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kyle being inteviewed by cowherd on fox radio

started at the 1:30 mark by the actual clock. if you listen to rebroadcast without commercials it will be sooner.

cowherd – kudos to the OL, DL and linebackers. kyle saying we’ve had quite a run with those positions for a while now.

kyle – ignoring coaching offers hoopla. fully vested in PAC $$ now, easier to pay $$ to assistants and improve facilities.

cowherd is going to game on saturday.

kyle – usc not short on talent never have been, never will be. touted kessler, receivers and sua cravens

kyle – coaches only have two kinds of wives, really good ones or exes

bout ten minutes total

  • Surprised he didn’t make a lame polygamist joke. Or in Utah we have 3 we like and 1 one you love.

  • Tony

    How will the Utes get lucky and win at USC this week?

    Since every win the Utes have this year is all because of luck I’m wondering how they will win this week?

    Will Kessler have his worst game of the season like many other opposing quarterbacks? Will USC’s rushing offense have an off game and only get 15 yards for the whole game, just like happened for the lucky Ute defense last week against ASU? Will USC’s punter shank all his punts?

    Inquiring minds want to know.

  • USC’s defense has an efficiency rating of 60%, which ranks them 47th in FBS. Their run defense is not great. UW’s Gaskin was gashing them and he’s nowhere near Booker’s level. Their receivers are pretty beat up, such that they’re moving Adoree Jackson over from defense. Their OL lost their starting center Max Tuerk and the rest of them are not strong. Utah should get plenty of pressure on Kessler.

  • Well USC’s NFL talented Oline is going to get embarrassed. Lotulelei is the best dlineman in the nation that no one is talking about he will embarass USC’s center. If Kessler is expected or needed to throw a lot he will get pressured into bad throws.

    I am interested what weird play they have dialed up for Covey. The one at Oregon worked. The Cal game attempted pass back to Wilson failed. And Covey’s pass with a slick ball failed.

    I think this is a game where Wilson could have a lot of rushes. USC linebackers are suspect. Booker will have two or three monster plays.

  • I can see that USC has had trouble winning games, but then I look at their roster and I wonder where the hell their weakness is. Their offense is full of upperclassmen, not a single freshman in the starting lineup. Names like Damien Mama, freak athletes and 5 star recruits. Their defense looks solid as well, one freshman cornerback, but we’ve seen freshman cornerbacks do very well. Su’a Cravens is a monster.

    I don’t think we can count on USC playing a bad game like they have against other teams, nearly all their players played in last year’s game and they’ll be looking for revenge as I’m sure they think they should have won that game last season.

    • UteStuckInSeattle

      USC was only in last year’s game because of 3 very timely Utah turnovers on the goal-line. Without those, the game wouldn’t have been even close. Just as much as USC will be looking to get revenge for last year, the Utes will be looking to show the nation that their win over the Trojans wasn’t a fluke.

      USC is full of talent, but they are part of a program that part of it’s advantage it that it expects teams to come in and be intimidated. That advantage isn’t quite as effective the last few years.

      Utah has many kids who had dreams of playing for USC and they didn’t quite make it, and as such they will be looking to make a big statement on Saturday.

      I can’t be certain which USC team we’ll see Saturday, the downtrodden team who is reeling from coaching disarray or the team who is rallying to salvage their season, but I think the Utes have the discipline and drive to see this game through.

      31-28 Utes!!!

  • THEeyepatch

    Luck? Yeah, I’ve heard that too from a certain butthurt fan base who’s ‘lucky’ their Big XII wannabes didn’t start the season 0-4.

    But if I have to answer the question… Utah’s defense gets very ‘lucky’ and dominates USC almost to the point of embarrassment.

  • Tony

    Anyone Attend Night with the Runnin' Utes?

    Anyone have a report from last night?

  • NSLUte

    I was there, the team overall looked good. It was tough to gauge as you could tell the guys were not going as hard as they could at each other. But here are my thoughts on some of the players.

    Taylor: Looked great, really controlled the offense and the tempo while he was in, ball handling was superb and court vision was excellent, did not force things.

    Loveridge: he looks a little bigger to me this year, not as lean as last year but his shot was falling, his pull-up looked a little slow and was blocked a few times. I think his production will be similar to last year.

