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Cali Governor Newsom says nothing in guidelines prevent college football games.

  • Stone
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    Everyone is passing the buck. Such strong leadership by all.

    Quick – hide behind “the science.” 

  • ProudUte

    Some valid points.  How is it that the 49ers, Rams, and Chargers are playing?

    Scott has got to get some balls and make this happen.  The conference could suffer for years if we are the only P5 not to play.  He needs to make this happen!!!


  • KiYi-Ute

    “Institutions of higher learning” are limited to practicing in “cohorts” of six to twelve individuals that cannot overlap. I believe that they are also limited to non-contact.

    Not sure how you run a football practice with those restrictions.

    • This is correct. The question about pros being able to play but not colleges is answered here. IHE’s have rules from the state that the pros do not have. Gavin probably didn’t realize that when he made that statement because there is no rule that specifically says the PAC 12 can’t play.