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    Pace Manyung

    Sounds like Noeh Ellis will not be tripping to Utah this weekend

    And is down to Ol Miss or Colorad9

  • leftyjace


  • Tacoma Ute

    Where are you hearing this? He was supposed to arrive yesterday so you’d think we’d have heard something official by now.

    • Pace Manyung

      From BlockU:


      Who knows maybe the can still change his mind.. 


      Quote: Noah Elliss, Three-Four-star DT: The son of former Ute Luther Elliss, Noah would be a great pickup for the Utes. Unfortunately, he just announced a final three of Colorado, Mississippi State, and Nebraska yesterday. So this feels like more of a token visit for the program that put his dad on the map.



    • Pace Manyung

      Also this from BlockU


      some outdated info

      Noah Elliss cancelled his Utah visit a while ago. The scheduled visit for today was old information on a few recruiting sites. He is at Mississippi State for his official visit today, and is reportedly leaning towards them with Colorado as the other likely possibility. Sorry guys, would have loved to see him here myself :disappointed:

      Posted by Curtis Brandt Barton on Jan 27, 2017 | 9:53 PM
  • X723

    Maybe he thinks he won’t make the two deep


  • leftyjace


    He is the son of a great Ute, though, so I wish him well.

  • I can see Colorado, but never in my life would I make a 4 year commitment to Mississippi State.

  • JMHC was rockin last night

    was a good right up until the end.  Too many missed layups, too many turnovers, too many easy buckets for Oregon.


    Generally I will cheer for our conference mates in bowl games, post season etc.  It will be hard to cheer for this oregon team in March Madness.  Aside from Brooks emmy nominated flop it just seems that the team lacks class and character.  Whining about every call that they didn’t get and every once that went against them.

    Listend to Coach K after the game, somebody asked him about the officiating.  He siad it’s not my job to critic the officiating but I would think they would agree it wasn’t their best night.  Well Played Larry.


    The third one on Collette and on Daniels may have been game changers.  That being said oregon was the better team last night and they are a tough match up for Utah.




    Boom, this just happened

  • Pace Manyung

    This is Ewuuge!

    This is one of the fastest kids in the nation 


  • AZswayze

    So, we have three four star DBs coming in, a four star linebacker, and potentially a top 3 defensive tackle (in the nation), right? I don’t really follow recruiting, but I think I saw that somewhere. Also read that we’ve got the top running back in Arizona committed. So much for people worried about this class, especially considering all the RM’s and other 3/4 star guys coming in.

    • cbmute

      It really is great news and seems like a very good recruiting class despite the limited number of recruits they can have this year.  

      I don’t follow recruiting very closely, but it seems like the 4 star kids we do get are on the defensive side of the ball or on the offensive line.  If Kyle can start getting some 4 star kids on offense I think we will start to see a PAC12 championship. 

    • Red Don

      Are you counting the 4* from CA that decommitted? I haven’t heard anything as to what he’s been up to lately.  Hope we still get him.

      • noneyadb

        What 4* from CA decommitted???

  • UtahSig

    Things are getting a little too optimistic around here. Where is Ann Arbor Ute when you need him?

    This is awesome. It is looking like this will be Utah’s best ever recruiting class. Great day to be a Ute!

    • Riot West

      Alabama had the best recruiting class, and look at them. Second place. If you aren’t first you’re last. Losers!

    • DanielLaRussoUte

      He’s Pace Manyung. Just above you.

  • Tony

    I fixed your tweet @sweetgrass.  You did it right except it was a mobile link. So I guess the mobile ones don’t work.

  • rbmw263

    10.4 100 meter

    • ironman1315

      Damn, that is scorching.

    • PlainsUte

      Can he run a hundred meters without dropping the football at 98 yards?

      • Tony


      • KiYi-Ute

        Still too soon.

        • ironman1315

          Always too soon.

  • Utahute72

    We really need some of the guys on this week’s visit to commit and those that are commited to hold.

  • UteFanatic

    Huge get!  This is great.

