There are many reasons why I am glad that I am not a BYU football fan.

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    One big reason is their schedule this season.  Their last meainingful home game is Oct.6 vs BSU and their last meaningful game of the season is October 14th.  I would hate having a schedule with only 5 meainingful games and all of them in the first half of the season.  There last half of the season is totally boring against non P5 teams.

    Oh well.  I am glad I am a Ute.


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    This is how garbage their schedule is:

    if they win 8 games, their season sucked. 

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      Ah-ha…pointless season for them yet again.

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    Do they even have a guaranteed bowl game this year?

    Also their 2018 lock has folded (Poinsettia Bowl) and 2019 is committed to Hawaii.

    With that schedule, after any loss they’re left to hope the ACC or someone doesn’t get enough bowl-eligible teams.

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      They’ll likely announce their 2017 bowl affiliation at their media day later this month.

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        Oh god. What if it’s the Vegas bowl? 

        What if we win 6-8 games have to play those dbags twice in one season? 

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          Then they will lose twice. 

          One thing that some Utah fans are getting upset over, but I’m glad about is all the recruiting Sitake is doing with missionaries. 

          I don’t think Kyle wants to embarrass Sitake. He just wants to win. BUT, if Sitake p**ses off Whitt with all this back door recruiting…I’d love to see Whitt “Glenn” Sitake. lol. That would be great. 

          A huge halftime lead and then an onside kick? lol. Classic. 

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            I’ve noticed this topic on twitter, people making a fuss about a guy flipping to tds from Oregon State.

            If this missionary poaching continues, at what point do big programs just reconsider offering kids who are going on missions? It seems like it only hurts the kids in the long run.

            I guess you can’t begrudge them too much using the only advantage they really have.


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