Sean Miller out at Arizona…

Somehow U Arizona woke up this morning and realized that Sean Miller had been cheating.  SMH

Not official yet, but here’s a link to a report

Report that Sean Miller is being fired

  • ironman1315

    They saw the sword of Damocles dangling overhead and decided to use Sean Miller as a meat shield. 

    • Chester Copperpot

      AZ stole Lauri Markannen from Utah via payment. Interesting to think of what Larry’s momentum would have looked like with Markannen for a year with Kuzma, Devon Daniels, Rawson, Barefield, etc. Maybe you don’t get Collette to come, or maybe you do.  

      • AZUTE

        Yep losing out on LM was I think the straw that broke Larry’s back when it came to recruiting. He was all but signed and at the last minute Miller came in and took him away. That hurt Larry a lot and I just don’t think he was the same after that.

        No it’s time for the NCAA to bring down Enfield at U$C. He’s just as dirty as Miller

        • Chester Copperpot

          I’m not knowledgeable about Enfield but hiring the twins dad was a good move.

  • GameForAnyFuss

    I’m assuming he’ll be back coaching UA once he’s eligible for a work release program.

  • Duhwayne

  • Chester Copperpot


  • PlainsUte

    Confirmation and complete coverage from azcentral.com …

    AzCentral.com Sean Miller coverage

    • OldAsDirtUte

      Quote:  “Miller is being terminated without cause, which allows him to receive 50% of his remaining guaranteed pay, or about $1.5 million.”

      Probably cheaper than litigating it.

      • Utesbyfive

        Yeah, they had cause. They just didn’t want a lawsuit. Cowards.

        • UteThunder

          They also probably wanted to limit the damage to the university that would result from such a lawsuit. I guarantee there is more that has gone on at UA under Miller that the NCAA and public aren’t aware of but would become aware of if there was a lawsuit. 

  • Utebeam

    BYEEEEE!!! Cheater