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Oh damn, check out that profile pic avatar thing-a-ma-do. Looks good UteThunder


  • 89ute

    Now start tapping out content to complement your bitchin icon.

    • Badbadute

      I debated changing my icon to something fresh and cool.

      In the End i just cleaned up the Icon I have had for 12 years, if This place is going to get rockin I like the idea that we mostly keep our names and pics etc, Until it becomes established.

      Familiarity and all

      • AZswayze

        I never had the slightest clue as to what your icon was before. I can see clearly now.

      • Tacoma Ute

        Yeah, I had several ideas of what to use for a new icon and was going to change my name to Ogden Ute but I thought I might as well stick with the familiar Enik the friendly Sleestak.

  • Tacoma Ute

    Well done Thunder!

  • Tony

    Nice to see you guys having fun and liking the avatars. I’m wondering how Badbadute’s post is indented and the others aren’t. Haha.

    • Badbadute

      Because Badbadute is special!
      Like little yellow school bus special.

    • GadValleyUte

      if you type your reply directly into the box then it doesn’t indent, but if you click the reply link on the post then it cascades

  • dystopiamembrane


  • Acenuts

    Icon test… Is that how you do this?

  • oc_ute

    how’s this one for another week

  • Ability to "Star" posts?

    Do we have the ability to “star” posts here?

    If not, it would definitely something that would be good to implement.

  • Uterider

    I agree. A great deal of my self esteem is tied to stars I get for posts.

    I wish I was kidding.

    • jamarcus24

      Red star/Like/Upvote/This^

  • Tacoma Ute

    I’m sure many things will be added. He threw this together in part of a day, which is incredible to me. It’s already a very serviceable site as is. I’m sure it will only get better.

    • jamarcus24

      Apparently the Reply button is above the post… Silly me.

    • AZswayze

      One goddamn day to put this together, and we’ve been begging monkey to fix a few small details for years. I don’t want to pile on, but this last panhandling go around kinda torqued me.

  • Ute Bc

    ***. Here you go

  • Tacoma Ute

    What we really need now are sharks with laser beams.


  • Forget the stars. It creates tree house gangs and bullying. This should be a forum where INDIVIDUALS are not afraid to post.

  • GadValleyUte

    I think an ability to star/upvote/like a post would be a nice way to give feedback. No tracking of how many stars a person accumulates that’s silly. If it’s just a way of expressing appreciation for something good or clever without having to clutter the board with “I agree” or “right on” then it serves a purpose. If it’s a status symbol then it’s lame. my 0.02

    • UteStuckInSeattle

      ^^^THIS^^^. Just an “upvote” or “like”. No downvote or tallying of total “likes” for any individual.

  • Tony

    Yes the “like” or “dislike” functions are pretty cool. It’s something I’d like to put in. Right now the forum is vanilla, right out of the box. Even I’m getting used to how the reply works. I’m not a big fan of it being at the bottom, even though you might be replying to a comment several posts above it. Maybe I can muck with that and make it better.

    I think what I should do is come up with a suggestion box or suggestion thread for people to post all of their critiques and their ideas. As a group we can come up with some great ideas.

    This is just day ONE! What happens in day two?

  • One thing I'd love: no multiple personalities

    One thing that got real old on UFN was the multiple logins/user names and pseudo trolls. IT just seemed childish. I dunno, maybe I’m alone in that and others got a kick out if it.

  • Nittany Ute

    I totally agree. It got old really quickly.

  • I never understood how anyone was a ‘pseudo’ troll. Either you’re a troll or you aren’t. The ‘pseudo’ trolls were trolls. I liked them though, had many myself.

    • We will rock U

      I guess I just mean the regular posters who also wanted to stir things up just for s**ts and giggles. I just didn’t get it.

  • Tacoma Ute

    Ir depends. Some of them were pretty clever and funny back in the day. Many are quite bad though. I tried my hand on that once but I think I was closer to bad than clever and funny so I quickly stopped.

    • AZswayze

      Huh? Who were you?

