I heard on the radio, that NIU has not allowed 100 yards rushing in 15 games

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      Ute Fan

      If this is the case, will this force us to pass more than we would like or with Moss it won’t matter?

      Sounds like we may be missing 2 offensive linemen.  Will it be difficult for us to get yards on the ground?

      I know we are 20 point favorites and I suspect our defense will hold them to less than 2 TDs.  However, we struggled with these guys last year.

      I would like to dominate early and get some playing time for the subs, but I am not counting on a blowout.


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      Whitt seemed pretty adamant about learning from their mistakes last year.  With no one to look forward to, I bet they game plan really well.

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      If I understand Ludwig, we will count the guys in the box, look at how they line up and then attack the least protected part of the defense. If they want to force us to pass, it will happen.

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      If Umana and Maea can’t go it will make it that much harder. Could be tougher sledding for the O than we want it to be.

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        Ute Fan

        NIU is a better team than BYU imo . They got my respect last year .. this isn’t a gimme game .. with that said I am expecting better results than last years game

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          Ute Fan

          Same kind of game as BYPoo. Tight for a half, then our Defense wears out their offense, and we grind it out.

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          Ute Fan

          They had 7 sacks last year and pretty much dominated our OL all game.  Even when he had a nice pocket, Huntley would scramble and enable the defense to collapse, because of all the pressure they put on him early.

          Moss never really got going either.  They do lose 2 starters on D, one being Smith who killed us last year, but return 9 on a defense that held Moss to 66 yards. 

          Oblock is going to have their work cut out for them this saturday and it won’t help if we are down two starters.

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            Ute Fan

            The person responsible for those sacks came out early and was drafted by the Pittsburgh Steelers.  He gone.

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              Ute Fan

              From what I heard, he was cut. The NFL is a harsh mistress.

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          Ute Fan

          They only allowed 6 points to BYU in Provo last year.  Pretty impressive defense and we only scored 10 on O against them last year.  I hope we have a better offensive plan this year.  I don’t think they have enough on offense to stay with us and we should be able to wear their defense down in the 2nd half.

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      Whitts pretty adamant that they normally would do a more balanced approach to offense. In the TDS game, they just took what the defense gave them. I dont think the coaches will mind passing more. There just wasn’t a reason to last week.

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        Ute Fan

        Huntley’s attempts were highly efficient. Huntley did have a few happy feet scrambles where he didn’t want to risk it and ran. The main one was the fourth down which I think he knows he had more time if he had stayed in the pocket. He could have seen the left to right(Simpkins?) moving on the first down marker. Now easy for us to say in our armchairs of course. 

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      Ute Fan

      That is not a true statistic. While NIU was good against the run last season, they gave up +100 yards on the ground in 7 games. Iowa rushed for a season high 209. Utah only gained 68 yards on the ground in last season’s game.

      The correct stat could be that NIU hasn’t allowed a single +100yd rusher in however many games.

      Utah passing game wasn’t terrible on paper, but looked awful thanks to 7 sacks. Utah also had 2 fumbles and 2 failed FGs in that game.

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        Ute Fan

        I’m guessing he just didn’t hear that correctly.  NIU hasn’t allowed a 100yd rusher in 15 games.  Just an individual, not a team total.

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          Bill Riley said it again on the radio this afternoon. Bill has to be mistaken…

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