RIP #22

Update Favicon

Probably not high on your to-do list but can we get an updated favicon instead of the TK that is currently shown on the tab?


  • Tony

    Welcome to your new favicon…

    • Hockeybeard

      Nice, muy bonito.

  • Site Wide Activities

    The site wide widget is nice but profile picture changes are a bit too low level. Is there a way to have recent posts or recently updated threads by order of last post date or something where it’s really easy to see where the action is?

  • Milton Vanderslice

    I guess the site wide activities tracks this also but it also tracks things that I don’t think matter much.

    Also, thanks for adding the like button.

  • bigmanUTE

    Utah Oregon Roll Call

    Second time coming up to the oregon game, I’m 0-1 so far. heres to getting revenge and making it 1-1!!!

    anyone else coming up to Eugene? hoping it’s a good turn out

  • rbmw263

    I was at the Rose Bowl last year, hoping to start a streak of attending road wins against highly ranked teams this saturday

  • oc_ute

    check out my photo.

  • UtahFanSir

    My wife and I am coming over from Bend. Also, we have another Ute grad from Texas coming out. So four of us are in the Utah section, assuming the ticket office got us the tickets in time.

    • Feelinpogi

      Hey, I used to live in Bend. I loved it there.

  • Tony

    I would love to but will be home on the couch.

  • Astute Ute

    I will be along with about 8 others. Anything that we HAVE to do in Eugene or Portland. We will be staying in Portland Friday night Eugene Saturday and Portland Sunday. We went to the UCLA game last year. Looking forward to continuing my PAC12 stadium tour with Autzen and the Colosseum

  • Riot West

    Alumni Chapters: Los Angeles

    This weeks game will be the first official game watch for the Los Angeles Utah Alumni chapter.

    Barney’s Beanery in Burbank
    250 N 1st St.
    Burbank, CA 91502

    Saturday, Sept. 26 at 5:30pm

    Other Details:
    Utah Swag Giveaways
    Food and drink discounts
    Family friendly

  • Riot West

  • links

    Loving the site so far. It gets better and better each hour.

    A suggestion I just came across: Is there an option to open all external links in a new window/browser? I hate being in a thread, click a link, and boom, it takes me there in the current thread. When that happens, I have to click the back button and hope that I’m back where I was in the thread. Instead, if it opens in a new window, I just close that window when I’m done and my place in the forum is still where I was when I was reading before. hope this makes sense.

    I seriously feel like a spoiled prick offering suggestions like this. Definitely 1st world problems. πŸ™‚

  • Tony

    What you are asking for is target=”_blank” in html. Might be able to do that.

  • oc_ute

    I listen to sports radio all day (LA). cowherd (FOX)predicted Utes win 10.

    Amazing what relocating to the west coast does. He was a ute basher and total sec homer.

    also, mason and ireland (espn LA) are saying utah is good and has a great chance to beat sc and ucla this year. they’re already calling for sark’s head today. too funny

  • JDub1942

    Those are some good LA area radio options. I dont mind the petros and money show either, even though petros was really annoying when he was a sideline announcer.

    • Barn

      Petros and Money is my favorite radio show of all time!

  • Damage U

    I suspect the Michigan game was the first time Cowherd had ever stepped foot in the state of Utah let alone RES. His eyes seemed wide open with the RES atmosphere and really surprised how good it was.
    I like Petros and Money I usually turn to them when Bill and OC go off on a soccer tangent or anything none Utes.

    Does anyone else have any other PAC12 oriented shows they listen to? Living in Boise I get tired of listing to Boise’s big match up against the dreaded Bengals of Idaho State or the MWC bottom feeders.

  • Here’s the Arbitron ratings for Sports Talk Radio in LA and SF:

    This list includes the top 10 radio stations in Los Angeles and San Francisco, based on Arbitron P12+ Cume Estimate.

