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  • LA Ute

    Here’s my own test post.

  • St George Ute

    Testing, testing…

  • Tony

    Seems to be working!

  • More moobs image test.

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    And this is my test post

  • 3UteDad

    Will you be able to conduct polls or prediction contests on this forum?

    With conference play starting up, it might be fun to have a weekly prediction contest for all the conference games.

    Also, is there any way to expand the topic title beyond 80 characters? I’m a firm believer in putting as much content into the topic as possible.

  • Tony

    Not sure about the character thing.

    Polls are pretty easy to setup. Just swimming in new user registration issues right now!

    • Hockeybeard

      /s Serious? two-days in and you can’t handle the flood of new users?

      But for realsies, it is a testament to the status of the online Ute community that this site has taken off like it has. Yes, twitter can fill the void somewhat, but you can’t have sustained indepth discussions like you can on a message board.

      Speaking of twitter – you should see if you can implement some integrated ‘share’ function for good posts/threads…you know, once you dig yourself out from the pile of new user requests.

    • 3UteDad

      No worries, thanks for the response. Your priorities are in the right place

  • 1standshort

    Mic the Drums

    The drums at the end of the 3rd quarter are a great idea, but we have got to do something to improve the audio or engage the fans.


    Agreed. That first game “whatever” they did was terrible…better this time, but still lacking in volume for what it is they are trying to present.

    • 1standshort

      I don’t know it would even be allowed but, It would be really cool if the fans had noisemakers to follow the beat and it was double time.

  • Ute Bc

    I am confused by the Japanese drum show. I wish we would do something that fired up the team for the 4th quarter – at their best the drums never did that imo

  • Jake

    Blow up the drums. I hate the drums.

  • Tomasina

    We just need to get rid of the drums. The out-of-sync slow clap does nothing to build energy. The cannon is the only redeeming feature. Whenever the drums roll out, I hear numerous people complaining about it.

    I still say we should give the third quarter break over to the Ute tribe, and allow them to use it to promote their tribe, and pump up the crowd. Last year they did a “good luck” dance, which was cool, and which most seemed to like.

    Now mic’ing the band… that is something I could get behind.

    • 1standshort

      Haha the “Out-of-synce slow clap” is the worst! Whatever we do it needs to be LOUD. Granted, I’m up near the top but, I can barely here the drums. Someone commission the Jazz Bear.

  • Milton Vanderslice

    What we need is the blast Europe’s The Final Countdown over the speakers while launching a few fireworks then blasting the 4 cannons.

    That being said, our stadium speakers aren’t that good.

    • Jumpmasterute

      Milton always bringing a smile to my face.

    • Tomasina

      I would take this over the drums any day… assuming we could hear the speakers.

    • Jake

      The stadium PA is horrible. I imagine that it is similar to the sound whales would hear if you played 80’s rock underwater with the treble cranked to 11.

      That said, I thought I heard that the video board and the PA were scheduled for upgrade next year. Does anyone know if that’s true?

  • Tony

    I like the tribal part of the drums, but the crowd clapping off is horrid. Maybe a few more big ones would be cool.

  • UteSteve

    It needs to go away. Total energy suck and I think it does more harm than good.

  • DANgerous

    The Michigan version was a disaster, the Utah State version was a lot better.

    I’m not sure what the best answer is, because it is not my area of expertise. But the good news is that whoever is in charge of this seems to have also figured this out. The reason the whole thing sounded better against Utah State is that they included actual drummers from the band in the presentation.

    I’m hoping that this means they are actually conferring with musicians who know how to play and create a presentation that can excite a crowd. Hopefully this will lead to further improvement in the whole drum thing. I will say that I have been to a college drum line competition and that was really cool and exciting. If they can generate that kind of excitement into this, then I could see it finally becoming a success.

    • UteSteve

      They tested the “Michigan Version” at Fan Fest and it was a disaster. I’m glad they got rid of it after one game. It seems the athletic dept. is getting better at seeking and implementing feedback.

  • Site timers got discombobulated…

    Looks like the site timers got mixed up and now have some posts looking like they are from the future.

  • Tony

    The site was set to a different time zone, other than mountain standard. I changed it so for a few hours a few posts will be wonky on their time. It will work out in a few hours.

    • Hockeybeard

      Figured it was something like that – I’ve tried posting to the ones that still register as in the future, but my posts were just embedded into the middle of the threads instead of at the end.

      Oh well. Like you said, just a few hours and it will be fixed.

  • Update Favicon

    Probably not high on your to-do list but can we get an updated favicon instead of the TK that is currently shown on the tab?


  • Tony

    Welcome to your new favicon…

    • Hockeybeard

      Nice, muy bonito.