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A bit off-topic, anyone here play tennis?

Haven’t picked up a racket in 20+ years, but with some extra time on Saturdays 😉 my wife wants to resume playing some tennis (we’ve both been getting in shape to melt off that extra work-at-home weight).   Could definitely use a new racket but not up to speed on the latest.   Would like something appropriate for an intermediate player, not too expensive, is a Head Ti-S6 a good choice or any of the other Ti-SN, still learning the differences?  Any other suggestions?

  • Tony

    Nope.  Every time I’ve tried it I just hit home runs over the fence.  

  • dystopiamembrane

    I’d suggest picking up an old school wooden racket at a yard sale.

    • PlainsUte

      Well, have one of those myself!  We have some older rackets but with the cost to re-string, probably the same to just buy the latest tech in the $60-90 range.