    Isaiah Wright: much improved on running the offense and even looking for his own shot. Got to the rim quite a few times and had some beautiful penetration in the lane and nice dump offs for some easy baskets, he will be a great leader for the team in the next few years, should not see much drop off when he replaces Taylor in the game.

    Tucker: this guy is in shape, never looks gassed or even tired, shot was silky smooth as always and his defense looked good. I expect to see him assert himself a little more on offense this year but see his overall production similar to last year.

    Poeltl: dude is a beast. I know it has been reported he put on 30 LBs but you really cannot see it just from looking at him but he is definitely stronger. His touch around the rim looked ok last night but had some unlucky bounces of the rim. His free throw shooting looked much improved. During the warm up session and the scrimmage he only missed 1 or 2 that I can recall. He will dominate this year.

    Chapman: wish I would have seen more out of him but he looked good overall. He definitely was not shy about taking or looking for his own shot. The major thing that concerned me with him is he gets a lot of unnecessary fouls. If they actually kept track last night he may have fouled out in the first half. Looks much more athletic this year.

    Kuzma: has some great plays but overall had a quiet night. Freak athlete that can jump out of the gym. Looked a little lost in the offense at times but looks much improved from last year.

    Lorenzo Bonham: this was the biggest surprise for me as I had not seen him play at all. This guy is a huge get for us. Very athletic and got to the rim with ease. Played the point quite a bit and had Taylor play the 2 and he also ran the offense well. He seems to have great chemistry with others on the team already. I hope I don’t jinx him at all but had a lot of Delon Wright qualities, but is an overall better athlete than Delon. I hope he plays every game like he played last night.

    Gabe Bealer: I was most anxious to see him play as I used to live in Antelope, CA and have heard about this kid. He had a quiet not from a scoring standpoint but did a lot of things well. Did not force things and did not turn the ball over, got to the rim with ease when he tried, another phenomenal athlete that was a great pick up for us. I think he will be similar to Princeton Onwas was for us a few years back.

    Mawein, Mongtgomery: both look really raw but with some potential, looked a little nervous at times, I attribute a lot of that to being freshman.

    Reyes, Ogbe, Miller: they did not suit up, I am guessing due to injury but have not heard anything about the injuries. Miller was in a walking boot, not sure what happened, maybe some can shed some light on these 3.

    If anyone else was there last night feel free to correct or add to any of this. Overall I liked what I saw and I can’t wait to see this team in action this year.

  • Awesome report! Thank you.

    My biggest worry, well, I should say my ONLY worry about this team is the point guard position. Taylor seemed to struggle last year when called upon to bring the ball up the court and get the offense set. If Lorenzo Bonham can start at point guard, that would be ideal. We have plenty of wings.

    Do you think this is what Larry K is thinking?

    PG Bonham/Wright
    SG Taylor/Ogbe/Kuzma
    F Tucker/Bealer/Loveridge/Kuzma
    F Chapman/Reyes/Loveridge/Kuzma
    C Poeltl/Reyes/Mawein

    It’s hard to find space for everyone, especially if Bonham isn’t playing point guard.

  • Tony

    Fantastic report @nslute. Just what I’d hoped for. If I could give you more than one thumbs-up I would.

    I can’t imagine Larry not starting Taylor, Moose unless you’re thinking a 6th man gig for him. Bohnam more athletic than Delon? Hard to believe that’s possible.

    Looking forward to basketball, but not just yet. Still lots of football to go.

  • NSLUte

    @whistleofmoose I think your thoughts on the lineup are pretty good but I agree with Tony, Larry K. needs to start Taylor, he too good of a leader. Things did go well when Bonham ran the point but Taylor also looked much improved running the point.

    And speaking to my Bonham being a better than Delon statement let me clarify. Delon is a phenomenal athlete, we can all agree there, my take is that Delon was the type of athlete that was very intentional about his movements and was sure not to expend more energy than necessary. Bonham is the type of kid who walks on the court and will automatically be one of the fastest, strongest, and can probably jump higher than everyone and he does not need to work harder on being more athletic. In a nutshell what I am saying is I think Delon worked hard to become a great athlete and Bonham just has natural god given athleticism. With all that being said Bonham will be a playmaker this year.