  • X723

    Some Texas fans can not believe he came here and passed on being a longhorn

  • acebr

    Dillon Brooks

    Awful Flop


  • ironman1315


  • UtahUteGuy

    What are you talking about, awful flop?  I’d give it a 9.8 out of 10.

  • PlainsUte

    I love that its getting featured by all the major sports news websites.

    This is a good one:


  • coachmorse8

    small things matter

    Utah sports are interesting to say the least!!

    Last night the plays that people are talking about mattered, but not as much as the plays they are not talking about.

    1st play: Rawsom over extending going for a steal on brooks at the top of the key that lead to the go ahead dunk by (25)

    2nd play the three mde by PVD, the block by johnson, and then the turnover by Barefield that lead to (25) and 1 at the other end. Utah was in control at this time and that play took all the air out of the crowd if we could of excuted with that possession it would of been a different game. 

    3rd play the high post pass from collette to Kuzma and he bobbeled the pass and missed a reversse lay up  with under 4 to play.


    finally the great pass by PVD and then the missed layup by Barefield. 

    Utah is in every game and they are going to be good I hope but these small play’s will make the difference if we can exicute.


    I love Daniels too, however the dude needs to stay a lockdown defender and stop trying to steal every pass. 

  • Tony

    Yes. In a game that tight the little things make the difference.  We had numerous missed layups and a few very bad breakdowns defensively that led to easy Oregon dunks.  We fell asleep a few times on our own made baskets as well giving up easy points when Oregon pushed the tempo and we weren’t ready for them.

  • loyter

    Don’t forget the Utes are a super young team in terms of the amount of time they’ve played together as a team.  All but two of these players are first timers this year.  Oregon has had this nucleus together for quite some time and it shows.


    • Minnesota Ute

      Yup, that is exactly right, and of course we can always pick on individual plays on either side of the ball and say to ourselves, what if… but here is the real tale of the tape:

      FG 27-55 vs 26-54 even, slight edge them

      3Pt 5-18 vs 6-19 even, slight edge us

      FT 14-21 vs 9-13 edge them, but largely because of fouling at end, take away 3pts at end, its a 2pt edge

      Reb 28 vs 33 and even a +2 OffReb edge us

      Ass 11 vs 13 even, slight edge to us

      Blk 6 vs 4 even, slight edge to them

      Fouls, 17-18 even, slight edge to them due to more shooting fouls

      Here is the kicker: Turnovers 9 to 15, Steals 9 to 5.  Huge edge to them.

      At the end of the day, because we outrebounded them and matched them in shooting percentages, we had just as many shot attepts as them despite being blocked twice more, giving up 4 more steals and totalling 6 more turnovers.  Bottom line is IF we take care of the ball, then we have a winnable game, and could have overcome the FT edge by having 5 or 6 more productive possessions which might have netted us the 5 or 6 points we needed to give us an edge in crunch time.  But for the fouling at the end, this was a one possession game.  If we cut down on the turnovers, and many were bad turnovers due to panic at end of shot clock, this is a winnable game.  That makes me feel much better about the loss.  Turnovers are fixable, getting confidence and getting started earlier in the shot clock are fixable, we are a really good team.

      I did predict that if David got in foul trouble, we would have a problem, and I think that ended up being true.  But even so, this game was within reach.


      • Renegadefly

        thanks Minnesota, that made me feel much better about the game. They were so athletic though.

        • Skywalker11

          this was definitely oregons worst game in pac-12 play


          but to utahs credit, a lot of that had to do with utah forcing oregon to play bad.


          Utah caught oregon off guard, I dont think they were expecting utah to put up much of a fight, which is why it took oregon so long to finally get to a point where you felt like they had control, and even then, they really didnt.  Utah didnt give up, which is something that every other team that oregon has beaten had done outside of UCLA

          • Tony

            Oregon also forced Utah into one of its less-than-stellar performances.

