Utah struggles to contain mobile QBs?

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      I’ve heard several people express that Utah struggles with mobile QBs and I tend to agree. Anthony Richardson tore us up, but he’s played very poorly since. I know we’ve played solid against UCLA, but we haven’t faced DTR since 2019 when he struggled and threw 2 picks. I’ll be very curious to see what our plan is to contain the QBs for the next couple weeks.

      For next week, watching this makes me very concerned about our chances vs USC. That’s some incredible accuracy throwing on the run and he seems very escapable in the pocket. Caleb Williams tearing up ASU on the ground and through the air.

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      there wasn’t a ton of tape on anthony richardson before we faced him. i’m pretty confident that the staff will make the proper defensive adjustments necessary to contain dtr and williams. 

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      Watching the Florida game again, it was more about breakdowns on defense and poor LB play. Guessing Utah follows the OSU defensive game plan, a lot of late look defense set changes before the snap and keep the action in front of you. UCLA-stiffle the run. DTR won’t beat Utah if forced to pass. Utah’s Dline is getting better. LBs are the weakest part of Utah’s defense at this point-IMO. No turnovers and Utah’s balanced attack on both sides of the ball gives Utah the edge if they play their game. Utes take care of business Saturday. Curious to see how many Utah fans show up at the Rose Bowl. Crowd noise will not be a factor in Pasadena, different story on 10/15. RES is going to be insane!

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      I’d like to point out that Utahs struggles against UF were less to do with scheme and more to do with execution. Specifically, the 27 missed tackles. If Utah comes even close to that number on Saturday they will lose.


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        agreed^. We had plenty of chances at AR and others at the LOS, but missed seemingly every time.

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        Yes. Scalley put guys into positions to succeed. Other than Fillinger who often takes himself out of position. 

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          Against Florida, Fillinger often went too far upfield and allowed himself to be kicked-out/took himself out of the play. He doesn’t seem to be doing that anymore. In the touchdown on the reverse, Fillinger squeezed on the block-down, and staid in position. He wasn’t athletic enough to stop the reverse, but it is a big ask to expect the DE to run with a full-speed WR.

          Diabate either made a bad read, or was on a blitz, and crashed inside and took himself out of the play. Because Diabate was so far out of position, the tackle, who was supposed to block Diabate, was able to block CPIII.

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      to be fair, a mobile quarterback is every defense’s kryptonite. force him to handoff on zone reads and take away his hot reads in the passing game are pretty much all you can do.

      the scheme used against ASU in the 2nd half of the 2021 game is about as good as a D can execute. And quite frankly, there was nothing wrong with the scheme against Florida. it all comes down to making plays

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