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    Monday hangover

    I’m hammered this morning. Home game weeks are quite tiring! Takes me a few days to recover from those 8PM (or 8:15) starts and all the tailgating.

  • 89ute

    Two weeks in a row, I’m hammered too. It’ amazing how much these home games take out of you. Plus, we’re not in out 20’s anymore.

  • Tony

    Since my 50th birthday was the day before the Cal game, I’m definitely not in my 20’s anymore..

  • Tony

    Since my 50th birthday was the day before the Cal game, I’m definitely not in my 20’s anymore..

  • MTM

    I stayed up until 2AM Saturday. I feel OK today but yesterday was a struggle to keep my eyes open.

  • Jen

    My voice for sure needs this away game this week. 2 weeks in a row of CLOSE home games can take its toll!

  • I watched the game, then took my boat out to target wahoo off San Onofre. Did not get wahoo, but hooked and dumped an estimated 500 lb blue marlin. It hit my friend’s lure and his crimp connection failed. He should know better as he’s well experienced and is a lure manufacturer. So I am beat up from the game and being on the water.

    USC this weekend and more fishing on Sunday.

  • GiantUte

    ASU attempt to block field goals

    I noticed on the last two field goals that an ASU defender hurdled the line of scrimmage attempting to block the kick. I was under the impression that is illegal. I also noticed Coach Harding complaining to the refs after each field goal. I assume that is what his gripe was all about. Anybody have some insight into the legality of hurdling the line of scrimmage and whether or not that is what Coach Harding was complaining about?

  • Wilson's Mustache

    From my understanding its perfectly legal. I’ve seen it done in the NFL before.

    What isn’t legal is using your own players to help you get up and over.

    I didn’t see anything wrong with what he did.


  • Puget Ute

    After the first one everybody in the stadium knew he would do it again. Wasn’t it about 4th and 4? They should have gone with a long count. He almost blocked the last one.

  • FormerUteSax

    NE blocked the last extra point attempt by Indi by hurdling the line tonight. The announcers said its legal as long as he didn’t touch any of the linemen???

    • rbmw263

      You cant use the lineman as leverage

  • Tony

    Did you see the smoke circle?

  • Wilson's Mustache

    What created that?

  • Tony

    What created that?

    The cannon.

  • GiantUte

    Yeah, my son and I saw that. Pretty cool. Nice picture!

  • bopahull

    The circular nature of the barrel and not launching an actual projectile. sometimes it happens.

  • YodaUte

    Since it’s in the shape of the letter O, I assumed it was the ghost of Oregon’s national championship aspirations.

  • It was a sign > Booker would eventually punch one and go the distance.

  • UTE98

    Honestly before last night how many knew who Handley and Hampel were?

    Handley had some clutch catches last night, sure he had 5 catches for 29 yards but he caught some critical first downs and got open in the middle of the field. Which opened up the outsides.

    We’ve got some pretty good TEs this year, and it seems if one goes down another is right there to pick up the slack. Have we lost two so far this year to injury? 84 – Evan Moeai and now 87 – Siale Fakailoatonga.

    Only Moeai is a Sr.

  • I am huge fan of Handley’s. He needed to put on a lot of weight from Alta High but the dude catches everything. Great prospect and I was stoked when he chose Utah. Also that is his second TD reception he caught the final TD against Fresno St.

  • GIF support for profile pictures?

    Made this gif for my profile photo today. Any plans to support gifs in profile photos, or does WordPress not allow that?


  • Tony

    Since the photos are recropped and sized for the avatar animated gifs won’t currently work. Good idea though.

  • joefan

    USC opens as a 3 point favorite vs. Utah

    Scott Garrard: Vegas knows you people are driving through their town to LA. They are begging you to gamble.

  • Tony

    Home field is worth 3 points, so basically they’re calling it a pick ’em.

