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      Ute Fan

      So I’m thrilled to hear the defense looks awesome again, but it’s been great the last two years and both years our secondary got torched. Am I the only one who is worried about secondary strategy and game plan? Any indications if the coaches will adjust the scheme? Or what in your opinion can be done to keep us from giving so many big plays like in the P12CG and Rose Bowl?

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      Ute Fan

      I think a key ingredient is that we haven’t had that otherworldly pass rusher we’d grown so accostomed to.  We were always getting great pressure with 4.  But not so much the last year or two(depending on how healthy Mika tafua was).  

      im watching and hoping one of our ends is really coming along and learning the art!  That’ll change how the secondary looks…

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        Ute Fan

        That’s pretty much exactly what I was going to say. The pass rush hasn’t been dominant. If we can fix that, our secondary will be just fine.

        Also, we don’t have RJ Hubert, so that is an automatic plus. In general, our safeties the last year or two have been lacking in pass coverage.

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          Ute Fan

          I don’t like singling out players… but yeah, Hubert had some really rough moments last year

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            Ute Fan

            He had his moments, but man… pretty much every time there was a big play against our defense he was at fault in some way. I understand that comes with the territory of being the last line of defense, but when you are that guy you have to make the plays that are there to make.

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      Ute Fan

      Whenever I hear that the defense is awesome during spring/summer, I wonder if it is actually awesome or our offense is… not. Can be difficult to tell when you are playing your own team.

      That said, I hope they are awesome and that the pass coverage is a bit better this year.

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      Ute Fan

      Been discussed before, we won’t be great until the front 4 get pressure without help. Have to see it against a good opponent oline and QB to believe it.

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