I don’t know how good or bad Navy is

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      Ute Fan

      But, BYU totally dominated them.  The Cougs could go undefeated, but it will mean virtually nothing because of their schedule.  This may be the best Sitake coached team.  However, no one will ever know if they are a very good team or not.

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      Ute Fan

      I don’t know how good or bad Navy is either, but I’m thinking they’re pretty bad. They had a zero contact fall camp. The first quarter of their game with BYU-Provo Campus was literally the first time any of them had hit another human being this year.

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      Larry B
      Ute Fan

      While Navy looked embarrassingly bad, I agree that this is the best BYU team in quite a while. And if I understand the rule correctly, they will all be eligible for next year. Our game with them in Provo next year might end the streak.

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        Ute Fan

        That’s just what happens to teams who don’t prepare properly, by having soft, non-contact practices all offseason.  Utah doesn’t do that, so the tdS won’t have that edge on us.  And while you are correct that no games in the 2020 season count toward their eligibility clock, that doesn’t mean they’ll be ending the streak next year.  They’re STILL a team loaded with unheralded 2-star athletes.

        Army didn’t do the “non-contact practice” thing, so you’ll likely see a MUCH different game in 2-wks than what had happened last night.  ybU-p gets a bye week next week, whereas Army plays ULM — which is in my opinion a “virtual bye week”, as I consider the Warhawks to be “FCS” caliber.

        Keep in mind that Navy is nowhere NEAR Utah’s level, so just because the tdS can beat them, that doesn’t mean they’re a threat to us.

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        The one advantage I can see is that the zoo has however many games to play this year as practice and time to gel, while the Utes don’t. 

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        Ute Fan

        Nah. Not at all. Look, their recruiting is worse than it was under Bronco, and they don’t have the big time transfers coming in that he would get and our recruiting is better. Oh, and Bronco is a much, much better coach. This nothing more than an ok G5 team beating up a gutted Navy team. 

        2020 – 81 – average recruiting rating: .8218 (0.0434 worse than us)

        2019 – 83 – average recruiting rating: .8232 (0.038 worse than us)

        2018 – 78 – average recruiting rating: .8135 (0.0434 worse than us)

        2017 – 66 – average recruiting rating: .8192 (0.0412 worse than us)

        Their recruiting is getting worse every year. Look at us:

        2020 – 29 – average recruiting rating: .8652

        2019 – 42 – average recruiting rating: .8612

        2018 – 33 – average recruiting rating: .8569

        2017 – 33 – average recruiting rating: .8604

        There is a SIGNIFICANT talent discrepancy between the two programs. Their average player is rated (on average) 0.0425 worse than us. 

        What does that mean? That difference is HUGE. If we increased our talent by that much, we would have more talent than Oregon. We’d be on par with USC. 

        Let’s put this into another light: The last three years BYU has a class point total average of: 158.59 and player average rating of 81.95.

        La Tech (159.91 and 82.53) and FIU (162.81 and 82.56) have had better classes and Southern Miss (81.7 and 158.83) has been effectively equal to BYU’s talent level. 

        BYU has not been recruiting well and their talent is nowhere comparable to ours. We should be as afraid of BYU as we are Southern Miss, La Tech, FIU, etc.  

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          I love it when you talk to me like that. 

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          Central Coast Ute
          Ute Fan

          The talent gap is real.

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        Ute Fan

        Just because they CAN stay for another year doesn’t mean they all will.  Many will try to get a pro job based on stats from beating up patsy teams in 2020, others will be done with college and wanting to move on to using their TDS degree to start an MLM or something.

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      Ute Fan

      You could see their skill players clearly lacked P5 talent. Their OL looked P5 good. BYU is the same every year. When they play a team they can run all over they look amazing. When you stop their run and they have to rely on Wilson, he throws picks.

      It’s tough for their fan base because they look so good against those teams. It’s Typically tough to run on Utah. Then they rely on skill vs. skill and you get 9 wins in a row.

      Will our run D be as good as usual next year? Don’t know. But if it is, 10 is coming no matter how good they look against those teams.

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