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        Ute Fan

        Out of all the early names in senior day. Which ones do you think come back ? Kincaid, Fatheringham, Sewll, Taufua. Those are the ones that I think. 


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        Ute Fan

        Almost positive Dalton is coming back. Kuithe would be next ahead of Cole (age) but they probably both go. I don’t know about Tafua…just not sure he’s shown the explosiveness to get a high draft grade. He got bigger and stronger but may benefit from sticking around if he can improve his quickness in a year.

        Sewell is a “tweener” so I’m interested to see his grade. Will probably have to try and make a move while healthy and see what happens as a UDFA IMO. I think Thomas goes if he has a good final 3 games and it’s as much for the financial aspect as anything else. Has a small handful of little ones he’s responsible for and the shelf life for RB’s is limited. If he came back he could be a 2nd rounder next year but might be willing to take a chance now if the grade is decent at all.

        If Gabe Reid transfers here Covey stays and plays another year. Interested in what happens there. I think Enis could try to go via the portal or as a UDFA…but he’s a team guy so could just say the heck with it and return. Ford is also interesting. 1st half film isn’t great…film at guard is. I think he’ll try to go no matter what.

        Pledger is the one I’m most interested in…if Thomas goes does he come back as the lead? His plan was for one year…I think Curry goes regardless with Glover coming in.

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          Ute Fan

          Thanks for the update.

          I hope Tavion stays and builds his resume.  I think Kuithe would benefit as well, but I understand if he leaves.  Covey wants to move on with his life.  I get that.

          No matter what they decide – I support them 100% and wish them well in the future!


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          I wonder how many decisions will be based off of whether or not we win the Pac-12 Championship. 

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          Ute Fan

          Good input. Solid system in place now for these kids to get excellent evaluation and feedback on where these guys fit in the NFL draft in their given year. Agree, Ennis has been a dedicated, hard working Ute player (big fan of SE, NFL or not that kid has a bright future ahead of him) and would benefit going to a team that throws to WRs. Last game not one WR caught a pass (not counting Covey as a slot). Over the past three games, WRs caught nine passes. This is Utah football right now. Would not be surprised if Vele and Parks entered the portal as well. IMO, if Vele wants a shot at playing in the NFL as a WR, playing at Utah is not going to showcase his ability. That said, if he’s at Utah for the family, friends, etc, good on him. 

          Guessing this played into Costelli splitting when he did along with being buried in the depth chart. Arm chairing it here of course. The Covey-Reid situation will be interesting based on what Covey said. I suspect if Covey stays and gets Reid from Stanford to come over others on the fence stick around. RB room is solid even if Thomas splits. The time after the season ends is always fun especially with the portal. Either way, if some Utes go, Utah has the stability other players will be drawn to, especially on defense, TEs, RBs, and Oline. Utah has shown they are on the same level as USC and UO now. Good times for Utah football.

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          Ute Fan

          somebody get tavion a NIL deat stat

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        Ute Fan

        Thanks ONLYU. Would be amazing if Covey came back. Surprised you think Nephi would go. I would think he would benefit another year as “the guy” next year. Wouldn’t be surprised with Solo. Wish the best for him if that’s what he decides.

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          Ute Fan

          I haven’t heard of the Gabe Reid / Covey situation.  What’s it all about?

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            Ute Fan

            I have no insight into the transfer rumor, but I have heard Covey say on his weekly KALL 700 weekly interview that he and Gabe Reid are very close friends. (Gabe is Karene Reid’s older brother).

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            Central Coast Ute
            Ute Fan

            Gabe is Karene’s brother and all three went to Timpview. Covey said if Gabe transferred to Utah, he’d probably come back for one more year so the three of them could play together.

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        Ute Fan

        Ive heard that the entire RB position could go, including Bernard. The other three for sure. Any truth to it?

        Re Costelli, I would guess he enrolled last January thinking Rising would be injured this year or 2nd string at best, and that he would have a clean slate to compete for the starting job this winter after Brewer left.

        He decided to transfer when that scenario evaoporated.

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          Ute Fan

          As terrifying as the whole RB room leaving sounds, just look how Utah reloaded this past offseason at the position. Good problem to have.

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          2008 National Champ
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          I don’t understand why Bernard would leave. If Thomas, Pledger and Curry move on, Bernard is the unquestioned RB1. He was dinged up for a couple of games which allowed Thomas back into the mix but I thought Micah was well on his way to establishing himself before the WSU game. That ole block that got him hurt should have cost someone serious stair time.

          Parks and Glover may be good players down the road but Bernard is ready to be the man now. Sometimes it seems like people get mesmerized by recruiting tape and forget that not every freshman is going to be All-Pac the minute they step onto campus. I’ll take the guy that was getting yards when the line couldn’t block as RB1. If the others beat him out, great, it just raises the bar.

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