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    Picture gallery for Wallpapers and such?

    Just throwing this out there as an idea for the future when the @admin gets time. Right now I use Dahlelama’s website directly to grab the current wallpaper, but it would be convenient if there was a place for media here too, especially for those users that have this site as their main Ute venue.

  • Tony

    I’m considering allowing users to upload photos, but that could be a resource and storage nightmare. It’s definitely on the radar.


    • CrimsonUteBC

      Haha. I agree that user submitted photos and such could become a nightmare. It would have to be a gallery with very few hands contributing to the pot…admins and mods and whatnot. Thanks!

      GO UTES!!

  • Dude, three days in and no religion or politics categories???

    Totally unacceptable!!! Just kidding (thought I’d bring some of the wrath over from ufn), but would you mind setting them up? I really miss putting utahute72 in his place 🙂


    Utah's Corners

    So when i first heard that Domo was starting I just assumed that meant Butler-Byrd was benched, but after I looked at it again it’s actually Porter that was benched. So the starters are Domo on the left side and Butler-Byrd on the right side. Did that kind of surprise anyone else?

  • 401k-Ute

    Not really. It seems to me that Porter has really struggled, even more so than Butler-Byrd. I wonder if Porter has completely recovered from the knee injury.

    • therealu

      Agree. I had posted on UF.net a week or so ago that Porter had not looked good in either game. Was beat deep a few times, and was constantly a step behind is receiver on short and intermediate routes too. Not sure if it is rust, or effects from the injury, or both. Hoping he can get back to form soon.

  • Wilson's Mustache

    I really thought Reggie Porter was going to have a break out year. Especially after he was touted as the best player in fall camp last year & was doing much of the same in camp this year.

    I guess its just one of those things that you never know until its a live game situation.

  • utegolfman

    From the sound of it Butler-Byrd is going to get some run with the O. Will be interesting to watch.

    • GadValleyUte

      I get the impression he knows his best shot at the NFL is on D and he wants to focus on that. I appreciate that, but his speed would be awesome on the offensive side. I think it would be great to get the ball into his hands more. Kinda like Weddle played both ways for us.

  • Fresno State taking the Utah loss hard

    One of their QBs broke his clavicle during the game against utah and is out for the year. I wish him a speedy recovery, I never want to see players get injured like that.

    The second QB that came in and played fairly well was arrested for public intoxication. Must have taken the Utah loss pretty hard.

    Not sure where Fresno State goes from here.

    Bad weekend for Fresno State QBs: Virgil out for year, Greenlee arrested

  • Puget Ute

    Greenlee came in late and torched us. He was 8-11 with 3 TDs in the 4th quarter.

    Too bad he was dumb. He will be 21 in a few months and this wouldn’t matter (as much). Also they had an LB get belligerent with a cop and was also arrested. Let this be a lesson to you, kids. Drink indoors and call a cab afterward. Or Uber. Or a designated driver.

  • SouthJordanUte

    Booker amazing plays

    Booker Highlights

    Booker’s two amazing plays vs Fresno State.

  • AZswayze

    If we can just open up the passing game enough to take some strain off the OLine he wouldn’t have to break four tackles to gain three yards. Anybody who has actually watched him play has to be amazed, but unfortunately his stats are very underwhelming.

    • SouthJordanUte

      Yeah I agree. He hasn’t been able to break off a very long run until Fresno. I’m hoping for one of those 50 to 60 yarders against Oregon.

  • Puget Ute

    Sometimes Book needs to be patient and give his line enough time to open holes for him.

  • Tony

    Somehow we find great running backs year after year. I wish we could recruit as well at QB. Booker is awesome and I loved John White IV.

  • radioUte

    I just about lost it late Saturday night when Whittingham was trying to punch it in late against Fresno State, and someone went down onto Booker’s knee during a tackle. Why in the world was he in the game at that point? Can you imagine what would happen if he were to get injured there? Come on, Whit. Jeez.

    • FormerUteSax

      Losing Booker would be a tragedy but I really like Joe Williams a lot.

    • YodaUte

      I’ve never understood that logic. Is he any more likely to be injured on the last play of the game than in the 29 plays before that? If you’re going to give the ball to Booker almost every play, there is a risk of injury. I think we just have to live with that risk.

  • Wilson's Mustache

    Something that I wouldn’t mind seeing, something that John White got a lot of, is a full back set. Let a big guy clear a path for Booker. Booker has shown that all he needs is a little crease and he can make a play.

    • Shawn Asiata clearing a path? I would love it.

  • Dieselute

    They had sanders-Williams in there a bunch as a FB against USU.

  • Tuesday! My second favorite day of game week!

    Why you may ask? Well because of the “Kyle Whittingham Show” on ESPN700!

    I always enjoy listening to Coach Whitt provide his no-nonsense insight into the Ute football program.

    It’s always really cool to hear from several players each week and have then share their input on the program as well.

    Overall, I think it’s just really cool that we have a coach that will participate in these types of events and is willing to engage with fans and share so much detail about Utah football on a regular basis.

  • SouthJordanUte

    I purposely plan to mow my lawn on Tuesdays just so I can put in the headphones and listen to the show in peace.

  • Tony

    What time is the show on?

    • UteStuckInSeattle

      6:00pm Mountain.

      You can listen on 700 AM or stream it live from http://espn700sports.com/

      • dystopiamembrane

        Is the show usually an hour?

        • SouthJordanUte

          Yep it’s an hour. Coach usually brings a player or two with them that performed well the previous week too.

          • dystopiamembrane

            Thanks! I’ll be in Salt Lake next Tuesday. I think I’ll attend live.

  • Astute Ute

    I am going to go there as well. It’s at The Pub in Trolley right? Anyone ever been to one before? Should I attend early…

  • Over 400 members already!

