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Favorite childhood teams

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      The death of Jerry West got me thinking about my favorite pro teams from my childhood. I have always been a Utes/Redskins fan. Here are my favorite pro teams when I was a kid.

      Basketball – This was in the 60s and early 70s (long before the Utah Jazz). I was a big Lakers fan with Jerry West, Elgin Baylor, Wilt, etc. It was so frustrating losing every year in the championship to the Celtics.

      Baseball – I was a diehard Dodger fan when Maury WIlls, Sandy Koufax, Don Drysdale, and Willie Davis played. I would stay up late listening to Vin Scully on the radio in my bedroom.

      Football – I loved the Baltimore Colts and Johnny Unitas. I still suffer PTSD from the Super Bowl III loss to the Jets.

      What teams did you follow when you were a kid?

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      As a kid (when I lived in Utah pre-teenage years:

      NFL: Redskins & Dolphins
      MLB: Braves (Thanks TBS!)
      NBA: Jazz
      CFB/CBB: Utes

      Those latter two are still in place, though I’m pretty meh on the NBA.

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        Hope you’re still a Braves fan!

        I too, along with many other Utah residents from the 80’s became Braves fan (not a Cubs fan).

        Go Braves (although they are sucking right now).

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          I pretty meh on the Braves now. I’m a die hard Giants fan with the Padres being my #2 and the Orioles are my AL team (but I’ll adopt the Salt Lake team as my AL team when that eventually happens – but I’ll always be Giants #1).

          That said, I have no ill will towards the Braves whatsoever. (unlike the Dodgers that I hope die a slow and painful death).

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        Baseball, the Pirates was a huge Roberto Clemente fan at the age from the age of 7.

        Football, the Detroit Lions because my mom took me to see The Paper Lion at the Villa theatre.

        NBA and NHL? Had know clue they existed.

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      In my younger years…

      Basketball – Utah Stars, didn’t really follow NBA at all, just the ABA
      Hockey – Salt Lake Golden Eagles
      Baseball – Cincinnati Reds

      Still a Reds fan, and now a Jazz fan. Of course now a fan of all Ute team and will follow our new NHL yet-to-named team.

      NFL now follow the Packers.

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      I have always been a fan of….
      Basketball-Jazz, Big T, Mailman, Stockton, Rainbow Jumper(Griffith),Jimmy Les, Adam Keefe etc.

      Football-Seahawks, back in the day of Largent, Warner, Bozworth. However since the Chargers drafted Junior Seau I have been die hard Chargers

      Baseball-Padres, Loved Tony Gwyn, Trevor Hoffman, Ken Cammintti, Benitio Santiago, Jake Peavy

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        Growing up:
        NBA: Jazz fan of the Stockton/Malone era. After they retired my NBA basketball fandom died.
        NFL: Dallas Cowboys (Jimmy Johnson teams)
        MLB: Atlanta Braves (same reason, thanks TBS!)
        NHL: didn’t follow hockey
        College: Go Utes!!

        only Utes!! always Utes!!!

        • #217007

          I used to love the 49ers and the Jazz. I just don’t follow pro sports of any kind anymore. The Utes are my only team now.

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      Favorite Teams…
      Football- younger years Seahawks, Largent, Dave Krieg, Curt Warner, BOZ. Since the Chargers drafted Seau, I have been diehard Chargers fan.

      Basketball-Jazz Big T, Mike Brown, Eaton, Stockton, Griffith, Adam Keefe, Jim Les

      Baseball-Padres Tony Gwyn, Steve Garvey, Ken Cammintti, Jake Peavy, Benito Santiago

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      Tony (admin)

      Vranes, Chambers, Bankowski, Pace

      Bradshaw, Franco, Swan

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        That 1981 basketball team was fun. You forgot to add Martin.

        • #217009
          Tony (admin)

          Yes of course! I always forget Martin… Vranes was my all-time fav.

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      A very special team. At their last regular season home game against UTEP, when they pulled the starters off with a minute left, legendary Don Haskins walked the length of the court down to the Utah bench to shake all of their hands.

      (This was before the tradition of teams lining up and shaking hands at the end of the game started).

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        Ute in Chatt

        NFL – Cowboys fan. I lived in Texas growing up as my dad was military. Of course, huge Troy Aikman, Emmitt Smith, and Michael Irvin at the time. More of a latter season/ post-season fan now. I’m highly disappointed since 95.

        NBA -Jazz fan. Wanted them so very badly to win in 95 and 96. I think that was the years of their finals. So, I’m still a Malone and Stockton and Jeff Hornacek fan. Always an MJ fan but have been loving learning more about Larry Bird on podcasts or news articles I read about him. He was a c**ky son of a gun, but he backed it up on the court. More fair weather with them lately.

        MLB – Braves fan and fair weather fan now.

        NHL- Dallas Stars and maybe more of a Utah fan now that they have a hockey team depending on the name they choose.

        Utes fan till I die and read everything I can and check this site at least 3 times a day. Thanks for all you guys post and Tony for the site.

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          Ute in Chatt

          Oh been a huge buffalo bills fan since they drafted Kincaid and now Cole Bishop. Both just huge studs to me.

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      NBA: for some reason my favorite NBA team has always been the Pacers. Reggie Miller is my all time favorite athlete.

      NFL: I latched onto the Manning Colts because of my Pacers fandom. I’ve never been a huge NFL fan.