  • Wilson's Mustache

    It does seem odd that the #3 team wouldn’t be favored against a unranked opponent, but USC is probably more talented than Utah & at home.

    Remember what happened the last time Utah played USC in LA after they fired their coach?

    Utah will continued to be doubted until they prove they have what it takes to run the entire gauntlet. So far so good.

    I think Utah can win and probably should, but I won’t be shocked if they lose.

    Lets hope they prove me dead wrong.

  • YodaUte

    Fight on, baby!

  • Tony

    I liked our chances better before Sark was canned, but I still like our chances.

  • Vegas odds are set at what they think will balance their books. Frankly, this just means that there are a lot more USC fans who wager than there are Utah fans that wager.

  • Tony

    Exactly. The line isn’t a prediction of the score. It is a number the “house” thinks will produce equal bets on both sides so they can make their vig.

  • rbmw263

    advanced stats LOVE the trojans. Hard to find one they arent top 10 in. I want to make this line look silly.

  • justaute

    USC is such a dangerous team, albeit quite inconsistent, clearly. At the skill-positions, it has a lot of talent; though, in the trenches, I believe we can win. Just look at White, ASU’s returner/WR, who burned us on that 100-yd return — he’s a world-class triple jumper, which means he has speed. USC has quite a few of those athletes including Adoree Jackson, JuJu Smith, and a bevy of young, speedy running-backs.

    I’m not trying to be a debbie-downer at all. Just highlighting USC’s skill-position talents. FWIW…ASU’s leading rusher, Demario Richard, did not play against us. Who knows whether he would have had any meaningful impact on the game. Our front-7 is stout. Although our DBs have been quite ball-hawking, we tend to have a hard-time covering speedy WRs (e.g. Cal)

    In short, if we take care of the trenches against USC, I think that will more than off-set Kessler and USC’s skill-talents.

  • Tony

    We have a major coaching advantage over USC, whether or not they have their drunk head coach.

  • Coddy Kessler is a darn good QB. Like all good QBs, his performance deteriorates under pressure. His OL is not that good. If Utah can put some pressure on the QB and generate some turnovers, they’ll be fine. Also, USC’s DL is not that great. Look for Booker to have another good game.

    Speaking of which, I will be at the game. We access our seats through Tunnel 21. We’ll be attending the USC Associates lunch beforehand, serenaded by the band and song leaders while wearing Utah gear in enemy territory, NICE! I have some Utah D&F hats for my hosts. One of his sons asked why I rooted for a loser 4 years ago. I will give him a little reminder speech, hand them the hats and tell them Utah’s a winner and welcomes bandwagon fans.

  • Charles Satterfield

    I think Utah leads in stats (most computers I see pick Utah) but SC leads in tradition and talent. I really think this is a toss-up.

  • UtahMan12

    Just more material to feed our boys. I feel as long as there is some underdog stat/odds we play with a little more chip on our shoulder. Im fine with the spread, it has nothing to do with the game itself. Love it.

  • javadave

    Utes move up to #3 in this week's AP poll


  • Torg

    Wasnt expecting to move up this week. That coaches poll is a bunch of garbage.

    • EUte

      Are coaches’ ballots published anywhere? I’m curious to know who might be keeping the Utes’ ranking down.

  • Tony

    This is fantastic. What a great year for the Utes, our national exposure, recruiting… Awesome.

  • bopahull

    Coaches don’t actually fill out their ballots they don’t have the time to watch other teams.

  • UTE98

    Rose Bowl vs. Playoff

    Okay, so I got to thinking this morning. If you knew the outcome of the final game would you rather go to the Cotton Bowl and lose or go to the Rose Bowl and win?

    I think I’d pick the Rose Bowl and win. Having the UTES play in the Grand Daddy of them all, Utah’s band in the parade, a Utah float in the parade…

    I’m not sure why but I think I’d rather have the Utes lose in the Rose bowl than lose in the playoffs due to the experiences involved.

