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    All pending users activated

    Whew I think my arm and forefinger are going to fall off. All pending users who didn’t activate their accounts, have been activated and an email manually sent out to them from a non-site email address in hopes they receive notification.

    656 users now.

  • Tacoma Ute

    I think I speak for all of us when I give you a huge THANK YOU for all of your efforts. I hope you are able to catch a break to sleep once in a while.

    Your work is much appreciated sir!

  • Tony

    Thanks Tacoma. You’ve been a great supporter for the 4.5 days the site has been running!

  • Astute Ute

    Job well done, I don’t know how many users are on the other forums. I think utehub is off to a pretty dang good start.

    • Tony

      Job well done, I don’t know how many users are on the other forums. I think utehub is off to a pretty dang good start.

      Thanks. I do too. I hope we can keep the momentum going! We have a great base now.

  • High Uintas

    I’ve been doing a little bit of recruiting by sending board mails to a few excellent posters on other sites that I think would be great additions. I don’t want to do it too much but I think if others did the same we could bring in some of best contributors on other sites.

    • Tony

      Yes yes exactly. Just a couple of invites here and there, nothing spammy. Thanks for doing that.

  • UTE98

    Interesting tidbits from looking at ESPN

    First there are only three games with ticket prices higher, maybe four, than the Oregon – Utah game this weekend, according to their “XX tickets available on Stubhub for $83”

    Two or three are SEC games between an unranked opponent or two unranked opponents. Then Maryland – WVU, there is nothing else to do in Morgantown. However some of those games with higher ticket prices have less tickets available. There are about 840 available for the Utah game.

    Second oddball bit I picked up, Utah has offered quite a few players for next year who also have offers from SEC, BigXII and Pac-12 schools. I hate the fact they list offers alphabetically, because if I see that stupid A of Alabama on one more recruit we’ve offered I’m gonna barf. However it seems there are quite a few players from TX, FL, LA, and CA which are “considering us” so that is good.

    Problem is I didn’t see many visits scheduled to Utah for these “offered” kids. Is that a problem?

  • Hockeybeard

    If we keep winning it will do a lot for those kids to start looking for visits into SLC. Unfortunately, I (and many others) believe Utah has a lot of negative recruiting ground to make up to even get to a point where a kid would consider us.

    That said, this staff is very capable of getting and signing classes that help us compete in the Pac12, and we’ve seen our depth continue to increase year after year. So I’m not too concerned – a lot of those kids on that list on ESPN wouldn’t have even blinked at an offer from Utah 5 years ago, and now we’re at least getting a bunch to take serious looks.

  • UTE98

    Having Dennis Erickson on the staff does not suck!!! I credit the Southeast recruiting to him.

    • UTE98

      Hey idiot^^^ hit reply next time so it doesn’t look like you’re a crazed lunatic talking to yourself. The previous post was in response to Hockeybeard. Imagine it is indented. I need to go to bed.

  • My brother and I will be guests of a good friend for the Utah @ USC game. I checked StubHub and the tickets in his section are going for $400. We reciprocate and host him at the USC @ Utah game where my brother has seats on the W 50, midway up. Hard to get any better. Oh and I went to USC for my MBA.

  • RedLine

    Athlonsports – Five Burning Questions for Utah Entering Pac-12 Play

  • Hockeybeard

    Good read – I have a couple answers/rebuttals to his 5 questions:

    1) KScott’s numbers need to include the 4 targets that came down as PIs that helped get first downs. Yes, it would have been better to have an actual completed pass on those plays, but I’ll take the yards just the same.

    2) Our defense has been playing with the lead – that means teams are going to get pass-happy going into the 4th Quarter. Yes, our pass defense can improve, and I don’t think anyone is doubting that, but I also think it needs to be mentioned that our defense has been able to keep everything in front of it when it counts the most.

  • Tacoma Ute

    My week 3 NFL picks

    Redskins 24 Giants 21

    Bills 24 Dolphins 13

    Seahawks 41 Bears 0

    Falcons 27 cowboys 16

    Bengals 31 Ravens 24

    Saints 27 Panthers 21

    Raiders 17 Browns 13

    Texans 23 Bucs 20

    Vikes 31 Chargers 28

    Pats 34 Jags 17

    Eagles 42 Jets 10

    Rams 28 Steelers 27

    Colts 45 Titans 20

    Cards 27 49ers 13

    Lions 28 Broncos 24

    Pack 35 Chiefs 17

  • Wilson's Mustache

    The Chiefs pick hurts, but its probably true.