    Very impressive.

  • Jumpmasterute

    The first sight other than UFN that I feel like I’m home.

  • mohlin

    401, Im here

  • High Uintas

    I can barely keep up reading the posts they’re coming so fast and furious.

    • CrimsonUteBC

      It’s just like my Twitter feed….


    New site looks great!

    Looking forward to a new start. Thanks for putting it together!


    Campaign to get people to bring more Utes here…?

    I put this under football where it’ll get viewed the most–I think i saw someone mention this earlier, but we should really get the word out about Ute Hub on social media like FB, twitter etc, so we can grow this into a vibrant community. It appears it’s off to a good start with defectors from ufn

  • radioUte

    I hesitate to suggest it, but someone ought to reach out to the Ute fans that have made their home on Cougarboard. There are some strong Ute posters that didn’t connect with Utefans.net for whatever reason but that I think could contribute well here.

    • Tacoma Ute

      I wouldn’t call many of us defectors. I think most of us hope UFN recovers and this site thrives as well. Hopefully they can compliment each other. If worse comes to worse though for UFN I think this site is a great landing place.

      • John Smith

        Honestly, I’m with you here. I like Utefans, it just needs a new paint job.

      • TorontoUte

        absolutely, ufn has it’s place in the market, and has been great, but as we all know has been stalled for sometime. I just think we should capitalize on the enthusiasm for this site as quickly as possible and really make it the “Hub” for all things Utes

        • UtahSig

          John Smith? Why not H Man? Glad you are posting over here too. I love your posts on UF.N

      • utejeph

        There is so much I really like about Utefans. As a donor I like how the feed reads, it is a lot more like how I use social media, I quickly scroll through it and read what I want and quickly scroll past the rest. Something this site doesn’t do yet. I also really enjoy the multi media functionality. Some of the posts would be average if not for the appropriately placed meme or video. It looks like that can be done here. Hell, I feel like I was in the first 100,000 views of a Gaghnam Style all because of Utefans. I know it is the community that makes a board and Utefans could be great but I’m also looking forward to what this may become.

      • Jumpmasterute

        Saved me from saying it.

    • No, let those ute fans who post on cougarboard stay on cougarboard. As long as I’m here, mpfunk will not be joining this board.

      • Devildog

        Moose you won’t be here long. You never are. MPFunk would be a great addition to this place.

      • ThurstonW

        I agree. There is something clearly wrong with those people. For some reason they have the need to be validated by a bunch of arrogant asshats.

  • utedds

    I agree. Get a Facebook page up so we can all “like” it. Stuff like that will get the word out to more casual online fans.

    • utejeph

      This is the best way in my opinion.

  • bigmanUTE

    utefans will never return to its prime. its WELL past that stage. As much as i dislike BYU, cougarboard is one of the best message boards I have seen for opposing fanbases. My only hope is that utah can find one main message board for fans like cougarboard has. as of right now, online utah fans are far too splintered throughout the web.

  • Why not judge merge the two sites into one? Wouldn’t that be easier?

  • UteStuckInSeattle

    I dropped a post on UteNation to let people know about the site:


  • Tony

    I appreciate all this discussion. I don’t want UFN to tank. I’d rather see it succeed. But being one who likes to do things myself, I thought it would be better to start something new and more modern, and better if possible. This is just the beginning for sure. I haven’t even touched any real custom functionality for the site yet.

    Thanks for posting on ute nation. I just joined it last night.

  • Tony

    I just looked for the post on ute nation so I could like and share it, but I can’t find it. Got a direct link?

    • UteStuckInSeattle

      I can’t seem to find the post. Maybe it was removed?

      I’ll put up another post and link it.

  • UtahSig

    Yeah, there are some solid Ute posters on CB that I would like to see make their way over here. The one good thing I will say for CB is that place is very active. So far this place has been really active which I am enjoying. It is great to see so many threads with so many posts. Let’s keep it rolling.

    • Tony

      They probably “moderated” it. Thanks for the effort. I come from the blogger mentality, where I scratch your back if you scratch mine. The forum mentality is so different.

  • Wilson's Mustache

    I sent out a tweet about the site. Hopefully a few people will see it and come here.

    • SouthJordanUte

      Twitter is how I found the site.

      • TorontoUte

        We’re twitter friends– @BeijingRunner

      • Tony

        Thanks cool you found the site via twitter. I just started the twitter account a few hours ago!

  • UGLI baby

    I don’t understand people trying to be nice and pretending like Utefans is going to survive, or magically stop sucking. It’s like a zombie website at this point. A new website rising up to take its place is looooooong overdue.

    • Hockeybeard

      So…UteHub is like a super zombie?

  • javadave

    This board already seems more active than ufn.

    • Jeromy in SLC

      Because it is more active, already. The trick will be to keep it that way. UB5 had an initial buzz as well. It is up to all of us to make Uterus a place worth coming back to.

      • GadValleyUte

        Uterus what an awesome auto-correct!

      • Tony

        The Uterus is ALWAYS worth coming back to.

  • Tony

    A cool way to get more people is to just try and invite X number of friends to join. You pick the number: 2, 5, 10.

    • Wilson's Mustache

      DiSH is giving away a free x-box one if you refer three friends…

      Hear ye hear ye, Tony is giving away x-box ones to anyone that refers 3 people to Utehub.com!

      yep that’ll work.

  • UteFanatic

    This place is awesome! I can’t believe how great it looks after only being online for three days!

  • Tony

    This place is awesome! I can’t believe how great it looks after only being online for three days!

    Technically 2 days 12 hours, but who is counting!?!?! Thanks and WELCOME.


    • TorontoUte

      Agreed, keep it up!

  • utejeph

    Not Catholic, but excited for the Pope's US visit.

    Oops sorry, wrong board, carry on…