        • Minnesota Ute

          Glad I could help, stats are my comfort food.  Usually it gives you a pretty clear picture of what happened.  My son’s former highschool coach put a sign up in the locker room that said “Stats are for losers”.  I thought that was the most idiodic thing I’ve ever heard.  Stats are simply measurables.  Sure if you focus on points and don’t look at percentage, or ignore rebounds, etc then stats can mislead.  But all in all, stats are a measure of what each individual accomplished in 40 minutes, and collectively what each team accomplished.  It is rare, and I might even say impossible, to win a game without “winning the stats”.  I’m glad my son no longer plays for that coach, and furthermore it is easy to see why individuals in his program show limited growth, because rather than holding individuals accountable for what they contribute (stats), and playing to their strengths and shoring up their weaknesses (both of which can be seen in the stats), they go for this total team mentality.  Personally I think that is dumb because every hall of fame coach will tell you that a team is a collection of individuals.  The only way to get a team functioning most effectively is for everyone on the team to perform at their individual best, and you won’t get there the same way with everyone.

  • Hammer

    Please Mr. Kuzma, 4 drives to the hoop before every 1 three point shot you’re allowed.

  • Tony

    Visual editor enabled on forum pages

    I’ve been looking at some of the posts with lots of white space in them to try and figure out a cause and solution. Users have been hitting enter a few times to make a new paragraph.  It appears that the culprit is the text editor in the pages under the forum menu (in other words NOT the home page).  On the home page (visual editor, not text only editor) paragraphs are making proper spacing.  On the editor in the forum pages, which is text only, not visual, the lines are not formatting as paragraphs, just breaks.

    Not sure if any of that made any sense at all.  Anyway, I enabled the rich visual editor for the forum pages.  It’s the same editor as the home page, but with a couple of slightly different controls.  Don’t ask me why, because it is complicated.  I want the home and forum pages to match but I’d have to basically perform brain surgery for that to happen.

    So now the forum pages have a visual editor, which does format paragraphs better.  Hope that solves the issue.  The possible drawback, or maybe a benefit, is the way the forum page link button works.  You can type in keywords and it will search other posts in the site to link to. Or you can paste a URL in there.  I just don’t like the way it works because it is a bit confusing.  Anyway, fixing one thing may cause some other thing to be a problem.  That’s the way it goes I guess.  So let’s try this for a while and see what happens.

  • Daedalus

    Just as long as you understand I did a double new line ironically in my last post.

  • AZswayze

    He's no longer a PAC-12 secret. The whole nation can now revel in his assholery.

    What a douche

  • Tony

    LOLZ.  I’ve watched it so many times. Our seats are behind that basked on an angle toward our bench. Perfect view. I was like WTF?!?!!

  • Hypodactylus

    Haha…. that is ridiculous!

    • Stone

      I would support players getting a technical foul for such obvious flopping.

      • AZswayze

        You can be penalized for hanging from a rim, or celebrating, but when you do something that actually impacts the outcome of a game they let it slide? I completely agree with you. Will it open up a can of worms, and be called a “slippery slope” by some? Possibly, but this is ridiculous behavior that should not occur.

        • Minnesota Ute

          I think it should be like touching the ball after it goes through the net, give the culprit a “delay of game” type of warning and record it.  That way you put the player on notice that they are flopping and you wont’ stand for it.  Then if he does it again, you can T him up.  I think that would be a step in the right direction toward cleaning that up.  The unfortunate thing is that Refs LIKE to call the offensive foul.  I wish some academic would do a study on the endorphins released in calling an offensive foul, because it is clearly an orgasm moment for most officials.  So it looks like they are just sitting, waiting to make that call.  Maybe they should change the offensive foul signal to something like pat your head and rub your belly at the same time?


          • Uterider

            This is a great suggestion.

  • Utemachine

    It’s trending on Reddit with over 4100 up votes right now.

  • Tacoma Ute

    Believe it or not that was only the 2nd dumbest thing a basketball player did last night. Anus Kanter broke his arm punching a chair. What a moron.