    KNBR-AM – 680 KNBR – 918,800 – San Francisco, CA
    KSPN-AM – KSPNLA 710 – 776,900 – Los Angeles, CA
    KLAC-AM – AM 570 Radio – 626,000 – Los Angeles, CA
    KLAA-AM – AM 830 – 294,900 – Los Angeles, CA
    KWKW-AM – ESPN Deportes LA – 273,800 – Los Angeles, CA
    KGMZ-AM – 95.7 The Game – 171,900 – San Francisco, CA
    KTRB-AM – ESPN Deportes 860 – 25,400 – San Francisco, CA
    KRAK-AM – CBS Sports Radio 910 – 13,500 – Los Angeles, CA
    KVEN-AM – SportsRadio 1450 – 7,100 – Los Angeles, CA
    KAVL-AM – Fox Sports 610 – 4,100 – Los Angeles, CA

    I’m in the OC and I listen to 570 (Petros & Money) and 710 (white guy and the laughing bro?) on the way home. There’s 980 The Beast when I’m bored of those two. I will have to check out 830, 910 and 610, was not aware these existed. As far as personalities, Petros knows his stuff on football. Mason & Ireland are pretty good, but slanted towards Laker talk as they’re the flaghip station. Laughing Bro and the White Guy on 710 take some getting used to. Best 980 has gravelly voiced Jeanie Zelasco in the AM and she’s like listening to fingers on a chalk board. I often listen to Bill & OC via internet using iPhone on the commute home.

    I really, really hate the continuous drumb beat of non-original headline controversy stories like Deflategate.

    • oc_ute

      i can’t stand max… marcellus if funny though. i only used to listen to espn until cowherd bailed. i now listen to dan patrick and cowherd til noon on 570 then switch to espn. i’ll have to give petros and money a chance. never listened to them before.

      • Marcellus Wiley is the laughing bro guy. He’s a tough listen in large doses.

      • Barn

        Petros and Money is the best show on radio!

  • JDub1942

    I havent been listening to much lately as my car radio is broken (the actual radio, not the sound system). But even when I do I have a short commute (impossible in Orange County I know) so I dont listen more than 30 minutes a day. The only radio show I cant stand is that guy in the afternoon on the Angels station, dude is annoying as hell even though Im partial to the Angels.

    Its surprising at how little college football they actually talk about though, back in Utah it seems like NCAA football is talked about on the radio A LOT more.

  • THEeyepatch

    Yeah, he’s really flipped his opinion on Utah. When Utah was @ Michigan last year, Cowherd tweeted something along the lines of, “Michigan currently losing to the 13th best team in the Pac-12.”

    I wouldn’t even know what time he comes on or bother to find out.

    • oc_ute

      totally remember that but the guy is very entertaining regardless. i’ve been an avid listener for years. another quote “bama is gonna boat race utah” then on monday after “bama just didn’t want to be there”.

      he really is entertaining. i can look past his personal opinions. there’s a reason he’s the #1 dude in sports radio today

      • Damage U

        Cowherd is good until he starts waxing poetically then I start rolling my eyes.

  • bearded UTAH man

    If anyone likes listening to podcasts, check out the “podcast of champions” (@pac12podcast on twitter). They just started the show up this season, they do a great job of breaking down the entire PAC 12 week to week (2 to 3 podcasts per week). Their preseason coverage was really good as well. The two guys that do the show run the sites for UCLA and USC, they have a lot of podcasting experience and they’re able to get some good guests on as well.

    sorry if this was already brought up in another thread, this is my first post and first thread that I looked through on this site.

    GO UTES!!

    • THEeyepatch

      “The two guys that do the show run the sites for UCLA and USC, they have a lot of podcasting experience and they’re able to get some good guests on as well.”

      Yeah and they kinda linger on everything USC/UCLA. I’ve been listening to them for a couple of months now and they do a good job but they don’t exactly have any competition.

      • bearded UTAH man

        no doubt they’re a bit biased, but it’s nice to have a CFB podcast that focuses solely on the PAC 12. I’ve listened to Solid Verbal for a few years and they are pretty entertaining, but never much talk about the Utes

    • Damage U

      I listened to their preseason podcast of the Utes. It was pretty good, haven’t had a chance to listen to any others. If I’m going to a USC/UCLA “site” I don’t mind the homerism. Although I say that and I’m reminded of Greg Wrubell.

      • TorontoUte

        Greg Wrubell is essentially a paid propagandist