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    Week 2 Pac 12 quick rundown

    Washington – Even, did what they were supposed to.
    Oregon – Even, did what they were supposed to. (Bronco 0-2, wonder what they’re thinking in VA?)
    USC – Up slightly, did what they were supposed to but looked better against USU than I expected.
    Colorado – Even, they won, last weeks win was more impressive.
    Utah – down, this was a horrible game they should have played better.
    UCLA – Even, I’d have put them up but they didn’t start too strong.
    ASU – Up, they had no defense, but they won against a P5.
    Washington St – down, yes down from last week. They did not look good until late in the game.
    Cal – down, maybe Hawaii is just that bad. Though SDSU was pretty good last year and has potential this year.
    Arizona – Way down, yes they won, but they were down 21-3 to Grambling at half time. I watched part of the first half, they were awful.
    Oregon St and Stanford didn’t play, no change.

  • Virginia fans:

    • UTE98

      If he gets them to a bowl game, all will be forgiven. They don’t really expect much more from their football team. A bowl game and a win over their rival VT, don’t think they play Maryland their other rival this year, and Wahoos are content.

      P.S. I’d give that post my seal of approval, but uh… wrong brother.

      • Tacoma Ute

        I think they’ll forgive him the loss to Oregon but the loss to the Spiders? Not so much.

  • RedLine

    Player of the Game?

    I gotta go with Tim Patrick. Offense struggled a lot but he came up big on multiple occasions.

  • FormerUteSax

    Tauteoli for me. Two INTs and a touchdown on a stellar defensive night

  • UTE98

    I’d have to throw Zach Moss, Troy McCormick and Tyrone Smith in for consideration as well.

    Anybody know if Smith is okay? I can’t remember seeing him back on the field.

  • Special teams: would have to be Wishnowsky when he got the chance to punt he flipped the field.  BYU’s Aussie wasn’t very good. Honorable mention of Phillips going 2/2

    Defense: Tauteoli with his plays.  Honorabl mention of Dimick who played great most of the game and pretty much saved the game blowing  up the two point conversion.  (Pita T seems like the extra weight is bothering his endurance level.)

    Offense: Moss saved the day so it has to be him.  He was instrumental in getting Joe Williams to pull his head out of his ass.  I don’t trust Joe Williams at all still.  He can’t secure the ball.  He almost fumbled more than he actually did.  Honorable mention of Tim Patrick and Troy McCormick.

  • Tony

    Pick Em update – Sort of like the Utes' performance

    I tried to run the update to get the winners and standings updated this morning before I head off to golf. This is tough one to test because there are now two weeks worth of standings. So I have to show week #2’s standings and the season standings. When I ran the calculations a bunch of stuff broke badly. SO I just reverted it. It may take another day or two for me to fix it. So this weeks update may not be happening for a day or two. It’s just a case of this situation and combination of stuff having not happened yet so I couldn’t really test it.

    The scores ARE punched in though, so you can see how you did. I was 11-1 this week!

  • UTE98

    Looks like 10-2 again this week. I think…

  • Dugway

    100% Woot!

  • Kirk Herbstreet

    A Fun Rivalry Stat

    There have now been 15 rivalry games played since Lavell left BYU.

    In the 15 games prior to hiring Levell, the results were 11-4 in favor of Utah.

    During Levell’s time, the results were 7-22 in favor of BYU.

    In the last 15 games (16 years) the results were 11-4, in favor of Utah.

    Historically, this is normal and Levell, an all time coach, was the exception.


    The good, the bad, and the uglY.

    Sorry, I’ll start with the uglY. Sitake, you got way too emotionally wrapped up in the game and it cost your team. Your unsportsmanlike tantrum cost your team. Your unquenchable desire to beat Utah and subsequent decision to go for two cost your team. I wouldn’t have questioned that second choice as much if you hadn’t had the emotional melt down earlier. It made me realize how much KW has toned down emotionally. He is a sage now compared to Sitake.

    The bad, six, seis, 6, VI, turnovers. Joe Williams will not be the feature back this year because lucky for us we have good backups. Moss and McCormick are more than good enough to bench Williams. My fear is they try to coach the aggression out of TWII to limit turnovers. We need the passing game, and shutting it down won’t get us to the pinnacle. Please in the RED Zone coach the turnovers out, but in the middle of the field keep the aggression.

    The good, with 6 turnovers in my mind it only magnified the difference in where these two programs are heading. With 6 turnovers TDS only managed 13 points. We beat them 54-10 when they had 7 turnovers, they could only muster 19 points including one TD not from TOs. Though we’re not really off the hook, we didn’t exactly light it up on offense, due to those 6 turnovers.

