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We are by far the best team Washington has faced all year.

Here is a crazy stat: If you look at total yards, Utah is the best offense Washington has faced all year. Only Stanford has a better defense. 

Offensive yard-wise, UCLA and Washington essentially the same. Cal has a better offense. Washington will be the best defense we have faced all year, although UCLA was very similar until we played them. 

What’s my point? We’ve faced better offensive teams than Washington and similar defensive teams. 

They haven’t faced a team anywhere near as good as we are.

  • Utah

    Edit: If you look at yds/game, Oregon is a better offensive team with 480-ish yards/gm. We are still at 433 yds/game.

  • rbmw263

    We need Marcus and Sunia if we want to win this game, tho. Im pretty sold on that. Still think we will fight like hell though and they wont be leaving with an easy W

    • UteFanatic

      What was Marcus’ injury?

      • rbmw263

        No idea

  • Tony

    How we match up will be interesting.  Sometimes the numbers, records, stats don’t tell the whole story.  What matchups can we exploit?

    This game seems similar to the Stanford game a couple of years ago.  They rolled into town ranked I think #4 or #5.  Our D stuffed them at the end of the game.  It was triumphant.  I don’t think our D is as good as that now though.

  • UtahUteGuy

    If we don’t get Jimmy Chitwood back playin’ ball, we don’t stand a chance!

  • iamthepreacher

    Washington definitely hasn’t played a tough schedule to this point, but they’ve done exactly what very good teams do to lesser teams: they destroy them (with the one exception being AZ on the road).

    I’m sure if the roles were reversed; i.e. we had Washington’s schedule and results, and they had our schedule and results, you’d be talking about how this is the best Utah team ever and how you aren’t at all worried about Washington. Can we beat them? It is definitely possible. But we will need the stars to align and to play our most “complete” game, and we really haven’t put together a complete game this whole season.

    • noneyadb

      Give me the same schedule, minus the injuries and Joe Williams coming back 100% at the start of the year and I would be even more confident Utah would roll this Husky team…

  • Utah

    2010 vs now

    This game totally reminds me of 2010. The similarities are very eerie. For example: 

    In 2010, you had a 9-0 team vs a 8-0 team. You had college gameday present. You had major bowl implications (BCS) on the line. 

    You had team 1, with no bye coming into the game. They had faced a tougher schedule before hand. Their opponents average offensive rank was 69. Their opponents defensive rank was 76. Their offense wasn’t scoring as much per game as team 2. 

    Team 2 had a bye in week 5. They had faced an easier schedule leading up to the game. Their opponent’s average offensive rank was 91. Their opponent’s average defensive rank was 80. Their offense was more potent scoring wise than team 1. 

    Team 1 went out and destroyed team two, 47-7. 

    This season is almost an exact copy of that season. This year has a 7-1 team vs a 7-0 team. College Gameday will be present. Winner has the inside track on a playoff berth at best, Rose Bowl at worst. 

    Team 1 has not had a bye coming into the game. They have faced a tougher schedule so far. Their opponent’s average offensive rank is 59 and defense is 86. Their offense isn’t scoring as much as team 2. 

    Team 2 has had a bye in week 6 coming into the game. They have faced an easier schedule so far. Their opponent’s average offensive rank is 85 and defensive is 93. Their offense is scoring more than team 1 per game. 

    The big difference this year? Washington looks like 2010 Utah and Utah looks like 2010 TCU. 

    As great as Washington has looked so far, they haven’t faced a team anywhere near as good as Utah.

  • Milton Vanderslice

    I thought we had an unspoken agreement never to talk about the 2010 TCU game.

    • ironman1315

      We had a college gameday in 2010? The only thing I remember is black and camo. Everything else is a blur my mind rejects as though I were in pain.


      Milton for sure

  • FormerUteSax

    That’s what I thought too Milton

  • PDXUteFan

    I guess the Oregon State game Washington played Saturday is your TIC way of saying they had a bye? We’ll see what happens, it’s going to take a complete game with no costly mistakes from the Utes to win this weekend, something they have yet to do this year.

  • rbmw263

    Utes land 69th ranked prospet in the ’17 class, PF/C Branden Carlson frm Bingham

    Player with and inside and outsie game, MAJOR upside. Big time get for Larry K

  • ironman1315

    Nice. I hope we keep getting more of these types of guys.

  • leftyjace

    Here’s hoping his commitment sticks through his mission.

  • rbmw263

    Line has fallen to +10. Good sign.

    although I wouldnt be surprised if we see it jump up a few points in the closing hours


    Torrent of the UCLA Game

    I was able to get the torrent of the game up and ready to go!



    pass: utevids



  • UteFanatic

    As always, thank you for your service to Ute Nation.

  • Texasute

    May you be blessed with sunny days for providing this service

  • Milton Vanderslice

    You da man

  • 89ute

    Current conference winning streak is 3, best ever is 4 since joining the Pac-12.

    This this the 4th time we’ve won 3 in a row, the only time we won the next game to reach our longest conference win streak of 4 was the end of 2011, which ended in a home loss to CU.

    There is no point to this post other than I was curious about our conference win streak so I’m sharing what I looked up.

    What gives me hope about winning the 4th is that Worshington struggled to beat AZ on the road and they have played a soft schedule with 4-3 Stanford being their best win.

    There are too many reasons to argue that our win streak ends again at 3 but I don’t want to go there.

  • RedLine

    Every team in the PAC can beat another on a given day. Let’s apply this to our benefit in Utah-Washington. Our Utes love playing the underdog. #UtesGet4