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    SoCal Ute fans

    Who are all my fellow Southern California Ute fans out there?

    Ive been down in Orange County for the past year and plan to spend the next 2 here after that. Then Ive got to get out of here, but untill then it would be nice to which of you are my fellow SoCal Ute fans.

  • Tony

    Love orange county.

    • JDub1942

      It’s ok

  • Riot West

    I am in Los Angeles. We got a watch party in Burbank this weekend! A bit far from OC though…

    • JDub1942

      Yeah, it’s nice to know that I’m not alone out here though. I hope to make at least 1 watch party in the next two years.

  • AlohaUte

    Checking in…live in San Diego.

    • Utahman04

      I’m in San Diego as well.

  • Riot West

    We have another watch party at Barney’s in Burbank this weekend. Last scheduled one for the year (although might do one for UCLA game if we are kicking ass still)

    Who’s in? @palos-verdes-ute – you in the South Bay?

  • Tony

    You can use the hashtag @palos-verdes-ute to get his attention.

  • palos_verdes_ute

    I actually make the trek to SLC every home game. But let me know if you guys get a USC tail gate going. Would love to connect with local utes.

  • palos_verdes_ute

    2 years eh? so is it like an LDS mission you’re doing? ; )

    • JDub1942

      Haha, noooooo. I’ve finished one year of three year Physical Therapy School.

  • Live in Fullerton.

    Will be at the game this weekend sitting on the west side 50 midway up. Also will be at the USC game sitting on the NW 40 about row 30. Finally back up in SLC for the UCLA game.

  • palos_verdes_ute

    Hey @westslopecutthroat – do you fish when you come back to utah?

    • After the Michigan game, my wife and I spent the following week in Montana Fly Fishing and looking at ranch properties for retirement. I haven’t coupled fishing in Utah with a game, but would love to.

      I have boats for both saltwater and freshwater and I’m always looking for crew. Currently doing mods on the saltwater boat, but should be done shortly.

  • palos_verdes_ute

    That’s cool. I’m tubing strawberry on Sunday. Thought if you had gears you can head up there with me. It’s great fishing this time of the year!

    • Never fished Strawberry, but would love to. I’m an amateur when it comes to tube fishing. I will not have a car. I just use TRAX and my brother will have a car. I could be persuaded to change my return flight.

      At the USC game we’re guests of a good friend with Season Tickets, Section 21/22. He usually hosts us at the Associates lunch where we get serenaded by the USC Band and get an up close show from high kicking song girls while indulging in libations.

      Born in Fullerton, grew up in Anaheim, live in Fullerton. About ready to get out of CA and buy a ranch in Montana. Though we have beaches here, I never go because they’re crowded. I like to fish saltwater because I could get away from it all, but that too has turned into a crowded clusterf$##K. This summer there were 2 hour waits in line just to get bait. Then if you were stopped on the water and hooked up to tuna, within minutes you’d have a fleet of boats around you. I fish to get away from that.

      I was laughing the Bill & OC show when they were talking about how UCLA had such a great recruiting advantage. Beautiful campus (true), beautiful surrounding neighborhoods (true) and only 12 minutes from the Beach (false). About the only thing that is 12 minutes from UCLA’s campus is the first traffic signal. The traffic there is beyond horrible.

      We have a second home up on Big Bear Lake. We go there to get away from the rat race.

  • oc_ute

    i live in ladera ranch which is adjacent to mission viejo and laguna niguel. for the SC game, i’m actually going with some SC fans and tailgating with them…… hope to not get beat up if we win : )

    been here for about 8 years. left SLC for a great job. regretted it ever since. been trying to get back to SLC but can’t find a job !

    edit. FWIW, i got about a 2X increase in pay with this job. my standard of living was slightly better in SLC due to housing costs. bout the only thing that’s cheap here is booze ! $15 giant bottles of tanqueray in costco the other day.

    edit 2. FWIW, the local recreation here sucks. go to the beach, go to the beach, go to a baseball game, the mountains are DEAD. miss the utah recreation immensely. moral of the story…. don’t leave utah if you’re a recreation freak.

  • JDub1942

    I will also be going to the SC game, I dont remember where I will be sitting. Taking the wife and possibly a 19 month old.