    As close as the game was last night, if we cut down on turnovers that game is not even close. We gave them the ball on our 16 which resulted in a FG, our 36 which resulted in a FG, our 49 for no points, in the endzone which they turned into a TD (10 point swing at a minimum), turned it over on their 5 and we were at the 28 so within FG range before the INT (another 3 points), Boobie Hobbs muffs the punt on their 49. So if we pick up just a FG the two times we are in range and don’t give up the TD the score would have been 26-13 and while not exactly great it is good enough. And if we avoid the two FGs by holding onto the ball it’s really more like 26-7. I know you can’t play the what if game, but really sans those six turnovers we dominated them in that game. Clean up the turnovers and we’re still pretty good.

  • The bad, six, seis, 6, VI, turnovers. Joe Williams will not be the feature back this year because lucky for us we have good backups. Moss and McCormick are more than good enough to bench Williams. My fear is they try to coach the aggression out of TWII to limit turnovers. We need the passing game, and shutting it down won’t get us to the pinnacle. Please in the RED Zone coach the turnovers out, but in the middle of the field keep the aggression.

    I don’t know Whitt wasn’t much of a sage when those turnovers happened.

    • UTE98

      I think Whitt’s best decision was taking the field goal up by 4. While I would have loved to get the first down there, going up by 7 was the better decision. If we don’t get the 1st down and TDS scores a TD, it’s game over.

      Sitake going for two was the exact opposite of what Whitt decided. It cost them a chance at overtime and rather than reaching for a win, a fair shot to win in OT.

      Whitt didn’t decide to have 6 turnovers, and he pulled Williams when he had his. Williams aggressive TOs were less costly than a fumble in the middle of the field. Sure we could have put the game more out of reach earlier but it didn’t cost us the game.

      • I think Sitake made the right decision to go for two.  Nacua was out of the game.  Utah had just basically marched down the field for 11 minutes on your defense and was a bad spot away from scoring.  Playing the odds in OT the house wins typically.

  • Tony

    Quote of the night…

    Some dude walks up behind me after the game while I was walking back to the tailgate. He puts his arm around me and says, and I’m not kidding, “I was admiring you from behind, and then I realized you are a man.”

  • Utah man forever

    I’m not sure if that is ago of or a bad thing?

  • Utah man forever

    Damn spell corrector is it a good or bad thing?

  • 1

    I think it was the ref had the quote of the night.

    Correction 56

    Correction 32

    Correction 13…

    Correction 99


    • ironman1315

      Hit hut hike.

  • UtahUteGuy

    Was it Mike Weir?

    • Tony

      No, he’s not black.

  • 1

    Congrats on your manly appearance……I guess.

  • Tony

    Sitting behind me at the zoo game…

    So Mike Weir was sitting behind me cheering for byu. It was great when I turned to high five him after the TD in the 2nd quarter. He had a hot date with him. The wife recognized her as this chick with a last name Money, which I found hard to believe but it is true. I guess she was on the bachelor or something.

  • Butterface.

    • 1

  • Yeah sorry. I didn’t start drinking until after the game.

    How do you upload pics here?

    • Tony

      Glad you edited that one hehe.

      To insert an image you copy the URL of the image, then in a new reply or topic you click the “img” button in the text dialog. Then paste the image URL in, and the description if you want. What’s really cool is I programmed the site to be smart enough to deal with any image size, so you can’t “break the site if your image is wider than 600px.” hehe.

      • How come you can sometimes just cut and paste the image and it will automatically load it and other times you have to click the IMG?

      • Had I looked at who posted, I would have not done so. Seriously, having problems with the close-up vision. Some days are really bad. Yesterday was one of those and I just thought I watched a horrible game.

        I was trying to upload a photo directly from my iPhone, so no url. My brother sold a pair of seats in W12, on the 40, row 36, for $400 each. We were checking out whether it was a Ute or a Zoob who bought the tickets. It was a Zoob and he had his kid there with spiked blue dyed hair. I caught them right after the first pick 6 interception. The expression on their faces is priceless.

        • Paid 39.95 to dye your kids hair blue.

          Paid 800 to see your team lose to your rival.

          Knowing your team really win despite the  score?? Clueless.

  • $800 for a pair of seats (purchased from my brother on Stubhub) plus a blue dye job for his kid…

    Expression after their preseason Heisman winning QB throws a Pick 6 on the first play….priceless
    Zoob 2

  • So while wandering the talegate lot, my brother stopped to talk to this young lady in a red dress and leopard print heels. She’s a reporter over on one of the paid Utah sites he belongs to. Damn, I fell in love again.