    I know I’m getting way ahead of myself, but I’m just cautiously optimistic and just can’t wrap my head around playing for the NC. Honestly I’m not thinking about the playoffs until after a win in the PAC12 Championship game. But you’ve got to admit a Rose Bowl berth would be amazing.

    Now if you throw in losing in the NC game vs Rose Bowl? Well that is a much tougher question.

  • Tony

    A bit of an odd topic. I think it’s best for the Utes to be at the highest level possible bowl-wise, for recruiting, exposure, experience and all that.

    • UTE98

      Yeah, I know, I’m a bit of an odd duck. I still can’t get myself to be “all in” so it’s a good thing I’m not a player, huh?

      This season is so surreal, but in my defense, this is the first year since 1998 I’ve attended a home game at Utah, and we wen’t all out last weekend. So I’m buying into the hype, but “I’ve been hurt before” and even though 2004 and 2008 I was ecstatic it seems a bit different being the one with the target on our backs.

      Though on the bright side, I don’t think Kyle is entertaining the USC job, this team seems too focused. Maybe we are a team of destiny. I think we’d win the Rose Bowl or the first Playoff game, but I’m a bit worried about the NC game. Kyle is great at preparing for bowl games, but back to back bowl games? How do you prepare for that?

      At least nobody can accuse me of being a fan of TDS.

  • Tony

    Rose Bowl… Playoff… I’m most concerned about a ROAD game at USC this week!

  • #beatusc

  • Puget Ute

    If we can beat USC and then run the table and beat Stanford in the CCG, then we will beat anybody in the nation.

    Luckily there is a LOT of football left to play and beating USC in the E Coli will be exceptionally difficult. Even UW in Husky Stadium will be a big challenge.

  • GadValleyUte

    Too hard to say. I think sending this senior class out with a Rose Bowl win would be awesome, but I bet all the players would prefer to be in the hunt and meet their match and know it than be watching.

    But there are too an variables to really have any idea. I mostly really really want to beat USC-west this week. 7-0 would just be so damn awesome.

  • First of all, we just need to worry about USC this week, nothing else. Second of all, the Rose Bowl is for Second Place this year, period.

  • rbmw263

    Playoff means we’ve won the Pac 12, Rose bowl likely means we’ve lost the p12cg. Plus, its the freaking playoff. Unrivaled exposure.

  • Not necessarily actually. What if the four other P5 champions finish undefeated, and the Playoff Selection Committee picks THEM to be the four playoff teams? We could go undefeated, win the Pac-12, and STILL not go to the Playoffs.

    • Wilson's Mustache

      Utah won’t be left out with their schedule if they go undefeated. If anything the BIG XII would be left out again for the lack of a championship game.

      Alabama is likely to upset beat LSU this year.

      I’d just be worried about Utah going undefeated first. They have a tough road ahead of us & it starts with what might be our most difficult team left in USC.

      • UteStuckInSeattle

        I’d even wager that if Utah loses 1 game and still wins the P12 Championship then we still have a good shot at the playoffs.

        • Wilson's Mustache

          Agree, it really just depends on what happens in front of them. The college football season is only half over. There will be plenty of surprises & upsets ahead.

    • We could go undefeated, win the PAC12, and still not be invited to the playoff

      This is actually one of the dumbest comments I have ever read on the Internet, and that includes cougarboard.com. I’m exercising extreme self control right now in not calling Matthew Thomas Castleton a complete moron. I’m not wasting any more time on this other than to point to our #3 ranking and 6 other undefeated P5 teams ranked below us.

  • Brettski

    Just get to the championship game and we’ll see what happens. Lots of football to be played yet.

  • THEeyepatch

    “This is actually one of the dumbest comments I have ever read on the Internet, and that includes cougarboard.com. I’m exercising extreme self control right now in not calling Matthew Thomas Castleton a complete moron. I’m not wasting any more time on this other than to point to our #3 ranking and 6 other undefeated P5 teams ranked below us.”

