the hype has lead to many byu fans looking at week 1 as a chance to ruin

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      Ute Fan

      our season. I get it. The storylines are already written for local media/fans with all the cfp darkhorse/p12 favorite stuff going around.

      But really, I want to beat byu because they are our rivals and I hate them, but if we get off to a slow start like last year and drop this game in Provo, and go on to win the P12 and play in pasedena, i would not care the least bit about the loss. It would prob cost us the playoff but if we lose to byu we arent playoff caliber, and would have gotten smoked in the semis in front of the biggest audience to ever watch a Utah game. But our first appearance in a rose bowl level game as a P5 and winning the p12 within our first decade in the conf would be a source of pride that would never diminish. Like being the original BCS buster and the first to do it twice. and kicking the s**t out of alabama..

      Dealing with their fans would be annoying, and they would remind us about it all the time forever, but NOBODY else would care. When the season was referenced in national media in the immediate and long term future, not a single soul outside of the byu fan base would be saying “ya but byu beat them.” It would go down as a week 1 road loss to a rival on the road

      If we win the p12, this game does not matter at all. It really doesnt. Which stays on brand with it not mattering if we dont win the p12. Esp in a conf champ or bust season like this. The most it could ever possibly mean is a small consolation prize in a sub 9 win season in a year nobody expected anything out of us. If we were p12 favorites going into a season and beat byu but lost 4+ games, that win again would do nothing for me. byu value is a hell of a niche market, man

      byus nobody gives af bowl is set in stone after 1 loss , so we are actually the ones who can ruin a season in game 1. Lets take from them what they wish they could take from us

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      Ute Fan

      Largely agree with your logic but, you’re over thinking it.  2 things:

      1. As Whit says – we don’t loss to these guys,

      2. We have nothing to gain, so, LET’S STOP PLAYING THESE GUYS!!!!!

      Unfortunately, if we keep playing them we will lose eventually (1 in say 15).  Let’s stop playing them, and schedule like all other PAC12 leaders:

          Every preseason game is either a game we have Absolutely no business lossing, or 

          A game against an opponent that will help our strength of schedule, even if we do lose.



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        Ute Fan

        I don’t get why we don’t play BYU every other year and Utah St the opposite years? Sounds reasonable, and the state legislature couldn’t argue against it since were replacing a private institution with a state school.

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          Ute Fan

          Actually the state legislature could argue against it, and they have in the past.

          Again, I’ll say it as plainly as I can: If we don’t play BYU-P every year, they’re going to defund our hospital.

          You’ve never seen freaks on the level of what we’re dealing with in the state legislature.

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          Ute Fan

          Yep, been my argument for a little while now. Play BYU and Utah State on a 4 years/2 years rotation. I know I’m in the minority on here in that I like the traditions of the local rivalries but realistically you should only be playing one in-state game every year. Throw in another G5 school and a P5 opponent and you’ve got a decent OOC schedule every year.

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      Ute Fan

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      Ute Fan

      I just want this game to be over.  I hate that it’s the first game of the season.  It gives all the talking heads 9 months to pontificate.  It is an important game for us to win.  This could be a great season.  Starting it off with a loss would be bad.  We will lose up to 10 NFL draft picks when this season is over.  We will not be the same next year.  I want this season to start off right.

      We will lose to BYU again someday.  I don’t want it to be this season.

      Go Utes!!!

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