019. Official announcement Wednesday. HC is rumored to be Jim Mora (SR or Jr???). Not sure if they’re playing at Rice Eccles or Rio Tinto.



  • ironman1315

    Source? And what kind of pro football?

    • Tony

      No way it is NFL.

    • Tacoma Ute

      Alliance of American Football. Big names involved include Polomalu, Hines Ward, Jared Allen, Singletary, Spurrier, Vick, Brad Childress, Ebersole…

      • Tacoma Ute

        Orlando, Atlanta and Memphis already confirmed. SLC good as done. SD, SA, Birmingham and PHX are rumored to fill out the league.

      • rbmw263

        So it’s pretty much the football version of the old guys tour in golf.

    • GameForAnyFuss

      It’s back…

  • Tacoma Ute

    They will play at RES per the Sacramento Bee.

  • BattleGroundUte

    I am more interested in the pro Rugby team playing at Rio Tinto.  Nice to add more revenue to the stadium. Maybe it will help getting SEZ finally done. 

  • PlainsUte

    I’d rather see Australian rules football than some washed-out “big name” ex-NFL players.

    • Tacoma Ute

      Those names I mentioned are executives and coaches. They won’t be playing. The plan is to start small and grow reasonably.

    • BattleGroundUte

      Love me some Aussie rules Americans are sissies though.  

      • utefansince79

        Aussie rules is a lot of fun and requires good all around athletic skills.  Everyone has to be able to kick, jump, catch, defend, and have the stamina to do a lot of running with minimal substitution.


  • Thlete

    Spring football league is the smartest thing. Hope it takes hold and even better if they implement relegation and promotion. How awesome would it be to have a champion move up to NFL and have the Browns relegated to spring ball until they get their act together. 

  • Grayshirt

    a hallmark of the league will be no TV timeouts and 60 percent fewer commercials, as well as an innovative approach to broadcasting.

    There also will be no kickoffs (the ball will be placed automatically at the 25-yard line) and no onside kicks. The losing team will just start on its own 35-yard line with fourth-and-10. Play clocks will be 30 seconds and every touchdown will be followed by a two-point conversion attempt.



  • Guido

    HC will be Erickson