    • ironman1315

      It was so dumb. Goodness, that bench is gonna have problems now that he is out.

  • 1

    had four Oregon fans sitting in front of me.  when he flopped they were yelling for the charge, I told them Brooks is a helluva basketball player but a huge pussy for flopping like that.  Most Oregon fans I’ve met are decent enough, these four made me understand why some may hate them.

  • Utemachine


  • sweetgrass


    Credit to Oregon.  Huntsman Center was intense last night.  Some questionable calls and a slim Utah lead early had the fans into it immediately.  It was loud and fun.

    Oregon is ridiculously athletic.  They have 4 Devon Daniels types a couple of Kuzma types.  They contest everything at the rim, disrupt passing lanes and killed Utah one on one.  In my opinion they are better than Arizona and a legit final four contender.




  • Larry B

    I went to the game with my BIL who is a Ducks fan. Both of us couldn’t believe the bad officiating (on both sides). The refs were truly horrible.

    Overall I liked what I saw from Utah and it makes me optimistic for next year.

  • 89ute

    So, looks like Bateman will be a WR

  • Daedalus

    Probably best to not rock the QB boat, but he remains an option. 

    • UtahUtesRock

      I’m ignorant when it comes to Bateman’s style but I didn’t think he was necessarily a duel threat like the new OC likes is he? Seems like he may have worked out for A Rod but with what the new guy’s saying he’s “going” to do, I didn’t think Batemans a good fit. Am I wrong?

    • iamthepreacher

      Doesn’t sound like he’s even an option for QB, which is good because we need to focus on developing our pipeline for the future.

      That said we have several very talented and proven receivers, so I doubt Bateman will see the field at that position either.

  • ironman1315

    Well, this pokes a hole in Gunther’s argument that there will be a QB controversy. But then again he also said that no QB on Utah’s roster can win a Pac-12 game, so there is that.

  • Tony

    I don’t know this Bateman kid. But Alabama runs a pro style offense, not an option style. He would probably be a drop back pocket guy I’m guessing.

    • Wilson's Mustache

      Actually, Alabama runs a spread offense and has done so for 3 years now since the hiring of Lane Kiffin. I don’t expect them to change under Sarkisan either.

      How Saban recruits and builds his teams have drastically changed within the last 4-5 years. Even his defenses are primarily built upon speed now.
      Alabam’s New Offense

      • Tony

        I thought it was more of a pro style.  Maybe it’s just because they look like pros.  My bad I guess.

  • colbyutahman3

    I can confirm that as my Aunt (my cousin Cooper Bateman) is enrolled for graduate program degree. He already has his undergrad. Now I don’t know what they will do but you know what Troy WIlliams can do now. I like Huntley and the Jason Shelley kid. So were pretty well set for the next few years for sure. But whatever happens I wish my cousin the best of luck with everything.

  • Larry B

    Dang, Oregon beat us twice last night

    4* RB Cyrus Habibi-Likio committed to the Ducks. It sounded like we had a shot at him.

  • Utahute72

    I think the back story on Likio is interesting. Utah made a strong pitch for him and spent a lot of effort. He was listening, even saying how much he liked the culture and how impressed he was with Taylor. But while he loved the school, his family was awed by the glitz and name brand of Oregon. So basically the family pushed him to make the commitment he did. The reason I brought this up is that is a recurring thread that runs through our recruiting. So when I hear a lot of the complaining about why we don’t recruit better it drives me nuts because most fans simply don’t understand the headwinds we have in recruiting. I’m pretty impressed what this staff has been able to do in spite of those obstacles.

    • Larry B

      The thing I don’t understand is, I’ve heard Oregon will move him to the defensive side of the ball. Cyrus said he’s excited about that but if you want to play defense, why Oregon?

    • 96GradAlum

      Agreed.  When you’re competing against USC, UCLA, etc … it’s going to be like that for the foreseeable futre.  We just gotta keep winning.  Keep being relevant in the P12/South and we’ll make some headway.