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    Offensive Pass Interference

    Another bad call.

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    Darnold Fumble

    Against us they call that incomplete.

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    You beat me to it.

    The battle for the PAC 12 Participation Trophy.

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    Sadly, I think that USC will win the South :(.  Like, if I was a bettin man.  

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    They would need Utah to lose twice and Colorado to lose as well. Not sure both of those will happen. All this assuming USC beats Washington in Seattle. 


    Id take best odds of winning the south in this Order

    1. Colorado (easiest schedule & Utah at home)

    2. Utah

    3. USC

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    If Utah wins this weekend, they would new to just beat ASU and Oregon and could lose to CU.

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    How did we lose to Cal? How did we beat USC?

    U$C looks really good right now.  Sheesh. 

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    1-Coaching.  I still don’t understand why Shyne sat on the sidelines for the two runs.  I love Moss to and this isn’t a knock against him but I just don’t think he was ready because he messed up the angle on the first run and followed the wrong blocker on the second.  

    2-Athletes damn USC has them and I wish we just had a few of them.  Think what Whitt could do with those guys.  


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    Yup. Been saying we got a good draw with USC.  And to think their fans wanted to fire their coach a few weeks ago.  They seem to do this every year. It seems to take them half a season to get it rolling.

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    We’d have a whole lot of good safeties and defensive ends if Whit had the USC athletes.  😉

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    We’d have a whole lot of good safeties and defensive ends if Whit had the USC athletes.  


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    Getting USC early was really really really lucky.

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    Front lawn of Young Electric Sign Co. I think it's on Foothill Blvd?

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    OK, what’s there?

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    Nothing there ?

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    This week's uni combo inspired by The Dirty Bird

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    I dig.

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    Gotta love the Dirty Bird.  Ute through and through. 

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    Looks great. I do wish we would utilize red helmets more. I think we’ve only worn red helmets once this year.

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    Does this mean Jamal Anderson is our guest picker?

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    Here’s an idea:  the Utes should honor Jamal Anderson–who used to play for the Utes–by wearing a uniform that Jamal Anderson wore when he played for the Utes.  Picture this: red helmet with drum and feather; red jersey and red pants.

    Oh nevermind. That’s a stupid idea.  Let’s wear something patterned after the Atlanta Falcons instead.

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    easily my least favorite combo. Not that it matters.

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    It has been quite a day…

    We are going a little stir crazy. Need a football game STAT!  Today has been quite “entertaining” with regards to the haps here and some other places.  UFN came back to life, sparking some rather heated discussions here and there.  Then there was the return and rebanning of moose.  Then lots of discussion about the site uptdates.  Some think they’re great and some think they’re happening too fast. I’ve asked for opinions and I’ve tried to implement the stuff which I think is good.  One great idea was the Pick Em game.  

    There’s only ONE thing you can be if you are trying to make everyone happy:  A Holiday Inn lounge band.

    I’m more of a metal dude anyway.

    Some think I’m trying to make this into UFN?  I’ve glommed the UFN/CB and other board “threaded” format for the home page because there was a demand for it, and I for one got used to it myself on UFN.  Hell, I’ve been a UFN member for 11 years.  Still am. Not banned yet!  I’m not here to turn this site into UFN.  I’m here to continue to make Ute Hub it’s own, GREAT, format and a great community of Ute fans.

    I happen to think a rising tide raises all ships.  The Utes and the Ute community are on the rise.  Because Ute Hub exists doesn’t have to hurt UFN or vice versa.  I know Chris, though I haven’t seen him for a long time.  I actually offered to contribute to UFN and reformat it.  That must have been 5-8 years ago.  Nothing came of it.  I didn’t press it.  No big deal.

    At this point, like I’ve said many times, I’m working this place to make it better.  What happens elsewhere is certainly worth discussing as it is part of the Ute community but it will have little influence on what I do here.  Regardless of what happens with UFN I’m deep into Ute Hub and very invested in my own time, passion, and the challenge of building a great site and community.  Sounds cheesy, but that’s it. 


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    Love the site, and really enjoy the thumbs down option. thanks Tony.