      College: when I was very young I was a BYU fan (but a closeted Ute fan since I was 8 or 9). I became a fully fledged Ute fan when I was 12 I think, around the time TSPP hired Crowton.

    • #217014

      NFL: Chargers (born in SD) but I stopped liking them when they sold out to LA
      MLB: Padres (see above)
      NBA: Kings (moved to NorCal in jr. high)
      NCAA: Utah (parents are alums)
      Soccer: EPL Wolves (best friend is from Wolverhampton), MLS RSL (obviously), International USA and Argentina (mission country)

      • #217054

        Wut? You stopped liking the Padres because the Chargers sold out and moved to LA? or do you think Padres also sold out and moved to LA?

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      NFL: I never really cared for NFL, even as a kid, but if I am watching I cheer for a friends team so at least they are happy.
      MLB: I Never really got into baseball, but a lot of friends out here are cubs fans, so I mildly cheer for them.
      NBA: For whatever reason as a kid I always liked the Suns, maybe it was for Tom Chambers.
      Soccer: HUGE Tottenham fan and love watching with the Salt Lake Spurs at the Locker Room in Sugar House. I am also an England fan. My mother is from London and growing up we just cheered for England, I had no idea the USA had a team until 1994 World cup (I was 13) when it was last hosted here, but I just cant switch teams. I am Three Lions till I do (or they kill me).
      NCAA: Utah, of course and only Utah.

      When I do love a team (Utah, Tottenham and England), As a kid I kind of made a rule that I only cheer for that team. Sure I am happy for teams from other leagues if they win, but I just don’t like the idea of having two teams in a sport in the off chance they do play and I have to suddenly cheer against one of them.

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      Jim Vanderhoof

      Growing up in the 60’s.
      Packers: Starr Hornung Taylor
      Yankees: Mantle Maris Yogi
      Lakers: West Baylor Wilt

      Shared a room with my older brother who was Bears and Dodgers (sibling rivalries). I remember going to bed every night in the summer catching the last innings of the Dodgers with Vin Scully KFI Los Angeles.

    • #217057

      NFL: Bills – Love the uniforms and they were so good back in the early 90s.
      NBA: Bulls & Jazz – As has been mentioned, my NBA fandom died when MJ, Malone, Stockton, and the other greats of that era retired.
      MLB: Mets & Dodgers

    • #217059

      I hate to admit there was a time that I was a BYU fan, during the time that Eldon “The Phantom” Fortie was playing. I listened to the games on the radio and there was something magical about the how Eldon could dodge his way through would be tacklers.

      About the time I started attending the “U”, there was a game between Utah and BYU. I was just starting to change my support over to the Utes. But Eldon had an injury that caused them to hold him out of the start of the game. I don’t remember all the details, but Utah was playing well and I think ahead in the game. BYU sent in Eldon (maybe his injury was a sprain or something), and he shredded the Ute defense, leading BYU back. I honestly don’t remember who won the game.

      In those days BYU was blessed with having some great QB play from guys like Eldon, and Virgil Carter.

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        Rocket Ute

        Minnesota Vikings were always my childhood favorite team. Going back to the 70’s. Joe Kapp, Fran Tarkenton? Purple People Eaters, etc.
        alas, 4 Super Bowl appearances and they couldn’t get it done. Still hurts to this day!

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      I grew up mostly in Simi Valley but moved here when I was 15.
      NBA-wasn’t really a fan of basketball while I was a kid. Jazz fan now. Not much of a fan lately though. Stockton & Iverson are my favorite players.
      NFL-Chiefs (a real Chiefs fan) I know 30 plus years of suffering so these past 5/6 years have been Heaven and I’m eating it up! All my family were Raiders or Broncos fans so I went with the Chiefs cause they were always on TV playing the other two. Derrick Thomas is/was my favorite NFL player.
      MLB-Braves fan since I was 10. Had a couple Braves themed b-day parties when I was younger.
      There was no better pitching rotation in baseball than Maddux, Smoltz & Glavine!
      Favorite player though is Ricky Henderson. Best lead off hitter ever!!
      Obviously Utah for college basketball and football. My best friend to this day played at the U 94-96.
      Never got into Hockey & Soccer but I think I’ll give Hockey another chance now that we have a team.

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      late 70’s raiders (ken stabler era). i now could care less. i guess i’m a bills fan at this point.

      cal / la angels still follow

      salt lake golden eagles. had season tickets in late 70’s. doug palazarri era. paul tantardini was our goon. rick bowness was one mean MF. nickname was one punch and i was there. edit. i don’t know if anyone else was there but it was the wichita wind in the playoffs. a fan poured beer over the glass on the wichita players. several players went over the glass and into the stands. quite the scene in the old salt palace. section 15 was the bomb for hockey.

      prior to the jazz, i was a sixers fan with dr. j and moses. was also a stars fan. zelmo, willy wise, glen combs, jimmy jones, red robbins, wayne hightower, dick nemelka and a few others. the games with indiana were very intense. mel daniels, billy keller (or was it bobby), roger brown.

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      The old Bart Starr Ray Nitschke Packers. The Earle Monroe, Walt Frazier, Willis Reed Knicks. The Big Z Utah stars. The Jazz since their move to Utah, and since the late fifties, Utah Football and Basketball.

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