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    How does Shelley’s new role impact Daniels’ recruiting?

    When Tyler was healthy, and after Tuttle left, that was the best “scenario” for Daniels in terms of future (i.e., coming in with a Sr. QB, and no clear heir-apparent).  But now, does Daniels sit back and wait and see how Shelley performs?  If Shelley lights it up, does that influence Daniels to go elsewhere?  Will be interesting to see.

  • Pace Manyung
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    I think it does.  But honestly, Shelley is in a tough spot, I don’t see him lighting up anything.

    If Utah is to win it will be with kwhit ugly ball. 

    • Puget Ute

      Our offense does not depend exclusively on the QB.  We need Shelley to come in, distribute the ball, don’t throw picks, and let the playmakers do their work (Moss, Shyne, Covey, Nacua, Daniels, Kuithe/Fotheringham, etc.)

  • Tony

    I doubt it has much bearing on Daniel’s decision.

  • Summit Ute

    If Daniels doesn’t have the confidence to beat out a backup QB at Utah, he’s probably not the right guy for any P5 level program.  Well except for maybe Kansas. 😉

    • Pace Manyung

      I think it’s a bit more nuanced, especially when it comes to Utah. Highly ranked prospects consciously or unconsciously feel that a big reason for choosing Utah is early playing time. If the path isn’t fairly clear then why not go to a blue blood program.  I get it.


  • Virginia Ute

    Would be a good problem to have if Shelley makes enough of an impact to make a recruit like Daniels feel insecure about coming to Utah.  

    Shelley would have to have Rose Bowl winning kind of season for that to happen, IMO.  


    It doesn’t. JD will be a Ute bank on it. Even after he takes his free trip to ASU this weekend.

  • Utahute72

    No because there is effectively two years between Shelley and Daniels. We have a hole in the chain because Tuttle left.