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    @Tony, you are doing a fabulous job. Thank you!

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    Love the website Tony. I have been at UF.N for almost 12 years, but rarely post. This has become my go to site!

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    Thanks for all of your hard work, I really enjoy the upgrades you’ve made and am really enjoying this site. Cheers!

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    Thanks Tony. You’ve worked hard and it’s paying off. You’ll do just fine here regardless of what anyone else does. 

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    This is my new UTES home!! I have been a member of UFN since 03 and I did enjoy it for a few years until it became a place to rip each other apart. Then you had that little group of jerks that treated everyone like crap and acted like they were bigger UTE fans then everyone else. Boring…. I stopped posting there years ago. This place rocks – SLAYER – style!

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    I’m more of a Priest fan but, YEAH!

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    If you're looking forward to the OSU game UF.N is for you. UH.C is the future.

    I just glanced at UF.N. Sadly too many people are sticking by WM, I may be a callous @$$ but until everyone abandons him and quits enabling him he most likely will not turn his life around. I realize this isn’t exactly the same, but would any of us keep an internet provider or power company which kept having outages on a regular basis???? NO!!!!! So why stick with UF.N???? Because you choose to wallow in the pig sty it has become.

    If you started UF.N before me October 2002, feel free to pile on. The rest of you johnny come latelies can go suck hind teet. If you weren’t privy to Maake, Senioritis, or Simplex you don’t realize the decline UF.N has suffered. Not to mention Uterus and JDart who are very involved in the program and couldn’t handle the stench of that site.

    Optimism if my choice. And the trend is UH.C. Tony is active here every day, is still seeking to make improvements to the site, and MOST importantly I believe will not tolerate the septic tank behavior and attitudes UF.N suffers.

    Sorry I’ve just had it with the UF.N crowd, and I used to spend way too much time there in the beginning. I’m UTE98 and I’ve hung my hat here.

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    Yes and I think Tony needs to slow down on drastic changes TOO many updates constantly won’t allow people to get used to this site. I delete apps that update weekly. 

    Yes you need to just get used to the site making it identical to Utefans is not what I want. 

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    I got a good laugh out of people excitedly joining a politics thread in order to rub it in the face of “grrr Utehub”

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    Yeah because politics in America is at the very pinnacle of intelligence. 

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    I love cesspools but I can’t stand UFN’s forum software circa 1995. Sweet Christmas.

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    Me too. The one thing that pushed so many away from the site (outside of the lack of upkeep and moderation) is what they celebrate. It’s such a textbook case of groupthink and confirmation bias.

    Beyond that, it’s reason #1 I’m sticking with UH.C.

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    I don’t get all the bleeding heart bullshit for webmonkey. The dude rapped his members to the tune of 11k, he’s a drunken mess and now he’s assaulted someone, most likely a woman.

    In my sarcastic voice “oh Chris, I’m sorry for what you’re going through …. bla bla bla.”

    I’d like to hear from the person owns the car he plowed into, or the person he assaulted.

    As far as I’m concerned, anyone who posts on that site supports wife beating.

    If he isn’t drunkenly beating his wife, please correct me. I’m only reading between the lines.

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    You are correct. She posted about it on facebook but has since deleted it.

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    I think threads like this are pretty pathetic. You don’t have to like anything, but stuff like this…

    I don’t like it. 

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    Thank you, I felt in my soul I was correct.

    It’s hard to come back from hitting a woman.

    Just the thought of that board makes my blood boil, even though I have met what are now lifelong friends as a result of being a hard core contributing member.

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    Do you actually believe what you read on facebook? If you do you’re a complete fool. I don’t know the truth about Chris but I wouldn’t consider facebook a reliable source.

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    Do you believe Salt Lake County lock up records? Bottom line is WM has used UFN for his own personal fundraising that feeds his demons and endangers lives.

    He’s taken advantage of the genorosity of others and I’m not cool with that.

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    A quick analysis of some of our players for this season

    These are just some thoughts I have had about the performance of some of our players to this point in the season. I have chosen just a few players that have been on my mind. I appreciate others thoughts on whether they agree or disagree with my analysis.