    • Tacoma Ute

      Believe me, I would LOVE to get that one wrong. I don’t think I will though.

  • Hockeybeard

    The Steelers have Le’Veon Bell coming back – I think he’s good for a few more points to put them ahead of the Rams.

    Don’t know if the Cowboys are going to score all that much…

  • Wilson's Mustache

    Also, the Eagles scoring 42 is crazy. Maybe this is the week they finally put it together, but I’m expecting an ugly game between two teams that are not good.

    • Hockeybeard

      Are they still trotting out Bradford at QB? Not sure that kid has ever quite healed right from his injury against BYU…

      • Wilson's Mustache

        I actually think Bradford has looked pretty good considering he has zero run game to work with. The interceptions are a problem, but when they know you’re going to throw the ball and its always long yardage situations that is going to happen. Especially in a new system.

  • UtahUteGuy

    Hey, how about my Giants beating your Redskins. Nice pick (he says with an evil grin)!

    • Tacoma Ute

      Yeah. The G Men owned them. I just wish the Skins hadn’t blown a 10 point lead at home against the awful Dolphins. They could be 3-1. Oh well, they aren’t going to do anything.

      With Philly’s struggles the division my be there for the taking for your Giants.

  • I agree with most of your picks except the Steelers will win. Saints will lose. Bills will lose. No way the Seahawks shut out the Bears and score that many.

    Going with my heart the Ravens will finally avenge themselves of the Bengals.

    • Tacoma Ute

      Bills, Bengals and Seahawks proved me right, including the shutout of the Bears which was far from a far-fetched pick. I think they were more likely to be shut out than not up there. Bills made the Dolphins look like an Arena league team.

      I didn’t do so well on many of my other picks though.

  • execUTEioner

    Colts putting up 45 on the road when they have 21 points in two games seems unlikely. They are a bad team right now.

  • THEeyepatch

    Getting a little love on USA Today…


    Has a great pic of Booker stiff-arming a Duck.

  • Hockeybeard

    Dan Wolken – isn’t he the guy who said BYU Fans on social media were the rudest he had ever encountered or something like that? I think he came on DJ and PK one morning and dropped that, basically that BYU fans were nasty on social media and they should be ashamed.

    Glad he’s picking the Utes!

    • Wilson's Mustache

      He is one of my favorite writers on USA Today(not for that reason).

      One of my weekly must reads is his Misery Index

    • THEeyepatch

      He said if TDS was a ‘P5’ team, they’d already be in a ‘P5’ conference.

  • Duhwayne

    Why fewer blitzes?

    Here’s a thought from Coach Whitt’s Tuesday conference


    Fewer blitzes were a considered choice to prioritize alignments and speed vs. spread attacks. Have a listen and see what you think.

    Bonus info: A Rod said in his interview that they were a play away from playing Brandon Cox in Fresno–sounds like he might be sitting behind Kendall for reps.


  • 89ute

    Interesting about Cox, didn’t see that coming. Thanks for reporting that. I can’t listen to the interview at work.

  • Tacoma Ute

    Good news for me. I’ve been wanting Cox to get his chance. He seems to be a forgotten disrespected man.

  • MTM

    Yeah. I know Chase seems to be the future but I’ve also heard directly from a coach’s mouth (off the record) that Connor Manning has looked really sharp too.
    And if Cox can stay healthy he’s got the tools.

  • Tony

    Kyle wasn’t happy with the “losing every Pac-12 season opener” question, was he?

    • Tacoma Ute

      That’s good. I think he coaches better when he’s a little miffed.

  • TorontoUte

    I’d love to see what Cox can do! I hope we see him

    • bopahull

      I don’t want to see Cox or Manning this week. because unless we’re boat racing Oregon . it means something terribly bad has happened. How likely do you think Utah blowing out the Ducksis Not very IMHO.