    And this is one of the most asinine posts I’ve read on Utehub since joining. Perhaps since you like living in the land of ‘what ifs’ Moose, maybe you’d be better suited for zoobieboard. Where fantasy and idiocy prevail over common sense and logic.

    Perhaps USC should be something to worry about, then maybe Oregon State. Both teams could upset. It’s not as if Utah hasn’t been upset before (Colorado ’11) and losing to the Beavs would be one hell of an upset the way their season is going!

    Something about counting chickens… Hmm? Leave that to the zoobs from December to August.

    • oc_ute

      i don’t think moose was counting any chickens. he was simply stating that if we run the table we’re in the final 4. i happen to agree and i also think castleton’s post was very inaccurate to say the least. if we win out, we will be in without a doubt. however, it’s highly unlikely to win out IMO. one game at a time. beat the condoms !

      • Yes, you’re correct. I don’t know what THEeyepatch was reading or how his comments are at all related to what is in this thread.

  • Tony

    ASU Game Comments

    Man where do I start? First, somehow the Utes find a way to win. We have won about every way a team could win this year, except a hail Mary…

    First I give hats off to Wilson. I saw him doing some things last night that I’ve not really seen much of in the past. First, he checked down multiple receivers many times last night, rather than locking on just one. If the primary target wasn’t open, he went to the secondary, and even his 3rd option. That’s great to see.

    Also, Wilson stepped up in the pocket and threw. This is something we haven’t seen him do much either. With all those ASU blitzers coming at him it takes some balls to hang in there like he did, and step up into the throw.

    A few of his long throws were too long, but those were good choices except perhaps once, and they helped stretch the ASU defense a couple of millimeters.

    It seems to me we’ve improved in the receivers and DB’s. Our DB’s are awesome and our receivers catch nearly every ball that comes within reach. They’re so sure-handed, not like last year.

    As I mentioned in this post, I think ASU was stealing our signals. Why else would we have started to huddle, and then suddenly Booker blows up after?

    And am I alone in thinking it is complete doucheness to keep running full out offensive plays with 5 seconds left in the game and down by 16 points? Is it possible to score 16 points with 5 seconds left in the game? That’s risking injury to your own players isn’t it. Then again I’m not a Gramm fan and think he’s a *(%*.

    Speaking of being a *(%*, do you think ASU was faking injuries to stop the clock? Sure looked like it.

  • The incorrect down or something that gave ASU a timeout was ridiculous in that final ASU drive.

  • Tony

    Yes there were several occasions where there was a flag against ASU which was waved off because of strange stuff like that. Lame.

  • EUte

    And am I alone in thinking it is complete doucheness to keep running full out offensive plays with 5 seconds left in the game and down by 16 points? Is it possible to score 16 points with 5 seconds left in the game? That’s risking injury to your own players isn’t it. Then again I’m not a Gramm fan and think he’s a *(%*

    I have been saying for years that Graham is one of the biggest douches in the country. I loved seeing the bewildered look on his stupid face back in 2011 when we beat his Pitt squad, but last night was 1000x sweeter.

  • Jen

    The whole stadium felt he was faking injuries. The one time, he popped right up and ran off the field like nothing was actually hurt. I guess he could have been cramping…

  • GiantUte

    I swear that 2nd fake injury to Belage late in the 4th quarter cost the Utes about 30 seconds. I was seriously p**sed. The first Belage injury looked like he was cramping based on how the trainers appeared to be stretching out his calf. But then he jumped right up and ran off the field, no problem. The 2nd fake injury was pure BS.

  • YodaUte

    Did you notice how many times Bercovic sacked himself? I can think of at least three occasions where he saw the pressure coming, said “Oh snap!” and just dove to the ground. He didn’t even try to run away. He just dove for the ground and curled up in a fetal position.

    Can’t say I blame him. Utah’s D-line is pretty nasty.