• Northern Illinois lost last week 44-8 to Nebraska….they’re not upper G5 this year…probably more like a 4-5 win G5.

  • Wow…that is crazy! Do you know what year this was?

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    If you’re there on Saturday I think some of the beaches reccomended above are a good bet. My favorites are more up towards Malibu (Point Dume, Zuma Beach, & El Matador), 1-1.5 hour drive from downtown. Depending on what time you get in though, I probably wouldn’t recommend trying to get to a beach Friday before the game. You don’t want to get…[Read more]

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    Personally I think it’s strange. Shelley came in and without Moss won games against Oregon, BYU, and Colorado on the road. He wasn’t spectacular in the title game or bowl game, but Huntley wasn’t great against Washington either last year, and he deserves a pass for the bowl game because he was playing lights out until the monsoon rolled in.

    I…[Read more]

  • Curious, where did you buy them? Thinking about going myself.

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    Ummm….Mahommes is playing like a generational QB. His career is obviously so young, but if he sustains his play he will be talked about as an all time top 10/5 QB. I can’t allow a Smith vs. Mahommes take like that to show up on my thread and not call it out. Kaep on the other hand, you’ve got a point there.

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    Tyler’s received some questioning/criticism from the media due to the simplicity of his throws and lack of playmaking with his arm. You’ll recall in the postgame after BYU he talked about how BYU was literally dropping 8 guys into coverage and so he had to just take what was given to him and check down. BYU adopted the same defensive strategy…[Read more]

  • I feel like there was just so much banter leading up to the game over the summer, that everyone feels like they have a point to prove that they were right and so they can’t find a way to turn themselves off even though it’s been nearly two weeks since the game was played.

    To each their own though…just getting tired of the seemingly never end…[Read more]

  • I don’t know if I’m alone in feeling this way or not, but Ute Twitter has become insufferable over the last couple weeks. 
    My plea to those of you on twitter is to please move on and stop tweeting about BYU. No matter how good you think your take is, no matter how wrong you think someone else is, if your tweet includes the three letters BYU, TDS,…[Read more]

  • Something to think about…

    He was 13/16 and two of his incompletions were the drops by Kuithe and Simpkins that both would have gone for 30+ yards. Would of should of could of, I know, but if those two balls weren’t dropped I think we’d be feeling a little different about Huntley and passing game today.

    I’m really excited to see how the offen…[Read more]

  • Now that the 60 in 60 is over I thought I’d run a few analytics to see how each school did against each other in the poll. I gave player an inverse score to their ranking (i.e. 60 points for 1st, 59 points for 2nd, 2 points for 59th, 1 point for 60th). Here are how the teams scored (# of players / Avg. Ranking / Total Points)
    Utah: 24 / 23 /…[Read more]

  • A win is a win in this rivalry and especially this week.

    A) I never read too much or draw many conclusions in week 1. There often are a ton of head scratchers, both good and bad.

    B) As a fan base, we are vastly underrating BYU. They should be a good team. Much like two years ago we went 6-6 while breaking in a new QB with a lot of additional…[Read more]

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    I’m gonna disagree here. Yes, they are setup to try and get 50/50 on each side; however, they often end up being very accurate predictor of scores. I don’t put a ton of stock in week 1 college football lines, because at this point no one really knows anything, but in general I think they are the best way to get indication of what to expect pre-kickoff.

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    All right, I’m gonna call Aguora out here.
    The only game in which Wilson wasn’t very good last year was his game against Northern Illinois…and I don’t think I need to remind you or anyone else here how our offense faired against them either.
    He had a propensity to take a few too many sacks, but otherwise the kid was really good for a true fresh…[Read more]

  • Utah twitter posted another scholarship video and you can see moss in the first row…he’s got a pretty big hard cast on his hand. Looked big for just a finger or two.

    Hopefully they’re just beIng extra cautIous!

    As an aside, I love coach whit in this video: “Malik, you think that you’re a badass now that you’re on full scholarship?” 😂

  • Cool. Thanks!

  • Can Rising: I know he can’t play this year, but looking forward to next, what has been the general feel on his play so far? Sounded like the reviews coming out of Texas were that he looked really good as a freshman. Has he impressed? Is Shelley better? Anyone have any insight o that?
    Mique Juarez: does he have any shot at playing this year? I…[Read more]

  • Yeah, that list is wack. Boise state at 23? Appalachian state at 34? North Dakota State at 10?

  • From the interviews after practice it sounds like the offense got their ass kicked pretty hard today. I hear a lot about the “advantage” our offense has of being able to get to go up against a great defense in practice everyday, but personally I believe this could actually be a pretty big detriment.
    I don’t think it does the offense any good to go…[Read more]

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