Our game gets canceled, meanwhile thousands of fans

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        Storm the field at Notre Dame.

        so I guess COVID only matters in the Pac12


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        Crazy, the student section was loaded with fans. Evidently Covid has not made it’s way to South Bend like everywhere else…geez.

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        No kidding! Any stadium that allows fans needs to address this.

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        My post earlier. The PAC doesn’t want to play. They want to do everything possible to cancel the season.

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          I’m going to need a “why” to back up that assertion.

          Most businesses in this world – even the most poorly-run ones – don’t want to willfully take away their only source of revenue.

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        It’s like a bunch of people sniffing bicycle seats. Kids today

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        That was a super spreader event no doubt. And the Clemson QB was on the sidelines.  I thought he had covid? He would take his mask off to talk to the team.  There were many fans with no masks.  Then the rush the field. Can you imagine how lame it would be for ND football if their team goes undefeated and has to cancel a game because their players got the rona yesterday? Unreal.  Almost makes the idiots with their covid parties in Utah county look smart.  Almost. 

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          Ute Fan

          My guess is the ACC is going to give Notre Dame a firm talking to (anyone else would have been fined to hell).  Lawrence has actually been out of quarantine with negative tests since Wednesday.  They couldn’t get his cardiac analysis done until Friday so he was not cleared to play.

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