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    Not Catholic, but excited for the Pope's US visit.

    Oops sorry, wrong board, carry on…

    Questions about Icon limitations

    I tried to upload a photo, but got an error message that it was too big (no surprise, it was an HD pic). What limitations are there in pixel dimensions or file size for an icon?


  • Tony

    For your avatar? It will be fairly small as the biggest size shown may only be 250 pixels square.

    • jamarcus24

      What about using a gif as an avatar? Can that work?

  • Jeromy in SLC

    Gratzia! I will adjust it

  • leftyjace

    Anyone else going to the game in Eugene?

    I’ll be there with my girlfriend and a bunch of cousins. My uncle is a big Ducks fan. He came out here and watched his team beat mine last year. I hope I get to return the favor this year.

  • Jeromy in SLC

    Went in 2009. Tame experience, but not one of my better road experiences. Won’t go back unless going with someone else who hasn’t been.

    We stayed at the equivalent of the Bates Motel. Rained off and on the whole time.

    The funniest part was at our dinner after the game. My wife and I sat down at a combo Sports Bar/Mexican joint. TDS was getting worked by Florida State. Some frat boys start razzing us because “Your team lost, now BYU is losing too!”. I turned around and said “Do I look like I give a f**k about BYU?!?” They got a kick out of that, and we chatted football for a bit.

  • bigmanUTE

    5 utes and two ducks will be there! hoping i can finally rub it in my older brothers face since i’ve never once been able to have bragging rights

  • Onlyu

    Making my first visit to Autzen this year. Excited to be there. Haven’t been to a ton of road games but was at the Rose Bowl for the UCLA win last year, the Sugar Bowl, Fiesta Bowl and the Liberty Bowl wins. And the 3-0 win at BYU. That’s 5-0! Here’s to win #6!!

  • Astute Ute

    I will be in attendance as well. Going with a group of 15 people 7 from Cali 8 from Utah, we all went to the Rose Bowl last year. Any places we should go to particular? Staying in Portland most the time, Eugene for the game.

  • utr ute

    My wife and I are going as well. This will be our third trip to Eugene. We will stay in Portland and drive down Saturday for the game. It is a fun trip, but I think the hype surrounding Autzen is overrated.

  • leftyjace

    All I know is that I’m staying at a hotel within walking distance of the stadium. My Uncle will be a great host I’m sure. I am just glad that there will be a healthy number of UTES there.

  • jjsanford46

    Leaving Friday, with girl friend, my 23 year old grandson and her 10 year old grandson. Looking for a great road trip and great Ute win. First time to Duck stadium for all of us. Wondering how is parking there, any info greatly appreciated. Go Utes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • hayes6

    I’ll be there +3. I went in 2013, and it was a lot of fun despite the result.

  • All forum categories in one stream…

    Just wondering, is it possible to view all forum categories in one stream?

  • Tony

    Closest thing after 1.5 days that the site has been running would be viewing recent posts under the forums menu. That’s a popular request which I’ll take a closer look at when the initial launch chaos has subsided.

    • TorontoUte

      Fair enough haha, doing a great job man

  • SpartyUte

    Couldn’t you just combine the Topics/Replies and set that to the default RSS setting? This would make the Activity tab a stream, albeit disjointed, of chronological postings. The site looks great btw. My coding is rusty, but let me know if there is anything I can do to help.

  • Tacoma Ute

    Look like my two Super Bowl picks will start a combined 0-4

    Jets prolly 2-0. Who’da thunk it?

  • Wilson's Mustache

    If you’re like me and you had Eagles & Colts in the Super Bowl then I feel your pain.

    Also, my Chiefs shat the bed last Thursday & blew the best chance they’ve had to beat the Broncos in a long time.

    • Tacoma Ute

      I had Seahawks over Colts in the SB but I felt there were 5 serious contenders. Seattle, Philly, GB, NE and Indy.

      I’m not surprised that Seattle is 0-2 because they always lose at the Rams and there’s no shame in losing at GB. I’m shocked that the Eagles are 0-2. I thought they’d be 2-0.

