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    article from sbnation on the utes / being in the PAC


  • utahpunk

    One of the better lines.

    Hill says. “We wanna be able to say Utah-Cal, Utah-Stanford, UCLA, as opposed to other things.”

    • 1

      Utah-SUU?  Can’t possibly figure what he means. 


    Will elevation be a factor?

    University of Utah 4,650′ ASL

    University of Washington 500′ ASL

    I don’t think it will bother the skill guys as much as Udub’s massive DTs Who’s job it is to occupy blocks and let the LBs make all the tackles. 

    If Utah can run the ball like they did at Cal 50+ times a game Qualls and Gaines won’t be able to keep up and that’s a major part of Udub’s Defensive gameplan.

    Arizona ran for 308 yards and Oregon 230 respectively 

    Washington will no doubt stack the box to stop Willams and Moss the way they did McCaffrey of Stanford but Stanford had a terrible QB who they have since benched.

    Utah is gonna need a big game from Troy Williams he needs to run enough to keep Washington honest and no turnovers. 


  • Tony

    I doubt it.

  • Riot West

    Those bickering twerps on the Washington board went back and forth about elevation versus altitude.

    My take is keep their defense running around on the field early. By the third quarter, they’ll be sucking wind.

  • If Utah can sustain drives it might be factor slightly. But it will mostly be the fact that Utah sustained drives. Elevation mostly seems to bother Andy who is better at altitudes vs sea level.

  • FormerUteSax

    the Utah oline seems to dominate the second half of games.

  • 89ute

    It’s hard to read too much into the rushing yards Worshinton as given up, especially against AZ. Most of those rushing yards came from the QB running around with his hair on fire. That does not tell us whether or not Worshington can handle our counter run game.

  • 89ute

    Friday College Football Live from Salt Lake … kinda sucked

    About the only good takeaway was that they think Worshington is the most likely undefeated team to lose this week.

    Crowd was rather large, good showing. I usually watch this show and more often than not the Friday broadcast is usually a ghost town, so we had a good showing.

  • AirForceUte

    Agreed. I went on friday last year and it wasn’t that great then either.

  • AirForceUte

    PAC12 South

    Utes win the PAC 12 south if they win against either Washington or Colorado. (This assuming they beat ASU and Oregon as well.) The scenarios don’t look good if they lose both of those games. My best guess is Utah loses to Washington, then meets Colorado when both programs are 6-2 (Colorado loses to UCLA or WSU). Winner of that game takes the South. 

    USC will be out with a third loss at Washington. 

    Prediction: Utah vs Washington in the PAC12 Champ game.

  • noneyadb

    USC has enough talent to beat Washington.

    • AirForceUte

      I don’t disagree

  • Actually, between UW and CU, a win over CU would be most important because they’re in the South and that gives us the tie breaker between Utah and CU.

    Best outcome is to just win out.

  • Tacoma Ute

    I agree. I think USC wins out.

    I think we need to go 3-1 with one of the wins being Colorado to be safe.

  • AZswayze

    Commentator last night said that Cal has lost 7 of their 8 safeties to injury.

    We’ve obviously been decimated at the running back position, but the truth is that without the injuries, Joe Williams never comes back. Moss and Shyne are great, and the o-line was opening up massive holes against UCLA, but Joe’s speed is what allowed him to gain 332 yards. Moss or Shyne likely would have ended up with around 120-150 I’m guessing, which would not have been enough last week. Point is that injuries suck, but every team is dealing with them at this point in the season, and in at least one case they actually may have worked to our advantage.

  • oc_ute

    utes ran the same little counterplay about 20 times.  TW2 takes snap, turns left, continues turning the same direction (3/4 turn) so that it becomes a handoff to the right side.  meantime, left tackle and left guard pull and start up the hole.  i’ve never seen so much downfield blocking by the OL.   then JW’s speed took over.  bruins never adjusted to that play.  i’m sure udub has seen that film….  that play is a wrinkle i’ve not seen “regularly” before.  befuddled the bruins

    • Actually, Whitt said in his Coach’s Show that they ran the court get play 12x.

    • AirForceUte

      That counterplay looks odd to me. Almost like Troy was making a mistake turning the wrong way. 

    • AZswayze

      Tevi and Bolles were killing it on those plays. Tevi took out multiple guys on more than one occasion.

      • hnoseguard

        Our O-Line was on fire the UCLA game. O-Line play was abysmal after Tim Davis left and I feel that was the biggest reason we had back to back 5-7 seasons. Harding has done a phenomenal job of building up and coaching our O-Line. Year in, year out, USC has the highest graded O-Line in the PAC, but I think people will be surprised with how well our boys grade at the end of the season when all is said and done.

        • OL was not so great at Pass Blocking against UCLA. They gave up 5 sacks.

          Run blocking was outstanding.

          • hnoseguard

            There was one play where the right tackle, can’t remember if it was Barton or Tevi, whiffed on a chop block and allowed the DT to have a free shot at TW for an easy sack. That was pretty awful, but other than that, I thought the O-Line did good with pass blocking considering that UCLA has one of the better defensive lines in the PAC.

            • AZswayze

              It was Tevi. He just whiffed like you said, but not a huge deal, especially considering how he was getting downfield all day long after planting his first block on their respective ass.

      • oc_ute

        i bet we will have a wrinkle to that play tomorrow.  fake the handoff or something.  udub will be waiting for this play.

  • Tacoma Ute


    What time do they start broadcasting today, or have they already? I’m not at home right now.

  • uteman12

    They will be Live from 11:30 a.m.-noon MT today from Presidents Circle.