    Boobie Hobbs, #1: Holy heck, I have a mini heart attack about every time the other team is set to punt to us. I feel like Hobbs tries way too hard to make every return a home run play so he wastes valuable time and potential yards running laterally or trying to catch the ball in a tight window. We’ve drawn so many special teams fouls this season because his antics put the blockers in tough spots and result in holds or illegal blocks.

    Justin Thomas, #12: Really haven’t heard much from Thomas this year. My expectation is that this is because he is consistently where he needs to be in coverage and thus doesn’t get thrown at much. I haven’t watched closely enough to say this for certain though.

    Brian Allen, #14: The best of cornerbacks, the worst of cornerbacks. He has come up big for us this season with some huge picks, but he also is frequently burned deep and has some mental lapses such as the attempted strip and subsequent missed tackle against UCLA and the PI on the interception at OSU. He could certainly be our best cornerback, but I’m not sure I’d call him that yet.

    Joe Williams, #28: Arguably the best story in college football this year. With the coaches having consistently raved about his speed I was hopeful for some big breakaway runs this year. When he retired I felt we never would get to see it. His outing against UCLA was the realization of that dream and was tremendously satisfying.

    Pita T., #50: He is no Kylie Fitts, that much I can say. I feel that he has done a serviceable job at DE this year, but I don’t know that he has lived up to his billing from fall camp. Here is to hoping he can break through for these last few games!

    Chase Hansen, #22: I would argue that Hansen has been one of the most (if not the most) consistent performers on this Utah team. He plays with the aggressiveness of a linebacker and the vision of a standout safety. His big hit on the Arizona wideout showed excellent discipline and precision.

    I look forward to hearing your opinions and may add some more players later!

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    You can add Justin Thomas to most consistent players on defense he also has made great open field tackles as the nickel. 


    I am not sure how Hobbs has kept his spot. He doesn’t have a quick first step, he doesn’t make quick decisions. I will say he is fearless and that might be part of it. I kind of want to see if Simpkins can do anything at that spot. Was Joe Williams listed as KR or PR to start Fall Camp?  I don’t want to see him get injured but I wonder if he could do any better?

    Coverage and blocking has been bad on special teams this season. I think it is because of young guys are getting reps there. Without Wishnowsky I doubt we enjoy that field position flip every punt. 

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    The Brian Allen strip/missed tackle that resulted in a td was partly fogals fault. If Mwilliams was in that play would have been stopped.

    Fogal is supposed to be over the top on that play but takes an atrocious angle to the catch and then runs full speed at the WR to make up for the bad angle and then makes a weak arm tackle attempt.

    If Allen had just gone for the tackle it would have been fine but realistically fogal was equally responsible for that td.

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    Allen almost made the strip he was close. 

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    I feel the same way about Hobbs. Why doesn’t Butler Byrd return all the punts?

    Allen has looked dangerous, but he needs to be more consistent.

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    Boobie posted something on Twitter recently that football wasn’t fun for him anymor but he had too much to lose to quit. Whatever that means….

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    Who’s the guy who posts the links to watch the games online?

    Does he post them on UteHub too?  

    I am out of the country and do not want to be missing this game. Unfortunately my Comcast Xfinity app doesn’t all the game to be watched remotely and the watch Fox Sports Go app knows I’m not in the USA and filters out to all soccer stuff. 

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    Yes, the link has been posted here the last couple of weeks

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    UteStuckInSeattle posts here. 

    This is the stream: 



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    If I ever meet UteStuckinSeattle in person, I’m going to buy him a few beers.  Those streaming games have saved my ass on several occasions.

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    Yes, I used it for the first time last week, and the quality was amazing. Keep’em coming.

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    I’m in Canada for the month and had to listen to the game on my phone.  The proxy I was using wasn’t fast enough.  I didn’t watch the game until I was able to download it from uofu.bobsonlineworld.net

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    Thanks for the info. I’ll be sure to use that link on Saturday. 

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    You can download the Ustream ap and follow UteStuckinSeattle so you always have the link. It will even shoot you an email when he’s broadcasting