      That Chiefs game still stings. Unbelievable how that got away from them. That could be one of those losses that screws up an entire season.

  • A lot of Football left. I think there is a lot of parity this season. I have Packers VS Ravens….I could be wrong on one count.

  • Tacoma Ute

    PAC 12 and Local predictions

    Utah 38 Oregon 28

    Stanford 27 OSU 9

    Colorado 41 Nichols St. 13

    UW 28 Cal 27

    UCLA 31 Arizona 30

    USC 31 ASU 24

    Weber State 27 Northern Colorado 20

    Michigan 34 EPCC 17

  • Tony

    You think we can score 38? Granted, Oregon’s D is not great. And both AZ schools losing is cool with me.

  • Wilson's Mustache

    @tacomaute I think if this were to hold true Utah & UCLA be the only undefeated teams in the PAC12. I’m okay with this.

  • bearded UTAH man

    Utah 24 Oregon 31

    Stanford 22 OSU 17

    Colorado 63 Nicholls St. 9

    UW 31 Cal 45

    UCLA 21 Arizona 31

    USC 42 ASU 27

    Weber State 41 N. Colorado 28

    Michigan 33 TDS 31

  • popbirch

    prediction for Oregon

    I have stats model I use to try and predict games. Its usually pretty accurate starting after game 6 when games are more linked but. For fresno it predicted a score of 46-17 which was pretty close.
    Good news is for oregon it predicts a score of 34 for us and 33.6 for oregon. Should be a great game. Last year it predicted oregon in a blow out. I think we really stand a chance in this game. They really struggled against MSU and a stout run defense with strong pass rush which we have both of. I’m not as worried about adams hurting us like marriota did. I think when he is forced to move he can hurt you with his legs but he also tends to make a lot more bad decisions.
    Should be a lot of fun to watch this weekend.

  • bigmanUTE

    34-31 UTAH!!!

  • Tacoma Ute

    Utah 38 Oregon 28

  • RedLine

    31-28 Utah.

  • Wilson's Mustache

    41-31 Oregon

    I think Utah finally gets bitten by the turnover bug & thats the difference in the game.

  • Saguaro Ute

    I say 35-28

  • bearded UTAH man

    31-24 Oregon

    damn I hope I’m wrong, would be nice to start off conference play with a big W

  • UteFAN

    Oregon 31 Utah 24, please let me be wrong!

  • utejeph

    I really feel like we get this one. 26-24 Utes.

  • Damage U

    I’m going back and forth and probably will until Saturday. On one hand, Ducks in a blow out, on the other hand Ute in a close one.

  • rgtute

    Utah 41 Oregon 38

  • TorontoUte

    Oregon in a blowout if KT starts–if TW Oregon in a close one

  • Uterider

    Sorry boys and girls but Oregon’s speed against our DB’s means 48-24 Ducks in a game that is not as close as the score indicates.

    • Wilson's Mustache

      I really don’t think our DBs are as bad as everyone makes them out to be. Maybe I’m being naive, but one would think they would be better than last year.

      I think part of it might be the decrease in QB pressure so far this year compared to last.

  • Utesince84

    38 to 35 utah, Phillips FG with no time left

  • GadValleyUte

    Brain says – 42-31 Oregon in a game that is not actually that close
    Heart says – 34-31 Utah with us clenching our sphincters up until the final whistle blows


    Utah 21 UO 17….D plays a much greater role that people expect on both sides but Phillips finally comes out of his funk and kicks kicks kicks.

    That’s my WAG

  • Poll

    This site is great, but could we add a poll asking who we think will win last week’s game? I always appreciated that feature on UFN. /s

  • Milton Vanderslice

  • oc_ute

    reilly nearly got the sack on luck's intentional grounding

    looks like he’s playing on 3rd down passing situations

    Few Questions

    Love the new site… but a couple of curiosities.

    When you select forums from the upper-right menu, shouldn’t all the forums be listed? It took me a while to learn that there were more forums than just Football and Basketball.

    When you look at the list of forums, they are numbered… but there is no number 4.