    • Tony and Adam,

      I never said Larry should consider not starting Taylor. I’m saying it would be ideal for Taylor to play SG rather than PG, he’s much better at SG.

  • NSLUte

    I agree with that and I think Bonham is very capable of running the point. Will be fun to watch!

  • Dhisatake

    Bohnam is capable, but let me just tell you that I. Wright is right there and there is no drop off between Taylor running the point and Wright. Taylor shoots the ball a little better but I. Wright is going to be much better than Brandon when it comes to PG.

  • Tony

    Nice to hear. Taylor’s pretty damn good.

  • Staples

    Just joined up and thought I’d add my two cents. Bonham to me was the most impressive player at Runnin’ Utes night, but part of that might be because he’s a new guy and many of the others are proven commodities and we know what to expect. I had read on Twitter that there wouldn’t be much if any drop on the offensive side of things with the newcomers and from what I saw I tend to agree. Bonham looked like he’ll be able to get his points. It’s defensively where we will miss Delon, the guy’s instincts were incredible.

    That being said, anything learned at a night like this is to be taken with a grain of salt. I remember walking away from a few Runnin’ Ute nights thinking that Chris Jackson looked dominant, and then the season rolled around and he was … Chris Jackson. All in all, should be a fun year, looking forward to it.

  • Tony

    @staples thanks for stopping by and taking the time to post your thoughts. I’m looking forward to seeing the players for the first time this Thursday evening. It will be just me and my 3 year old though, so not sure how much I will be able to watch or how long I can stay around.

  • rbmw263

    Runnin Utes Scrimmage Live Stream


  • UTE98

    Thanks, that was fun to watch.

  • rbmw263

    Bonham is going to be a huge pick up for us. Could start from day one.

    I saw Poeltl play for the Austrian team this summer. He had like 27 and 12 in limited minutes. Hit SEVERAL 15-20 footers. Pure. Hand was wrapped, so his jumper was off tonight. But regardless, really excited to watch him this year

  • oc_ute

    Avg star rating for NFL players from USC, UCLA, UT

    had some time to kill today so i thought i would see what the recruiting stars were (rivals) for players in the NFL. if i couldn’t find them, i gave them a 3. there were very few in that category (matt cassell (usc), carson palmer (usc), matthew slater (ucla). they were recruited prior to 2002 which is rivals earliest entries. if they were a walkon they got a zero (clay matthews was a walkon-had no clue). kevin mcdermott (ucla) also.

    # of players in NFL utes 24, avg star rating 2.71
    # of players in NFL usc 39, avg star rating 4.00 (note this includes cassell and palmer at 3 stars haha)
    # of players in NFL ucla 22, avg star rating of 3.55

    usc had 13 5 star dudes
    ucla had 3
    utes had 0 duh, and only three 4 star dudes (McGill, Poutasi, Soliai)

    no surprises just data….

    if i have a chance, i’ll do a few more tomorrow. looks like kyle’s doing a pretty good job of coaching up !

    edit. used espn as the source for the players in the nfl.

  • Tony

    Interesting. It’s a testament to coach Whitt’s ability to develop players without a doubt.

  • Epibass

    Norris is listed as a starter this Saturday

    It looks like Jared Norris is listed as a starter this Saturday. That’s good news because there was some concern he had an injury that would take him out for a few weeks. Starters for this week are listed on page 12 of the game notes, linked below:


  • I don’t think that depth chart means anything, it’s probably quickly released by some secretary

    • Epibass

      You may be right. I guess we won’t know for sure until game time.

  • BioUte

    Sounds promising. Siale Fakailoatonga is not on the depth chart so it was at least updated. Earlier this season it said Wilson OR Thompson when Wilson was questionable. Having Norris as the sole starter seems promising.

  • rbmw263

    I will be very surprised if Norris doesnt miss some time

  • Dhisatake

    Norris will be out for several weeks

    • Who is your source Dhisatake?

  • Dhisatake

    Dessert news reported he would miss the USC game. Just guessing resting vs OSU

    • Wilson's Mustache

      I haven’t seen any reports confirming he will miss time. In fact, most of what I have read says that he may play. I won’t be surprised either way.

  • oc_ute

    nice piece on booker link below