      • Tacoma Ute

        I was GregKitesPustules. It didn’t go over very well although a couple people liked it.

  • Uterider

    The Loyter collective is great.

    • We will rock U

      I just don’t get the loyters.

  • Uterider

    Oh neither do I. But that poster’s ability to insult his other profiles crack me up.

  • Tony

    Well, this is one of many “situations” which will surely arise and some kind of policy allowing it or not will be decided, maybe even by the community itself.

    IP addresses are logged for each user, so many times I will be able to tell if someone has multiple accounts.

  • Jumpmasterute

    I can’t help but think that sfork had several accounts.

  • Signing up I was informed my password was very week

    So the first thing that happens here is I’m insulted.

    I think I’m gonna like it here.

  • Tony

    We have an insult package I can install.. Haha.

    • Uterider

      It would be my honor to post the first insult in the insult category.

      • Tacoma Ute

        Insults have more impact when they’re posted outside of the insult category because you don’t see them coming. 😉

    • UteStuckInSeattle

      Does it show an iFrame with UFN in it?

  • UteStuckInSeattle


    The password algorithm does seem a bit wonky in what it considers “weak”. Is it something that can be configured?

    • Tacoma Ute

      Try the Wolfram Alpha app. It has a great function for determining the strength of passwords, as well as a zillion other cool things.

  • Puget Ute

    You need to change your password to something more stout than 6 asterisks…

  • First time poster, long time Ute fan

    Looking forward to some engaging, insightful conversations on this site. Thanks for creating it.

  • Tony

    You are welcome.

    Tony, admin

  • Anyone find examples of good BBPress forums?

    This one is an example on the bbpress website:

    Looks like there are some plugins that are already developed.

  • Tony

    Yep. Been doing lots of reading.

  • Board Public Username

    PSA for new users…In order to select the name you would like to appear under publicly on the board, click on your username, then select “profile” and then “edit”. You can then put your public username in the name line.

  • Tony

    Thanks. I didn’t even know that.

  • Edit posts?

    Any way to edit posts?

  • GadValleyUte

    yeah if it’s your post there’s an edit link right next to the reply link in the top right of the post

  • BioUte

    Thanks, I see it now. Although it doesn’t appear in the one post that I want to edit even though it’s my post.

  • UtahUteGuy

    Biggest Surprise

    Who has been the biggest surprise so far this young football season? I think an obvious answer is Britain Covey. He came in with a lot of hype, but did anyone expect him to star, and quickly become an effective starter?

    I’m also really starting to notice Kylie Fitts. Expectations were high for him, and he’s lived up to it. He’s been getting to the opposing QB and making big things happen.

    Any other surprises, positive or negative?

  • MauchDawgUte

    I thought this would be the year KScott finally had a breakout season. I feel like the dude works so hard but things never go his way. Case in point the flea flicker last night. First time in a while he gets a ton of separation and the ball is overthrown. The guy is so like able and I want him to succeed so bad. Hopefully it can happen during the remainder of the season. 🙂

    • Damage U

      I really like KScott as well, fan favorite and very likeable. Like you said hard worker but a little snake bit as well. He seems to get killed on his blocking. During the Michigan game I chalked it up to going against Peppers. I don’t remember anything off the top of my head during the USU game but he got smoked a time or two last night.

  • I just can’t believe we don’t use Pita Taumoepenu more often, he’s a menace, has had an impact on every play I’ve seen him in. Fanaika has not lived up to the hype.

  • RedLine

    Positive Surprise: Wilson’s production in first two games.

    Negative Surprise: The kicking game. I know we’re only a few games in and the bar is set high for them based on the last year’s performance but overall I think they’ve performed very mediocre. Hope they can turn it around.

  • The offense playcalls have a sense of direction and purpose. They play to personal strengths rather than “do this play or else”. I thought it was all coach speak when they were saying it in Fall camp but it really is true they use players abilities. This team reminds me of the 2012 Utes a lot.

  • Tony

    Covey is #1 surprise.

    Lack of a defensive rush/sacks is a big one too.