  • Red Don

    I live in Oceanside half the year. I lived in Huntington Beach for ten years in the 70’s -80’s and loved it.

  • Tony

    Huntington Beach area is great.

  • Mr Robot

    San Diego checking in! Anybody going somewhere to watch the game?

    • Homer Crimson

      Love your username/icon! I kept telling Utes to check out Mr. Robot but no one ever responded.

  • Riot West

    ESPN has implied that it will have cameras at Barney’s in Burbank for the ASU game and want to get some film of Ute fans for a piece on Saturday. Come on out!

  • mokus

    Embed these new large animated gifs

    Does anyone know how to embed this filetype?


  • javadave


  • javadave

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  • javadave

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  • UteStuckInSeattle

    <iframe src="http://i.imgur.com/XDrpdEG.gifv" width="650" height="400" />

    this does’t seem to work either

  • BioUte



    • BioUte

      If you guys can see that, just click the img button above, paste in the link but remove the v after gif, so .gif not .gifv

      • UteStuckInSeattle

        Yeah, that will show the GIF version but not the optimized GIFV.

        It doesn’t look like we can used certain HTML like “embed” or “video” or “iframe” yet here.

        It’s probably something that can be added.

    • JDub1942

      By George you’ve done it. That has to be the greatest single play of all time.

  • Tony

    Yes for security reason certain code elements can’t be posted.

  • THEeyepatch

    Who will have that better game Saturday…

    Royce or Booker?

  • 89ute

    Booker. I think Royce has a tougher front seven to run against.

    • THEeyepatch

      I just watched the ESPNU Film Room and it was all about Royce, no mention of Booker. But one of them said that Utah could upset. So they got that going for them haha.

  • JDub1942

    Definitely Booker. We have a very good run defense and Oregon cant tackle, so how will they be able to stop Bookmode?

    • THEeyepatch

      True, but Utah also has the tendency to give up big runs up the center like they did against Nick Wilson (UA) last year and that’s the type of runner Royce is.

      • Hockeybeard

        I’d actually argue this year that we are much more stout against the run in the middle than last year. Our DTs are probably our best and deepest position at this point.

      • JDub1942

        For some reason when Utah plays UofA we suddenly dont look like Utah anymore, they are our kryptonite. Arizona doesnt do to bad against Oregon either now that I think about it.

        I’m not saying we wont give up any big runs, I just think we will give up less than they do. Put it this way, Booker and Freeman could switch teams and I’d say Freeman would have the bigger game. Or maybe Im just biased.

      • Gionni Paul was injured for the UA game last year. Jason Whittingham played awful in his place.

  • Tony

    Can’t wait to see in a real conference game.

  • Pease>Royce. Utah’s rush defense is very good.

  • TorontoUte


  • UtahUteGuy

    My heart says Booker. My mind also says Booker. They rarely agree.

  • ragtownute

    Depends on the effectiveness of Oregon’s pass game early on. If they burn our DBs deep, then I believe Freeman is going to have a field day since we’ll probably step up the pass rush and play the safeties in softer coverage.

    Booker will get his yards and we will feed him 30+ times. I’d guess he hits 5 ypc and finishes with 150+ yards on the ground.

  • SouthJordanUte

    Vegas odds

    Just saw on Twitter that the Vegas odds have changed from -14 to -11.5. That’s a pretty big swing. Go Utes!

  • MTM

    Might have been the Twitter pic of Vernon Adams’ finger with a whole roll of tape on it.

  • THEeyepatch

    Still gotta look out for “Rolls” Royce in the backfield.

  • Tony

    That obviously means a crapload of bets placed on the Utes.

  • Need to fix registration panel on mobile

    I received a message from a user who was having trouble signing up because the poll was bleeding across parts of the registration form. Though he didn’t specify what platform he was on I’ve looked at it and found that it is on a mobile device. I will work on that this evening or tomorrow to make sure mobile users can easily fill out the registration form and sign up.

  • Tony

    Found some very odd things messed up with my coding for the theme on the registration page. That’s what made the poll bleed over onto the registration form on smaller screen devices.

    That’s all fixed now, so hopefully nobody else will have trouble signing up with their phones or tablets!